06 October 2013

I'd be available at age 80

Me and Josh were watching some documentary about old folks (age 70 - 80 plus) doing inspiring things like volunteering and cycling for charity and one of the ah pek said something like "It's important to dream when you're young, it's even more important to keep dreaming when you're old"

And i can't agree more! So feeling spurned and inspired and so full of hope i turn to Josh and say

"Omg Darling, next time when i 80 year old we also do such things okay!!!"

Him "When you're 80, my body already decomposed loh" he said as a matter of fact.

My face =O

"Oh yeah hor. I forgot. Omg then how, i'd be so old and alone!!!"

 So. I mean.. I'm not saying anything.. But i mean.. *twirl hair with finger* If you think i kinda am cute now.. I'd be available at 80 year old if you're not dead?


Paving my backup plan hahaha. I mean i'd be a 80 year old widow =O Hopefully my daughter loves me a lot and will have cute grandaughter for me to play with by then lah =DDD

I swear by the moon and the sun that i will not go join 黄金年华 to get criticized by has-been =X

Though i might invest all my time into making youtube tutorials like "How to look 60 when you're really 80" and "Easy 5 minutes recipe to food that will not pull off your dentures", "How to not look like a granny while wearing granny underwear", "Tips and tricks to ensure your grandchildren love you and that you are their favourite person in the world" and last but not least,

"Where to get a perm that is finally not too curly"

Okay. So i have decided that i wanna retire at age 50. Right. So i have at least 15 - 20 years to go jalan jalan around the world with Josh without having to worry about work everyday. And all the time in the world to play with our grandkids everyday if we want to ^.^ And if by any chance, i don't have my own kids, it's okay.. I HAVE MY SISTERS' and FRIENDS' KIDS AND GRANDKIDS TO PLAY WITH. Lolol.

Okay lah don't say dee. When you're reading this i am in KL with Wendy, Josh and Mike to visit Baby Jude and Audrey and Tim ^.^ Been wanting to see and carry him for the longest time!!!

No baby escapes from Auntie Qiu.



Anonymous said...

Is Josh a lot older than you are? I thought you guys were at most 5 years apart.

Hanna Lei said...

Haha going on a dating site at 80. -Hanna Marie

Cat said...

Anonymous, in most every country in the world, men die earlier than women.

Although Asian men out live White men so I will die before my fiance even though I am a woman as I am White and he is Asian :D

Dying first is the way to go, that way you don't have to miss the other person and be lonely! So HA! to my fiance! He has to bury ME!

Josh is totally set QiuQiu, as you'll be the one who is sad and alone and he'll be all up in heaven relaxing :P

QiuQiu, the best way to earn the love of your grandchildren is to bake them things (alternatively you can buy their love ahaha). Start practicing! :p

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Aiyo your teaser for your 80-year-old lady's blog!! I'm looking forward already. Will still be a reader of your blog by that time, if I am still alive by then wtf. Lol.