20 October 2013

Baby Jude, Baby Judie and Baby Dashelly

Went to KL to find Audrey and Baby Jude ^.^ Tim blogged a whole lot about Baby Jude also so if you're a fan of BB Jude please feel free hahah! Very funny one his blog.

Four of us went up (Josh, myself, Wendy and Mike!) on coach and we had wanted to book a better coach with food and bus-steward kind haha but it's all booked =( So end up no food on board =O

But it's okay cox Tim and Aud brought us to a VERY SUPER YUMS nasi lemak store and apparently their Prime Ministers of different time all love to patronise this shop one =DDD Really is super yums.

And then after makan we finally can go see BB Jude =DDD

And then cao Wendy keep calling me babyzilla ask me to pass her hahaha.
Let's put Baby Jude down! "OH-AIR OH-AIR"
Okay okay let's keep carrying Baby Jude!!! "Chick here got tricked ; )" Hahaha. Look at the accidental wink!
And then after milk i ask if i can burp him and Aud and Tim say okay okay but in the end both also watch me like a hawk lolol "You gotta like this.. There, ah, like this.. Yes, no no, like this.. No no no, yes ah okay like that.." Lolol i'm like "Oh man you wanna do this" Lolol. Parents. Hahaha!
One of me, Wendy and Audrey ^.^ And Baby Jude of course!!! Nice meeting you for the first time, Baby Jude.. You're a wonderful miracle boy and you're very blessed with lotsa love, from all around the world! =))) Grow up quick and strong and healthy!!!
"Oh shit.. Not again.." Why, you ask Baby Jude..
"There" Lolol. Auntie Qiu take over~~~ Hahaha!
Mummy got withdrawal symptoms from not carrying BB Jude for like 20 minutes cox me and Wendy keep taking turns hahaha. So i offer her..... Erm, i offer her own son? LOL. To carry. Hahahaha.
"NOOOOOOOOOO!" BB Jude gotta go shower and he.. Doesn't quite like it as you can see!!
"But hey~ I do think i feel very good after a shower~" Hahaha. After shower so damn happy don't know why he must struggle so much during shower hahaha. Yeah you know why i know what happened during his shower? Cox i was there. The whole time (while the rest are in the living room). And then Aud came and say "Eh you are here ah. No wonder you are call babyzilla" Damn rude ah people nowadays. Lolol.
Good boy looking all smart and preppy ^.^
I think BB Jude really looks like Audrey!!! The big eyes, round cheeks all..
"Nah.. Auntie Qiu please don't anyhow say. I'm a macho boy how can i look like my mom"
No meh, you see. Lololol. Baby Judie.
"Okay T.T"
Okay lah return back to Audrey who is looking good real fast after delivery! Her and Wendy both really make pregnancy-recovery seem quite easy and fast O.O
One last picture of Baby Jude ^.^ The macho boy in his sleeveless onesie looking real manly. HAHA. Can't wait to see him again soon hopefully!!! Alright that's all!!!

And then who is Baby Dashelly?!?!?!

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


There. Hahahahah. Wendy saw the picture i did of Baby Jude and then she say she also wanna see one of Dash. So.. There you go. Please both give birth to girls next time!!! All the tutu skirts are waiting for us crazy aunties to buy!!!


Hanna Lei said...

I love all these pictures of Jude. He's so cute! -Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

lol that last picture of Wendy is extremly photoshopped. Dash does look like her though, his nose and mouth is the same. Momo posted a comparison with a baby picture of Wendy and I was shocked! Dash looks just like Wendy when she was little!

Baby Jude is ridiculously cute though!!! His expression is too adorable! Cutest baby I've seen in a long time!

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Lol this is such a cute and happy post and the photoshopped pics so funny hahaha. My tonight super entertaining from reading all your posts I haven't read during the past 2 weeks I was away.