10 October 2013

Maple Purple~

Hi! This is my Maple Purple hair for Autumn ^.^ Thanks to Sio for this hair colour!

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Was wearing a very milky pink lipstick from Too Cool for School, it's VERY drying though the colour is really cute and outstanding! So anyway this is to explain why my lips look dry. Lolol. And also, i forgot to bring my lipbalm out that day =(

What are some of the things you cannot leave house without ah?! Lipbalm and water bottle are two of the things i cannot leave house without. Maybe i should do a what's in my bag video!

But that'd be after the GIVEAWAY video and blogpost!!! I already got most of the stuff already! Now just waiting for stock to come for some of my favourite makeup that i ordered for you all =DDD

It's gonna be such a big giveaway i can't wait!!! =DDD I think you guys will love it!!! ^.^

Anyway back to doing hair ah! I asked Sio to gimmie a Jappy brown hair colour, but nothing too outrageous lol. Cox next week is the photoshoot for GIRLYMake first lookbook =DDD

I actually wanted blue hair one!!! But blue hair will look boring on lookbook after a while haha. So i'd do blue hair next!!! =D Been begging Sio to let me do whole head blue. But his reply is always..

"QiuQiu さん!! やめて~"

Why he ask me to stop ah. Ta hen qi guai. Lololol. I think he scared my hair will catch fire.

Anyway~ He's doing a top dark brown, middle light ash brown, bottom purple for me. The effect is supposed to be more 3D and looks more interesting than normal brown gradient.
I ordered KFC for everyone cox i was craving for the shrooms fillet burger. To find out they don't deliver shrooms fillet burger =((( This is life, eating and having two person work on your hair haha. Thanks to Ryo and Sio~ =D
Sio doing some trimming for me ^.^
About done~

I wanna change my camera already lah! This Casio one is good cox got flip screen and also cox the colour is not bad and it's good for people who like the big eyes small chin effect but my forehead sibeh humongous this camera makes it look even longer and bigger =(((

I'm gonna get a camera that Yutaki suggested!!! Fingers crossed i can get media discount =X Haha.

Anyway~ My hair~!!! I LOVE IT!!! Can you see the top brown and middle ash brown and bottom purple!!! From far it looks like i have very voluminous hair that shines hahaha.
Shio is damn good at what he does.
Basic brown doesn't have to be boring anymore~
This is what i mean. From far the three colours look great together.
Alright! If you'd like to do this three tone brown hair, call to make your appointment~
Hope you noticed my blue eyeliner!!! It's very pretty hor!!! Really brightens up the eyes ^.^ Don't even have to add eye shadow lor i feel. Make it the keypoint of the makeup look.
It's new from Laneige! They sent me a whole bunch of colours, i haven't get down to trying them all but my favourite is the blue one..
And the true brown and sparkly brown one!!! Quite worth it hor, two colours in one stick. Also, it's waterproof and very long-lasting!!! Doesn't smudge nor crack into the eye crease. Love!

Alright! I'm gonna get back to work =( Haven't had a day where i can do nothing. GIRLY Lash is up and running at Space Invasion @ THE CATHAY #03-15/16 That's one down~ =D

Another counter is going to be up in Haji Lane next week. And more counters to come! =DDD If you wish to host GIRLY Lash, please feel free to email girlymake@gmail.com

GIRLYMake online shop will only be up year end. Thank you for those who have shown support =) More exciting promos gonna be up okay! =D

QWeekly and rarebits is also gonna be back in running soon! Omg too much stuff happening.



Alice Lee-Yang said...

The eye liner is very nice, is it to be drawn at the waterline?

Yay rarebits finally lol I was just wearing my favorite rarebits top today. Looking forward to new launches! ^.^

Anonymous said...

I really love these hair update blog posts! Shio looks very charming in real life too *.*

Anonymous said...

Giveaway your current camera? It'll be really exciting for fans!!!

Hanna Lei said...

I'm loving this color! -Hanna Marie

Cat said...

You look great :D I love your quirks, first time I have seen KFC eaten at the hair dressers.

I always get hungry at the hair dressers :( wish I could get pizza, my hair takes 3 hours because it's long. By the end I want to eat EVERYTHING!

Also I'd have to share and I don't share foods :P

Agnes Aimi said...

Hello Qiuqiu,

What camera is recommended by yutakis haha! I was about to buy the Casio ZR-1000 then now you say that it makes forehead humongous. I don't dare to buy :/

Yuxing said...

Congrats on your Girly Lash!!

And I so love Cleo!!

Anonymous said...

What camera are you going to buy? *curious and kapo*