15 July 2011

You're a kind soul, THANK YOU in advance!!!

It's been a long time since i get my ass off to have myself pampered and have the dead skin cell (lots and lots of it) removed at Milly's! Off my feet and hands, that is!

It's the same old story, i LOVE visiting parlor/ salon to have someone make me prettier/ cleaner. Lol. BUT it's all out of the way cox let's face it, everywhere is out of the way for me becox i stay in Punggol. Lolol. On top of that, i have a good ranking on the World's Laziest person chart. So moving my ass is quite difficult.

But this time it's REALLY SPECIAL! You have to stay tuned til the end!!! CONFIRM got gain for you! Lolol. Plus, can do a good deed at the same time!

Far East Plaza #03-129 Tel: 67376723

 Bugis Lvl 2 (walk towards the toilet lol) Tel: 8383 5395
 They have a total of three outlets in Bugis but this is the one i frequent!!!

Love the flora themed mani/ pedi corner at Milly's! =D That's me with my snacks! I bought one more set of snacks cox i thought Sophie was gonna come on time but she came like.. 2.5 hours later =.= Lol.

Hello Gina..... Gina oh Gina~ *pervertic grin* HAHA.

I super LOVE Gina!!! You can try to google QiuQiu + Gina, you'd see the amount of love i've shown her! Lolol!!! It's all on the top four search result! You free and bored you can click in to see okay. This post don't have other pictures of Gina cox she wearing mask *disappointed cox cannot do pervy captions to her pictures* Lolol.

If i'm as pretty as her i confirm won't be as hardworking + skillful as her!!! I'd be sitting there whole day thinking "When is my rich handsome prince coming to fetch me, seriously?" But Gina super skillful plus has super good work attitude ON TOP of her pretty face -.- God, Y U NO fair?

If i add sparkles / glitters to this picture, i'd be Neytiri already. Lol. Yeah, the avatar girl! I super bo liao lah, i snap this picture with my face right in front of the UV machine for Gelish (Gel sort of nail polish, that's why it's call Gel-ish).

Now THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, Gelish is the fucking thannnngggg!!!!!!

I'd never turn back already! Unless technology come out with something even better than this. Like maybe allow me to just scan my finger against the computer and it'd laser print whatever design i want on my nails O.O

If that's not gonna happen before i die or before my nails degenerate into uneven chunks of dead cells (like when i'm 85 years old), i'm gonna stick with Gelish for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!

I ask Milly (yes, Milly herself, the ladyboss lolol) what's Gelish cox i've never heard of it. And she's said, "It's the in-between of Gel/ Acrylic nails and normal nail polish"

I went O.O for a moment. LOL. So i asked more, and i'm convinced i'd love it before i even get started on having it done for me!


It's mad sparkly in real life!!! And here's why you'd LOVE Gelish too!

- NO MORE CHIPPING OFF on the edge no matter what chores you do!
- NO MORE SCRATCHES on your beautiful designs!
- NO MORE SMUDGING if adding designs on nails becox for Gelish it's..

And with all that, it stays in PERFECT condition for at least THREE weeks!!! That's for your fingernails.

It's stays for about SIX WEEKS for your toe nails!!! =O And it will stay glossy through out!!!

And you know why i'd choose that over extension, cox i have big nails to start with so i don't have to do extension. But of course extension gel / acrylic nails will still be a lovely thing to do for many people.

But for lazy girls like me who LOVE everything fuss-free, Gelish is the way to go! It's so much faster, and easier to do. Plus i can still pick my nose, scratch my milia seeds out from my face.. And wash my hair without worrying. ALL THAT, were reasons why i stayed off extension for the longest time.

I've said enough, from now on i'd either paint my own nails if i'm in a rush to do it, and have it chip off within a few days, or i'd visit Milly's for Gelish (sounds like a obvious choice haha) =DDD

They have plenty of colours to choose from but how can i not make my first gelish a leopard preens design! =DDD


Wang Zai 旺仔 !!!!!!!!!! It's the 7 weeks old pom puppy of Milly's!!! =DDDDDD

I want o kidnap, no, dognap Wang Zai!!! Doesn't it look ohsocute!!!! =DDD Like a ultra mini chow chow!!!

