26 October 2013

The random pictures from my mobile phone album

HELLO how's your week been!!!!! Mine was alright! I've been doing stuff everyday O.O Not sure if i like it becox you know.. Sleep.. Is REALLY important to me.

Like.. Equally important as food is to me. And food..

Is VERY important to me. Lolol.

My idea of a perfect day would be a day i can sleep til whenever i want, wake up, and eat whatever i want. And then nap til whatever time i want.. And then sleep again.

And in between, i can skip shower and all O.O Perfect day.

Some days when Josh gets me Mcdee breakfast, and i wake up at 3pm to eat it, i count my day 50% perfect already haha. But usually after that i gotta get out of bed and do something and then shower.

Lolol am i asking too much?

Samantha, Masashi (Cleo Hair boss) along with Josh and i went out for dinner. Actually before that i had Mcdonald's with my friend already. At like 5.30pm. Then 7pm was dinner.

So i saw this salmon roe with salmon porridge and i was like "OMG this is my FAVOURITE!!!"

I finished the pot of porridge by myself. It's not too big lah. Maybe good enough for two person. After dinner I ask if we can go for dessert cox Ma Maison is just downstairs.

When we got there i was asking for grape tart and then i say "Huh so sad no more dee!!! Their grapetart is my FAVOURITE!!!!" But we had pancakes and two other tarts. Twas good too.

Then i wanted to go toilet right, and i saw some Hong Kong / Chinese cafe and on the menu there is BUTTER TOAST WITH CONDENSED MILK OMGGGGGGGG!!!!

So i ran back to Ma Maison to take my wallet and then go buy two sets (4 slices lol) of the toast. And then i started to eat it at the taxi stand. Being super generous, i got share one slice with Samantha lah. Hahahaha. By that i mean, i too out one slice and share that very one slice with her, me and her hahahaha.

Josh was like "I thought you say you're full already?"

Me "Yeah but this butter toast is my favourite!!!"

Then everyone kept quiet for like 5 seconds..

And then this cao Josh very sincerely ask..

"你很像有很多 favourite 的 hor?"


YAO NI GUAN AH!!!! Hahahahaha!!! He say i seem to have a lot of "favourite" lolol.

Anyway!!! I finished all the 3.5 slices of my FAVOURITE toast!!! Haha! Okay lah here are some random pictures from my phone.

Continuing from my previous posts on random pictures in my phone..

Pictures from Hong Kong ^.^

Me and Josh went to the 24 hours hypermarket (we just happen to see it!) and i went a little crazy with the snacks and cup noodles!!! Turns out.. THE CUP NOODLES WERE ALL DAMN GOOD!!!! But it's all from Japan lah! Quite expensive (like the smaller cups $2.50 the bigger cups $3-4) but i say it's worth every bit of money!!! =D

Then also Josh went to every station also snap the station name like some tourist haha. And you can also see what i'd always order in Hong Kong! Confirm is either Can Dan Min or Can Dan macaroni PLUS a toast with condensed milk ^.^ Also leh.. On my last day i tried roasted goose for the first time!!!!! IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD. I kinda think i told you guys about the roasted goose already.

Finished the second tub of moisturizer in my life. Previous one was the Lancome Visionnaire one!
Got Yurou a tiara for her birthday back in July and when she's in a good mood she'd bring it out to show off. Hahaha she ownself go put it at her waist and say it's a "Biao" LOLOL. Belt lah. Very creative hor hahaha. I love her so much! =)) Hope she don't grow up so fast. Every week i see her, she'd learn new phrases. Mostly to scold people O.O Hahaha! Naughty!!!
Also one day i open up the fridge and i see all these snacks and i'm like "I made it in life" lololol.

Really one, last time my goal in life is to always have a filled fridge. I tell myself i'd never have an empty fridge, my fridge must always have lotsa snacks and tidbits and chocolates and packet drinks and mango O.O Cox it's my favourite fruit other than banana which you can't put in the fridge.

