26 August 2012

QWeekly - Events

Went for two events this week!

One of it is a Furby event with Wendy and Huiwen ^.^

If you don't know what a Furby is, you're probably really young. Lolol. Good for you.

Furby was the "IT" toy!!! I've always wanted one as a kid!!! And now it's back! And i was given a black Furby. Lolol. Imagine that. Cox i don't have picture of the new 2012 edition Furby in black.

The white one is super princessy and pretty yes?!

Them Furbies hanging out and singing and dancing. YES. They do all that. Talk to you, and react to your actions and the things you say. These 2012 Furbies even has iPhone app on their own, which allows you to create your own food and feed them and learn their language!!! =O Look out for it!

Wendy, Huiwen and i ^.^

Next event, YSL. As mentioned in the previous post, thanks to Yutaki for the invite ^.^

This is just a small part of the counters YSL set up for their guest to play with their skincare, make up and fragrance line. So luxurious one!!! One of the most generously-organised event i've been to!!! With great canapes and champagne with fresh strawberries being served all round!

Yutaki, Wendy, me and Sophie ^.^

And one more! Everybody keep nagging about me my dress that day. Say it's very crumpled. If i never tell you, you got notice meh? Lolol. My shoes are from Jipaban by the way!!!

I played with their eyepencil and lip stain and blusher and this is the end result. I thought i look prettier than with my original makeup already!!!

Like this ^.^

But then Wendy was like "I DIE ALSO WANNA CONCEAL YOUR PIMPLE SCAR" Lolol. So she went on to do it and then got carried away and started redo my blusher and eyeliner and lip etc.

She put blusher that time ask me "After this you are going home right?"

I'm thinking OMG CAO WENDY CONFIRM IS MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A CLOWN NOW!!! Lolol. That's why she'd think it's okay since i'm heading home after the event, so no one will see!

But mei you lah, she very yong xin de colour my face. Lol.

A lot is going on here. Sophie did the most epic face i don't wanna post it cox it's just too... Very bad. Lolol. Wendy is doing my makeup and i am being made up and Yutaki is capturing the moment.
Wendy, me and Sophie ^.^

She say she can go be a makeup artist already. Lolol. Go lor. I am happy to be her first satisfied client who didn't pay her lol. I really loved the way she drew my eyeliner thou!!! Xie lah~

YSL will be opening their first shop in Singapore! At ION, in September. So do look out for it! I don't have to rave about the superior quality of their products becox you should already know. Lol.

As you read this i should be on my way back from KL with my dad and mum and nephew.

Alright bye~ Two more camho shots of myself =D


Anonymous said...

Actually I thought you looked sweeter, after you put on the YSL makeup yourself..
The makeup Wendy did was a bit too over for you, imo.

So, I actually prefer the makeup you did yourself :)

Mindy.H ♥ said...

haha last time I also have a furby! But the new furby look abit different leh I think is the eyes... But still it is very cute, are you given one furby too?

Mindy.H ♥ said...

Oops just saw that you said you got a black one lol...

Anonymous said...

so colorful, this blog entry! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu, can you help check with Sophie where did she get her skirt from? Can't find it on her blog though ... Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Looking extremely pretty!!!!!!
love love love!!!!

The Chie said...

after xiaxue help you touch up for the eyeliner. You look outstanding duh..

piiyup said...

you photoshop wendy better than she photoshops herself. looking forward to your next post. x

Anon said...

I didn't realize Yutaki was that tall! Looks like you all had fun!

Annelie said...

Hi Qiuqiu! You look so pretty all the time! Hope you enjoyed your Malaysia trip and bought many fabulous pink things home ;-) Reading this post for the third time lol. Hope you could do a post about your Malaysia trip!

Anonymous said...

say real one...is really quite noticeably crumpled ._.

Anonymous said...

Uh...i did notice the crumpled dress before reading that you got nagged by your friends. Really crumpled lor...furthermore YSL is a high-end brand...you look like a pretty Cinderella without her fairy godmother...not so appropriate for this level of event. Your friends gave you good advice in this case!

From: TT

ahlost said...

Waaaaahh.. you look great after those make up.. and it's so funny reading you say Cao Wendy .. sure make me look like a clown.. hahahaha.. love the way you blog :)

Anonymous said...

i love your blog !!! you are very beaitiful and you are a very fun person (i saw your videos on youtube when you buy cheap stuff ) and dont listen to haters they are just jealous !!!!

ohitstanya said...

I am seriously in love with those furbies! And I liked your look!


Dominika z dpblog.pl said...

Love Sophie look. I like this colours!
She's very pretty:)
I had this toy- brown furby, when I was a child:D It was really cute;D

Dominika z dpblog.pl said...

Love Sophie look. I like this colours!
She's very pretty:)
I had this toy- brown furby, when I was a child:D It was really cute;D

Anonymous said...

its really crumpled.. and ur hair finally looks better. else so dry and ugly.