Wang Zai play a bit only will feel sleepy one! So baby-like!!!

There, sleep again. Lololol.

I watch him nap and wake up, nap and wake up for three rounds!!! O.O

Come, Wang Zai also must help his mummy (Milly) advertise.
Gelish nails on Wang Zai's fur!!! Haha =DD

I ask for cracks (not Gelish) for my toenails before i knew about Gelish =( But still loving it!!! =DDD Matches my sandals that day. Haha!

So here's the exciting part!!!

You know i've been visiting Gentle Paws, a dog shelter, every weekend, right.

I wanna assist them in raising more fund for the doggies daily necessities and medical expenses. Over there they care a lot for the health and well-being of the doggies so every cent count especially when they have to care and provide for 40 over doggies.

And i always try to remember.. These doggies do not have a home-home.. But the shelter is really the next best thing, closest to a home, for them.. And a lot of effort, is needed to keep this home going..

And money, money is needed to keep it going. Food, medication, preventive medication, cleaning supplies, maintenance tools to up-keep that place.

A lot more things need to be paid for and i wouldn't know it all cox i'm just this small team player there. But i try my best! =D

And i hope you can help me lah! =D


=(( I feel a little sad. Food on the table is so common to us. But the shelter was worried and had to source for donation for rice just a while ago cox their supply was running low.

And here i am trying to do my little part.

Milly's (to be exact, MILLY HERSELF lol) is super nice to offer me vouchers to help with the fund-raising!!!

All i asked over wassap was "Check with you, i'm trying to sell badges for the dog shelter i go to and i wanna encourage people to buy a full set. So i'm thinking if you'd be keen to sponsor discount voucher for every set they buy"

And it sounded so vague and it was just a wassap please. Lol. Not even a proper meeting/ email. But Milly came back with a "No problem. Just tell me how many vouchers you need. I'd sponsor complimentary vouchers for you all to sell"

You get what i mean?! It's not even discount vouchers!!! It's COMPLIMENTARY!!! Like instead of "Spend $20 to enjoy a 10% off" or "$2 discount on all services", Milly is giving the shelter FREE SERVICES vouchers for us to sell and raise fund!

Thank you, Milly!!! I hope your business huat, 好人有好報, 大福大貴, 身體健康! Lolol =DD

And the services are FREE EXPRESS MANICURE and


For the hair extension, each voucher will be entitied to 10 strands. For those who are as noob towards hair extension as me, one strand is not like literately one strand of hair, lol, it's a bunch of hair, you'd see when you're in the shop!

Random insert of Wang Zai and me cox too wordy already i scared you don't read =(( Lol.

Of course, i'm trying to raise fund here. I had wanted to sell the voucher at $5 each for the value of $10. But after some discussion with the people at the shelter, they think it's more fair (since the vouchers are sponsored out of goodwill by Milly's) to my readers if i put up the vouchers for people to buy, at any price you wish to offer.

So i'm putting these vouchers up for ANY AMOUNT you would wanna pay =) Yes, any amount for any of the above two stated services. You can pay less than the original value of $10, or you can pay more. It's up to you *hint* Lolol.

You can buy and use multiple vouchers. But logically, you can only use multiple vouchers at one shot, for coloured hair extension. Lol. Unless.. You have many pairs of hands.. LOL!!!

These vouchers are gonna be valid til end of this year so you can buy a few and then use it til year end! =DDD

Please be nice please please please. Don't offer me like 10 cents or 50 cents for one voucher =( A lot of people put hope in this and Milly is really doing a good deed by offering so I'm placing this trust in your hand to not abuse it = l *put pressure on you all* lol.

