22 October 2013

Just hanging~


This week's been pretty chillax i am super happy!!! Cox settled the first three sales counter (more on the two new counters soon!) for GIRLY Make and now to doing up the online store ^.^

Past few days i can wake up anytime i want and i am super thankful for that O.O I also went to get my own P.O Box so now it's easier for advertisers to send me items to feature and advertise for. Previously it's all sent to my parents place but now my parents are moving up and down between my sister's place and their own place so.. In short..

YAY i can haz my own PO BOX! =DDD No more needing to wait for my dad to collect all the mails from his house, and then bring up to Yishun, and then i go up to Yishun to bring the stuff back.

I jokingly tell my friend "Yay now people can send me shit and stuff i am very sure my PO box will be flooded with lotsa love don't be jealous. Maybe my admirer will send me a bunch of keys to a car and a house"

My friend's reply "They'd just send you shit. Like shit-shit hahaha"


Not funny. Lolol. Please don't send me shit-shit, i will track you down and send you my shit. It's so lethal it's biomedical weapon. Lolol. Anyway my PO Box address is on the sidebar. To the left ^.^

Here are some pictures from hanging out the other day! With Yong Ming my best buddy since poly time lah. I don't know why he still is my friend cox he's seen the ugliest side and hear the most toxic things i say about people.. And about him. Lololol!

Last time he very fat right O.O Then in school i think we wanna buy some snacks and tidbits to munch along as we walk but then i tell him don't do that. Why not, he ask.

"Cox the world is cold and harsh"

And then i explain to him i say.. When you see a skinny pretty bitch walking down the street, eating a bar of chocolate, what would you think?

"OHHHHH SO UNFAIR~ She eat so much still so skinny!!! So lucky one!!!"

But then if a over-sized lady does that?

"Wtf so fat still eat eat eat. Walk also wanna eat omg"

I am not saying this is how i judge people i am saying this is how i think people will think lolol. So i told him, "Don't. Just don't, okay?" Lololol. But we still remained friends till today. Pretty sure he either has no other friends or he just really is waiting for a good time to plot my death =D Hahahah.

My jacket is from LOVE BOAT @ rosebullet! =D I love it so much!!!
A shot of Yong Ming and Otah brushetta from Bakerzin. I really pray hard that they will have their Truffle Ravioli in ALL The outlets lor!!! It's sooooo super yummy!!!
And then i got home and continue to camho some haha. Shades from F21 Hong Kong $4 only i think. As you can see i forgot to remove the S tag from my top. But i remember to photoshop it away in the below pictures but then i didn't notice this one until now so let it be. Lol.
Using Laneige lipstick colour. Kinda love this cox it makes me look sharp!
Also using GIRLY Lash in No.3 =D It's call Mascara-ra! Cox it looks like mascara cox it's so intentionally messy in criss cross ^.^


Also ah, the other day i was with Josh at IKEA cox i wanna buy a laundry basket so that when my maid comes i can just bring the whole basket out for her. Cox she's never been into my beauty room. Cox.. There's no space? Hahaha. Too much stuff lying around.

Anyway! It was maybe in the late afternoon and there were at least 30 different group of people queuing up to pay at IKEA. So we went to the first counter, the lady say move to the next counter cox her counter closing. So we move to the next one.

Of which the counter auntie tell us to move to the next one cox she is also closing.

Which we did.





Then we just go queue at the last one lah. Half way through queuing we saw the counters that told us closing previously had started to accept more people in the queue. I think they were trying to balance out the queue THEN DON'T SAY "CLOSING" lah stupid? Make people damn angry you know.

And why the new people who come and join the queue later can join i cannot join earlier?

Doesn't make sense. I come to realise how big and smart companies can hire really stupid assholes to work for them. Who don't wanna spend another second to explain more on why and what.

And that can really enrage people. But whatever. Ikea is still mostly awesome when it comes to furnitures to make-shift when on budget. Though they do have crazy expensive items that nobody should spend at IKEA lol. Like say a $4000 sofa. I rather take my money elsewhere.

Also their food is getting from bad to worst. It used to be yummy a long time ago! Seriously. Now they serve fishy stinky salmon. Cold hard bread roll. Lumpy meatball with big yellow mushy potatoes instead of the small milky colour ones with good firm texture. Not sure what went wrong there.

Am i the only one who realise they are not consistent with the potatoes they use???? It used to be always the small firm ones!!! Then they change and change until i no longer wanna try it cox i hate all potatoes unless it's firm and small like the ones they used to use or if it's french fries ^.^

Anyway so i was talking about the queuing thing. Like 15 minutes into the queue.. The cashier manning our counter said something and i didn't catch it so i don't know what she's saying to everyone. So i ask Josh.. "Omfg what did she say?!?! IS IT SHE WANT US TO MOVE TO ANOTHER QUEUE?!?!?!"

"No lah, she said something else. Not sure what"

"Phew. If she also ask me to move to another counter, i am afraid i have to be away from you for a while. Becox i want to use this *hold up laundry basket with metal leg stand* and smash it right into her face. I will go to jail but it's okay. It'd be worth it"

Lolol. This is how angry i am. You think lor. 4 working counters, three say closing, but then later all three started allowing other people (who came later than me!!!!) to queue.

And then in between one new counter open and instead of asking the people queuing first in the other lines, they allow the people queuing from the back of the other lines to go to the newly opened counter.


I wanted to tell the cashier who just open her counter off but it'd really spoil her mood for the rest of the day and also i don't wanna appear like a mean bitch who is only spending less than $20 buying a laundry basket and some lint roller but creating a huge fuss hahaha.

Alright that's all bye!


Hanna Lei said...

Its so true how fat people are judged. I never thought about it. -Hanna Marie

Cat said...

Poor Yong Ming! I sympathize 100% When I was younger and skinny and I'd be eating in public no-one would glare at me.

Now I'm fats I get glared at for even drinking a diet coke (like people check to see if it's diet or not -_-), I can't have any food type stuff in public anymore without being judged *sniffs* (even though I live on 1300 calories a day, I know cause I count FML).

Fiance is slim and eats like 4000 calories a day and no judgement :p

Since I have been skinny and fats I don't judge anyone about their eating anymore lols. Fiance eats like pig and is thin, I eat healthy and am fats. World is just not far.

Although I also know a lot of fats people who are fats because they eat like my fiance so hmmm...

Also Yong Ming is pretty good looking I think.

And I like the picture of you frowning with the sunglasses on, so much attitude! Loves it!

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, can I ask what lenses are u wearing?

Jocey said...

your friend looks so much better now thanks to you not enabling him!

btw my fiance is moving to singapore to be a surgeon and i'm so excited mostly because i hope i'll get to run into you and xiaxue :)

Anonymous said...

Smash your own fat filled facela cb