08 August 2012

Loving Singapore, Our Home

Happy birthday, Singapore! =D

You are 47 years old already but you're constantly looking chioer, becoming more hip and happening and you have more and more energy! What is your magic, oh Singapore!

It has to be your people! Lolol. Ahem, me, included O.O

For many reasons, i am very thankful to be a Singaporean, staying in Singapore.

I appreciate how safe it is here in Singapore, i appreciate that a lot of things are made easy and only easier, for us. I appreciate that there are good people thinking and planning for bigger things for us.

I appreciate all that and more. I get to enjoy yummy food, with their ingredients checked and tested clean and safe for human consumption. Lolol. You have to appreciate these little things!

But i LOVE Singapore, for one reason. For Singapore is my home =)

Where i attend my first school, primary school, secondary school, poly.

Where i make friends.. Good friends who grew with me =)

Where i can order Milo bng and Mee Pok Dah with more bah you pok at every coffee shop.

Where i first started to work and get my first pay from part-timing at a restaurant with my bffs.

Where i sat in a room, in front of the computer, and started typing nonsense and somehow became engaging and became.. A Singaporean blogger, who can earn enough for a decent living for myself, and enough to make my loved ones happy.

And my loved ones are here, all here, in Singapore. People i care about, people who care for me, they are all here =))) And i know there's a saying..

"Home is where the heart is"

It means that your true home is with the person or in the place that you love most.

Place i love the most (sorry Japan! I also love you but not in this committed way i really hope you understand ah, sorry! LOLOL. I still love you one thou!!! You're super beautiful! But really i'm in a very committed relationship here but you know, i'd visit you on whatever chance i have. You too, Bangkok Thailand. You too, JB, KL Malaysia. You too, Hong Kong! You soon, Taiwan and Korea!) in this whole wide world, has to be Singapore!!!

The place is filled with people who have showed me how to love and be nice to people (my dad especially), people who helped me grow up, people who grow up with me.. People who will see me through my life from here on. People who will stick around becox of Love, friendship, kinship, they are all here. And yes, most of my readers are here in Singapore. Thank you! ^.^

So yes,


I don't actively say i love my country but i think by doing my best in the things i am good at, is also loving Singapore lah! Lol. A most simple example is, i do my best in work, earn more money, spend more money, boost the economy. Lolol. That's just one example. Anyway~

Thanks to Nuffnang, i can attend Singapore's birthday party this year! Lol. NDP!

The National Day Parade 2012! =DDD

Disclaimer, i know my hair super oily. I was supposed to use 1 - 2 drops of some miracle hair oil on my WHOLE head but i put 3 puddles of the oil on my fringe alone =X I don't think i can contribute much to Singapore if they need intelligent people. Lolol.

Went with Bong, Papa and NiaoNiao (aka Pigpigrocks aka Emmy aka Ranayth aka Zelene) =_=" Vomit blood. Lolol. This mad woman keep changing her english name. Thank you Xiao Wen for not being able to make it and let me jojo your tickets last minute =X Lololol.

My dad is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy he was able to go watch NDP live!!! We have been trying to win tickets ever since they started doing tickets giveaway on TV, radio and whatnot channel.

BOO. Blogging channel is the best. Finally got us tickets. After yearssssss of not winning the tickets we finally can go this time!!!!! =DDD My dad say last time (like donkey years ago when he was much much younger) he was one of those guard that is at the road block directing people one. Just helping out. He was involved as roadblock guard for two consecutive years. Haha.

After that he every year on NDP also bluff his uncle say have to go help out at roadblock and then he'd sneak off work and go play and watch movie. Lolol. But anyway, to him, NDP used to be so close yet so far like this lah. Lolol. And he's never felt the whole uprising positive spirit at NDP!

Until now that is ^.^

Super enthu and happy people standing all around ^.^
Ah Bong later stick like four of the stick-on tattoo on his face and forehead =.="
Artistic or not. Wo pai de. Lol.

I WAS SQUEALING THE WHOLE TIME REALLY. The last NDP i went to was when i was 11.
Ah Bong de hand placement...... A bit posey. Like female blogshop models =X Lolol.
Emmy Ranayth Zelene Niao and me.

Everyone cheered for each of the Red Lions landing.

I think it was somewhere here or slightly later, the flag with helicopter fly pass the sky and we were singing the National Anthem. You're supposed to stand straight and not move, right?

Niao Niao (and some of the people i noticed) keep taking their phone to snap snap snap away! I know lah i also want to snap pictures for the blog but you're supposed to stand straight!!! And it's such a gan dong moment!!! Wo yi bian liu lei, yi bian slap and nudge NiaoNiao.