Read carefully on how to make purchase =D

By internet/ atm transfer and receive voucher via mail

State in your iBanking nick as "VOUCHER" when making transfer to Gentle Paws' account.

POSB Savings 198-66799-4

When done internet/ atm transfer, screenshot or snap picture of your receipt, and email me at qiutinger@gmail.com along with your mailing ADDRESS.

I NEED the screenshot of transaction/ picture of receipt to be able to send the vouchers to you! =D

Yes this is Gelish but just to show you that Milly's is a good company who does quality job for all kinds of services they offer. Lol.

You can get these vouchers for your girlfriend, your bestfriend, your mother, your sister, your colleagues even!!! Every girl should love having their nails painted! =DDD

And your guy friends can do the coloured hair extension!!! GOOD IDEA RIGHT?? =DDD It'd be major cool.

And you'd be doing the doggies at the shelter a BIG favour.

Here's some cute pictures of them i ripped from Gentle Paws' blog.

Healthy happy dog, Dexter =D

Dexter showing love to moma =DD

Green and her cute ears!!!

Dribble the mischievous!

MooMoo the mafia on the left and Dinner on the right.

One more of MooMoo. Lol. Who has a facebook by the way.
You all can add him here. LOL.

Okay don't say i biased, only show pictures of MooMoo. Here's almost ALL the doggies at Gentle Paws, saying THANK YOU!!! ^.^

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you =))

To make appointment at Milly's for Gelish or any services, call 8383 5395


smokë said...

you are a really kind-hearted person. :)
those nails look so cool and i love it. and the little puppy looks so blurred. aww~

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

qiu qiu,

you have a heart of GOLD :)

QiuQiu said...

Hey guys~ THANKS! But please don't say i have a heart of gold O.O It's wayyyyy too flattering! Lol.

But thanks! REALLY hope you guys could help spread a word about this!

Coco Tai said...

SOOO many cute doggies makes me wanna cry ]: I'm so sick of seeing so many animals without a place to call home. I really admire you, QiuQiu for being on of the only bloggers who even would mention something like this. Every time I think of you or read your blog, I think of the story you told about where you came from and how little you had. You are just such a good person and I hate to get all sentimental in a comment, but I wish more people were like you [:

Anyway, before I cry, haha I'm too emotional, I love Gelish too! A friend's sister in Taiwan did Gelish nails on me, so nice! Lasted forever! But I had to pick it off, because of work...and it ruined my nails just like acrylics /:

Unknown said...

aiya wait till one day i earn lots of money i go donate to G.P. :D LOL for now, still schooling =-=

Ellie said...

YOU'RE SO ...AMAZING. But I don't live in singapore :( The picture of your hair and the nails is peeeeerfect btw. Your skin is flawless :O

firstlove88 said...

Hello Qiu Qiu!

I've emailed you my payment for the voucher. Will you be replying or just send out the vouchers straight? =)

Anonymous said...

Are the vouchers applicable for gelish nails too?

Where is this dog shelter located at? Are these dogs up for adoption? Can I visit them to volunteer like maybe bathing them or what not?

Anonymous said...

i dont get it :( if i want to go for the express manicure, are the vouchers valid for the express manicure or is it like $10 value?

Anonymous said...

Express manicure is?
Can I do the gelish nails as well?

faye lu said...

OooOooOhhh my goodness.! the puppy is so cute. thanks for sharing - made my day =)

Joy said...

hello qiu qiu! i love that you're helping all these poor homeless dogs. i love animals so much too and it breaks my heart to see any abused/stray animal. i would love to contribute to gentle paws but i'm overseas. anyway, God bless! send my love to the doggies :)

Shirley said...

I'll definately going to help this and pass down this to ALL of my friends :) I'm a noob to nails , so does the express manicure including all those pulishing , shaping , Additional French Tip , etc. ?

Bix said...

Hi! If I transfer you an amount of $$, am I able to choose how many vouchers I want? For example: $30 for 5 vouchers?

dee said...

how much did that manicure cost you ?

