15 April 2012

QWeekly - Friends, Family and Food

All the fantastic things in life starts with F ifyouknowwhatimean.jpeg

Even "fantastic" itself have to agree. Haha.

And and, French fries. French fries is the best thing ever. Very random.

I don't have picture of food but i have pictures of my friends and family ^.^

Couple of weeks back we went for a yacht trip. I organised it for my dad's birthday but since we have space for more, i asked along some of my friends ^.^

I got this yacht trip from MOX Deals at an incredible price. It's $1116 (can take up to 23 pax) instead of almost $2033. So if you're gonna share the cost each pax pays slightly more than $45 for a 4hour ride! Thanks to Grand Cruise for this good deal!

The view as we set sail. Beautiful =)

Jayne, Huiwen and Wendy ^.^
Sophie, Huiwen, Wendy and Me
Zhen and Me
San Jie, Li En and Me
Birthday boy and me. LOL. My dad lah! =DDD
Me and Zhen again. But this Zack go and photobomb.
Ah okay come lah. His expression super tao zui. Lolol.
Aiming fail. Me, NiaoNiao (my sister) and my dad.
One more~
We spend most of the time just eating, enjoying the view, sitting on the front deck.
Those who choose to stay in the cabin can play with baby Yurou ^.^
Silhouette of Sophie. Nice not?! Quite art right =D
After dinner and KTV.. It's cake-cutting time =D Each daughter give my dad a kiss + ang bao. Lol. I arrange one. My 4th sis very competitive, keep asking me how much i bao. WO CAI BU GEN TA JIANG PLEASE. I confirm win one. Cox i bluff them say bao yige yisi can already. HAHAHA.
Super thanks to everyone who was there! My dad is happy =D So thank you!


Anonymous said...

where you gt the cake? it look special! is it jelly cake? (:

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuting, just wanted to say that I thought it was very very sweet of you to organise this Birthday celebration for your dad. Can see that 他老人家很开心 :D

Anonymous said...

hey qq! i was wondering wether this was in singapore? and is the boats name puteri sutera? because it looks very similar to the boat i went on before! xD

Anonymous said...

You're very filial! ^_^

Zuj said...

幸福! 孝顺的美女最可爱,:)

Zuj said...

幸福! 孝顺的美女最可爱,:)

Unknown said...

Aww I'm sure your dad really appreciated that! I wish I were cool enough to think of doing something like that for my parents birthdays! haha

Shanee said...

Your pictures all so nice! And you are pretty. *imjealous* Continue posting interesting updates!! (Y) :D

Isabel said...

I was like hey.. why you look so different? Then I realize it's not you LOL You girls really do look alike