24 August 2012


I meant to say Vogue.

Before you release the devil in you to plan a mocking comment, lolol, i know it's pronounced "Vog" with a silent "gue" lol. The first time i ever came across this word was cox i saw it on the magazine VOGUE.

That's not very long ago thou. About 7 years ago. I think it's Josh who told me how to pronounce it. Lolol. Cox i think i indeed, did pronounced it as Voh-Gew. LOL. I hope he knew back then what kind of trouble he was getting himself into by choosing to date me. Lolol.

Anyway, this post has no meaning.

It's just to show off my pictures and to earn some praises. Lolol. What's new?

Inspired by the YSL cover girl i went home after a YSL event, touch up some red lipstick, put on the only black top i can find in my wardrobe and make-do for these pictures.

This is one of their visuals at the event.

As you can see, i don't have blonde hair, and no deep-set eyes but STILL, i try. Lolol. Actually totally don't look like lah. But when i was at the event i thought this getup looks interesting becox the model had her eyebrows shaved. Lolol. Later i was told by Yutaki and Wendy that she didn't and that maybe i am blind. Lolol. Maybe.

Will share more about the YSL event but you can hold your breathe for the FIRST and ONLY YSL shop to be opened at ION in September!!! Lotsa people are excited!

Zhuai. Wendy help me draw the eyeliner one ^.^ Hen mei right! Thank you, Wendy!!!

Hands up = Supermodel

Headache = Supermodel

❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤

All the YSL products the organizer very nicely prep for every guest! Love love love!!! LOVE the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat!!! It's a corrector/ illuminator pen. Something like a concealer but it brightens up that area at the same time. I blogged about it before! Used by a makeup artist who did my makeup! It's awesome lah!! Especially for covering dark eye circles if you have!

Thank you YSL! Thanks to Yutaki for the invite ^.^ Tata!


Irene Chan said...

Got Ena Matsumoto de feel!! :DD

Anonymous said...

hen mei!!!!!!!!!
extremely pretty!!!!!!!!
super model for real!!!!!!

petite said...

LOL. purposely come to comment after seeing your tweet! the last one side view got 范文芳 feel. very classy.

Mary said...

Hello.. I have a same problem with you about the pronounced of "VOGUE" i just know it through ur blog post.. hahaha.. btw, ur pictures looks awesome for me which i had commented through ur twitter and instagram before =]] seriously, u can be a model !!!

lizchewy said...

You look stunning with red lips!! You look super modelesque in the pictures too. I finally got a touche eclat in the airport last week and I have been using it everyday since. It is amazing!!!!


oxoxoxx said...

gorjus lah! but the bra looks like it has ninja straps or sth. .. :b

Cher ching said...

Hello from Sao Paulo!! Hen mei!! I love the headache post!!

WenQi said...

Very prettayyyy! <3 <3 <3 u're so versatile. could u do a review on those ysl cosmetic pretty pls?

Annelie said...

You look really pretty! Next time you can try working as a model ^.^ can't wait for your next Budget Barbie episode, you and Sophie will be in it together!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Qiu^^ sorry if you get this question a lot but what hair color do you have? Would appreciate it! Hugs from California :D

Mindy.H ♥ said...

Love your makeup here, gives you a very classy and chic!!Pretty pretty!
You really have the model looks can switch job to be model :)

Jewel said...

So jealous!!! I want the products toooo!

ohitstanya said...

Really classy look here!
awww..i love ysl :D


Anonymous said...

Hi from Italy!!

You're blog is very pretty!!

can I make You a request, please?
I have my face skin with some problems like youre's, but in you're photo, after you're make up, you are very beautiful, can you make please a video tutorial about you're daily make up routine? thank you very much and Congratulation for you engadgment!!

Bye, Aurora

Anonymous said...

You looked gorgeous!!!

From: TT