24 July 2011

QWeekly - A really SWEET surprise! =D

The cute card + chocolates from Sophie and the wrapped gift is a perfume from Milly! =D

I unwrapped the gift already but i haven't open the perfume yet becox it's expensive and i'm waiting for a good occasion to wear it. Lol kiam + giam = becoming multi-billionaire in years to come.

Sophie super mushy one, she wrote lotsa nice sweet stuff and then pretend to add on say she's "not good with these mushy stuff" LOL. I AM GOOD WITH MUSHY STUFF!!! I give you ❤ ❤ ❤!!! Thank you =))
- - - - - - -

Was at Carousel the other day for hi-tea buffet with Jialing and Dora (yeah~ hi-tea again!!!), it's actually to celebrate my birthday.. Very belated birthday lol.

Our first round of many rounds!!!

Can you spot the light green rice? In the left lower corner of the picture. I went through a lot to get this nasi lemak rice okay!!!! Lol!

I took some canapes and started with dessert and whatnots and started eating on my own, when i'm about done with my first round, the girls were still not back. So when they finally got back, i stood up and say "I need to go get rice, urgh, i very hungry, i very hungry"

Lolol. I like super yao gui or something. I vaguely heard them say "later lah, later lah QIU!!! Later lah" or something like that. But i already ZOOM, disappear.

Then i was waiting for this lady to quickly take the rice and go but she is FREAKING SLOW OMG. Like she is slow, nvm, she still let her son scoop the rice himself *rolleyes* PLEASE YOUR SON NOT CUTE, YOU ARE NOT GETTING A COMPLIMENT FROM ME. AND IT'S VERY DANGEROUS TO LET HIM SCOOP IT HIMSELF.

Anyway when i was waiting for them to be done, this Jialing came over and she's like "Take later lah, you must eat the rice now meh, take the rice later lah, you can eat it later!"

I'm all like "No no no, i must eat it now. I need to eat the rice now. It looks good. Oh it smells good too!!!" Lolol.

I actually find her a bit siao! It's like WHY YOU FOLLOW ME ALL THE WAY TO THE RICE COUNTER!!! It's buffet yo!!! Free-style yo! Lolol. It's my freedom yanow!!! And keep pressuring me not to take the rice!!!

So i went back to the table with the rice and here's what happened.


Hahaha. What the fuck. Jialing can't attach the video in her hotmail to send it to me becox the file is too big. So i'd put it up when i manage to figure out how.

For now only got two pictures i ripped from Jialing's facebook. Unphotoshopped cox i thought it looks pretty okay.. Except that my nose is too big, jawline too bulgy #hiamdanghiamsai Lolol.
Me with a man behind me who doesn't care about my birthday. Lol.

One more before making a wish! =DDD

Jialing, Me and Dotty
LOVE MY GIRLFRIENDS! ❤ ❤ ❤ -- Nice not, Xiaxue teach me one. Got a lot more nonsense character ❣ ❥ ☛ ✘ ☂ Lol.

So nice =)) July already still got birthday surprise. Sigh~ So happy!!!

And we were just talking about how we want our wedding to be and Dotty wants a garden wedding.. With the the bride and groom standing in a bird cage sort of thing O.O She really is kuku. Lolol.

Then Jialing wants a beach wedding and her wedding gown train must be freaking freaking long. Lololol! Like she walk to the end of the church, the gown train still at the entrance, that kind. Hahahah! Drama queen!!!

Me and the cuppy cake =DDD YUMMYYYYY!!! Simple design but the cream is so melty!!! And the cake so fluffy omggg! The texture goes so well together in the mouth. Fluffy and melty. LOVE.

Us~ =D Btw, i braided Dotty's hair, AGAIN. Hahaha. This time less messy!!!

From the sweet people at Carousel! =D

"Stay young and pretty! Smile always!" ALRIGHT I WILL!!! Hahaha =D

A nice shot (but not so nice shot of Dotty) of Jialing.

A nice shot (but not so nice shot of Jialing) of Dotty. I very fair one. Lol.

Got this candid shot of Dotty and all i could think of to caption is.. "都不懂她在 shy 什麼" Lol. Means I don't know why the hell she look so shy for. Lol, can see the shyness in her eyes not.

LOR JIAO NENG. Lololol!!! Braised quail eggs!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFGGGGG SUPER YUMMY AND CAN TAKE AS MANY AS YOU LIKE!!!!!

Camwhoring at a discreet corner of the lobby. Big mirrors but bad lightings =(

One more~

Me and my birthday cuppy from the people at carousel! =D I definitely want to go back!!!

Thank you =)) See you again for kinect pleaseeee! Hardly anybody visits me =(

All the gifts Jialing got for me =DDD

PLEASE SEE MY REAL CATH KIDSTON pouch!!! Lolol. Not like crazy expensive but at least it's real. She's like "Omg i saw you holding a fake Cath Kidston bag on your blog" Sad. I get judged. Lol. She say that the brand is not even that expensive to justify for fakes.

And then got yummy chocolates =DD And this lipgloss in cute pinkish shade. AND!!!! EYE JAM!!! O.O I have no idea what is that but i think it works like eye glue / eye putti but got nice fruity smell! Can't wait to try it!!!
- - - - - - -

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smokë said...

You look nice without ps. So pretty and natural. Btw the food make me so hungry and the cupcake...! so cute! looks tasty yumm.

Amber said...

So tempted to join!! >.<

Amber said...

So tempted to join!! >.<

Anonymous said...

Hi, wad settings do you use when you take photos with ur camera?? :)

Anonymous said...

where did you go for your hi-tea??

Anonymous said...

hi. where you get your top or is it a dress from?

Jovis said...

Hi QiuQiu! My first time commenting. Hehe.. I think you got really really good sense of humour! so funny la u! i read this post, i keep laughing! haha.. u r awesome! =D

Evangeline said...

Yummy! *Drooling*

Anonymous said...

its like super super super happy kind!!!!

Anonymous said...

How much is the hi tea per person and where is the place?(:

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i usually use Auto O.O Haha.

Carousel at a hotel in Orchard for high-tea. You can google i dont know which hotel O.O Lol.

Top from Boon Keng market, $3. Featured in one of Budget Barbie's ep.

Jovis, THANK YOU!!! ^.^

Anon, about 35 after using card discount =)

J* said...

Is Nuffnang Glitterati membership same as Nuffnang Glitterati Plus membership? :) If not, then how to get from Glitterati to Glitterati Plus?

Anonymous said...

May i ask how much was the Carousel buffet per person? If it were for dinner? :) Thanks in Advance! :)

Syamala said...

it's Royal Plaza On Scotts hotel.opposite Grand Hyatt Singapore.