"Tsk! 站直直啦你!!!" *slap shoulder*

"But 我要拍嘞" *Begrudgingly put phone down*

*I sing National Anthem with much pride, feeling super grateful to be a Singaporean and to be at the NDP preview to see the show live*

*Helicopter with flag fly nearer and nearer*

*Niaoniao whips out phone again*

*喂! 不要动嘞你! *nudge her with my elbow*

She damn ke lian. HAHAHA. I am like some irritating teacher's pet like this. She don't get to snap picture of it in the end. Lolol. Everytime she wanna focus i slap / nudge her. So end up, 我自己也没有好到哪里去 becox i have to move to stop her from moving. Lolol.

Some magnificent jets doing stunts in the sky.

Lots and lots of people who have been training for monthssss, if not a whole year for this.

The whole picture.

A pretty Singaporean. Lololol.

The jet show all very impressive lah! But i snap like tonnes of pictures of it, end up only a few can be used cox most of it.. Looks like..........

NiaoNiao keep laughing at me "你还是不要拍了啦. 拍到很像小鸟飞过这样" =( Say the jet look like birds fly pass in my picture =( Okay =(

Getting dark but everyone's only getting more hyped up with more and more anticipation!

You can watch NDP live on TV or on the day itself if you have tickets. So lookout for these lah!
I am actually very impressed by the whole stage effect and lighting O.O Really quite beautiful!!!

What do you think these are?

Many many people putting up a great show for Singaporeans, to celebrate all that we have done for our country and for what the country has given us.

The show is quite well-rounded! Like even the water area has a good display going on!

Mei hor ^.^ I only pulled the levels. The colour of the sky really turned purple-pink for a while!

More pictures of firework ^.^

I am not in to Star Wars but this lightsaber i also want. Lolol.

Olivia and Natanya Tan perfomring Love at 1st Light, theme song for NDP2012. Look at the pool of performers! Imagine this many people have to come together weekly to practice! Great spirit!

I think i might be a good photographer. Lol. Look i frame the firework just nice on one side!

All these colourful spotlight really super beautiful!

And that's all for the night.

Super happy that my dad had a great time! =DDD We were all talking about it over dinner non-stop. Haha ^.^

So Happy Birthday again, Singapore. Here is where i have faith that if i play my part, have good faith and dare to dream, my dreams will all come true and my goals can all be achieve and where my joy can be shared with people i care for =)

Here is where i'd always call home!

Thank you for i am proud to be a Singaporean becox you're so awesome that's why ^.^

TELL ME WHY YOU LOVE SINGAPORE if you'd like! =D I'd love to read about it.

If you wanna find out more about this year's NDP (from backstage to preparation to to everything about NDP2012) Visit HERE!


FiSh said...

happy birthdae singapore! and i love your sharp red bow hairband!! :D would love to get one in malaysia..
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Anonymous said...

you are looking prettier and prettier!!!! super pretty!!!!
and truly home is where the heart is!

benjaminvai said...

ooo, how long does the celebration last? its like a mini olyimpic opening

C'est la vie! said...

Qq, is this a rehearsal? I blur leh.

C'est la vie! said...

Qq, is this a rehearsal?

Kristel said...

I don't have so much love for my country haha. But the pictures are very impressive thanks for sharing this

Anonymous said...

what is the miracle hair oil thing? i have really fizzy and dry hair too!

Alice said...

I love Singapore for being systematic and for letting us get things done easily and efficiently. Happy Birthday, beloved Singapore! ^.^

Jane said...

I also love Singapore! It is my one and only home. I can truly relate with you how I feel about Singapore. :)

Juulia / ユリア said...

waooo super pretty pictures ;__;

I really need to see Singapore someday in real life!

I must!!

Anonymous said...

I think i prefer you smiling without teeth! Your teeth are a tad too big kinda looks like camel/girrafe. No offense!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of yours QiuQiu, but honestly.. at the picture with the caption "I WAS SQUEALING THE WHOLE TIME REALLY. The last NDP i went to was when i was 11." .. your smile was a tad too big, hence the person commenting you looking like a camel. At normal times your smile is fine, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, chanced upon your blog... But your eye lash are abit that too weird and your hair, *faint*... Hope u don't apply too much OIL on your hair...

QiuQiu said...

Bejamin foo, about 2 hours ish i think? =D Yeah something like that!

Cest la vie, yes wor! I went on the 4th! Actual day is on the 9th! =D

Anon, i posted it on instagram and twitter you go see! I don't know the name also! It's in Japanese words.


Juulia, yes please come!!! =DDD

Christina Chong said...

Hi qiu qiu! Love your blog! i wanna get a camera and would you mind tell me what brand of camera are you using? :D

.. said...

I've never been to Singapore but hope to in the future sometime ^.^ It's really amazing to see a country and it's people so proud and coming together.

One question though.. why is there a big ass ship on top of two buildings? O_o