Anonymous said...

:O!!! omg im more interested in the hair extension than the shelter, have wanted to get hair extensions for a loooooong time!!! fep sells one strand for $1 i think, so one voucher is worth like $10 :O yay!!! is there like a minimum price? like $2 onwards per voucher >< Btws what does coloured extensions mean? cuhz im still schooling and i can't dye my hair lol. omg so happpyyy finally can get extensionssss

Anonymous said...

Hello QiuQiu, I went to your Budget Barbie website but I can't view the videos, it's not loading! Can you tell me how to watch your video? :(

QiuQiu said...

Coco, *pass u tissue* Despite all, on a brighter note, these doggies at shelter is really living off better than the doggies on the stray.. Here in Sg, stray dogs are always being caught, and then put to sleep. Like there is a active group out there, catching strays dogs, to bring them to our authorities here for $$$ =((

Firstluv, will email everyone when i mailed out the vouchers =) So long as you sent me the screenshot or pic of receipt, your voucher is on the way.

EVERYONE, voucher only for EXPRESS mani / hair extension =))

Thanks guys, for helping to spread a word. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hello :) what's wang zai's breed?

Anonymous said...

hi qiuting! if the nails voucher has a value of $10, and gelish cost (for example) $30, i just have to top up $20 in cash for gelish nails is it? or do i purchase 3 vouchers (worth $10 each) for gelish nails (since the money goes to GP)? or is the voucher only valid for express manicures? sorry i got a little lost reading your post...please do clarify, thanks! :D

QiuQiu said...






Express manicure is gonna cost $10 if you do it at Milly's. But you can't use the voucher dollar-to-dollar to use it for other services =))))))

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm still schooling! Have to wait for my O's to end! When will the free services end for the voucher? Thanks! :)

(: said...

HAHA! Denise is no longer there? :( i miss her! I love emily and xiaobai, but they don't belong to shelter :(

Anonymous said...

If I want to buy five vouchers how do I indicate to you on the atm transfer? For example I meant to transfer $5 for five vouchers but how to let you know? You may think its just for one voucher hmm.

Anonymous said...

If I want to buy five vouchers how do I indicate to you on the atm transfer? For example I meant to transfer $5 for five vouchers but how to let you know? You may think its just for one voucher hmm.

Anonymous said...

If I want to buy five vouchers how do I indicate to you on the atm transfer? For example I meant to transfer $5 for five vouchers but how to let you know? You may think its just for one voucher hmm.

Anonymous said...

Ya if i transfer you an amount can i choose the number of vouchers i want? For example $5 for five vouchers?

QiuQiu said...

Anonymous, you posted that comment about wanting FIVE vouchers for $5, on separate days, each day, a few of it.

Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

There was multiple posts because of the server i clicked too many times. Yup want to know if i can choose
How many vouchers i want? not five couchers for $5.. Just an indication/example. Its not clear... So if i transfer an amount can i choose the number of vouchers i want? Since i can quote any amount i want for each voucher....
If donation of small amount isnt welcome then nevermind then

QiuQiu said...

Anon, nobody said small donations are not welcomed. I've gotten $2 per voucher offer from students. And I think that's a lot, coming from them.

Thing here is, WHY is it so hard to understand that if you transferred the amount, you'd have to email me the printscreen/ picture of receipt, so... You can't state in the email how many vouchers you'd like? -.- you're taking it too personally.

duh said...

I really don't know why some people have difficulties following simple instructions given by you-.-

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I was wondering if I wanna do the hair extensions, how many vouchers should I get?
Because you said that one voucher (10strands) isn't enough. What's a rough estimate of how many vouchers I should get? :)

firstlove88 said...


Have received the vouchers few days back! thanks lots!

Joanneee said...

HELLO! Is this still on?? Im interested to get some. =)

MoI-DrEaM-Ish-fantasy said...


is this thing still on?would like to do my part to help the doggies too.(and also make my nails pretty :P)