And i can have so many slices of awesome Bakerzin cake in my fridge becox.. My husband is an awesome photographer haha. I hope he shoots for more and more companies O.O Then i can have more and more food and jewelry and whatnot hahah!

One night me and Josh went for supper. Really is damn havoc cox we never ever ever ever take a cab out at night just to head out for supper one. If meet friends okay, but never the two of us. Cox it's just like.. Erm we don't drive, also we can just cook instant noodle or call Mcdee!

So we went to Bedok85 right. OMG i was sooooooooooooooo disappointed!!!! First, the BBQ chicken wing Josh ordered was like.. Yellow? Like it's not even brown or golden brown. Then got three chubby ladies eating beside our table, their chicken wings were all golden brown and looks like got crispy oily skin one~!!!! And when i look at them eat anything, i also think it looks damn yums lol. But then i look at my chicken wing.. I reluctantly take a bite.. And then the skin was like chewy and rubbery and inside got like red blood curd like this i'm like omg vomit. Super spoil mood for me lah.

Also I went to order BCM from the red signboard one! The soup, minced pork and meatball and pork lard is DAMN GOOD BUT!!!!!! Their noodle can use to kill someone!!! So hard and stiff i took one mouthful and i'm like no thanks. So i ordered one more bowl of meatball soup =D But i thought i remember it to be nicer..

And then i check Twitter everyone tell me the authentic one is the white signboard one =( I thought i wouldn't know how it taste cox i already left! BUT THENNNNN~

Me and Wendy went back there for supper after event~!!! YOOHOO~!!! This time i ordered big bowl meatball soup from the white signboard and also they gave me extra pork lard i'm like *spasm* Lol.

You know what the white signboard did wrong? To make me doubt it and went for the red signboard the first time. I mean i was seriously considering between them both, who i should go for.

1. The white signboard says AUTHENTIC blablablablabla! Super lotsa nonsense text on their signboard. It makes me think "why do you have to try so hard to convince people!"

2. The red signboard staff look more happy and like chirpy when taking orders. The white signboard look a bit grumpy so i think "Confirm is the red sign board one nicer so they look successful lol"

3. Red signboard is the corner stall, sort of gives it an edge cox.. It can even have side advertisement?

But after trying both (thou the red one is the only one that has dry version but whatever, the noodle so hard even when it's in soup version, i don't trust the dry version!!!), i conclude that..

The white signboard wins hands down.

It's just.. They have to smile more hahaha.

And also~~~~ MY BFF IS BACK IN TOWN YO!!! After 3 months in Japan! =O She come back to start a mama shop one i think hahaha. Look at all the stuff she got!!! Also when she was in Japan she showed me the picture on the right and ask me if she should buy the Celine bag..

My reply was.. "Where is the bag?"

Then i zoom in and see from my phone then i saw that bag and i was like "WTF NO? It looks like a paper bag lah!!! So small i can't see shit" Tsk tsk tsk.

I posted this one but i have to show EVERYONE! Do you see a hamster in the cup???? Mich was drinking from the cup and i was like wtf what are you drinking there's a hamster in your cup! It's actually a reflection of her nose. Hahaha!
This was from me and my family going to the Sea Aquarium. I personally enjoyed it quite a lot! Especially the huge tank and the dolphinesss!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THEY ARE SO HUGE AND CUTE!!!

I wanted to book a table for us at the (stupid) Ocean Restaurant where we can have a better view of the marine life while we dine and celebrate my sister's birthday. It was meant to be a surprise but the restaurant was SO DAMN STUPID.

They say 8 person is consider a large group booking and i have to fill in and sign some form and fax / email it back to them with my credit card details along with the photocopy of front and back of my credit card before they can book the table and the birthday cake for me..

Birthday cake was cox they don't allow outside food. Which is fine, i can live with that.

But i told the person i am not willing to do that just to get a reservation cox it's way too much trouble and work??? Like you might as well as me to write you a 3000 word essay on why i think i deserve a table for 8 person at Ocean's Restaurant and why i die die must go there even when i have to pay a huge sum to dine there. Huh, why not right? Since i already have to fill in forms, fax / email it back to you and then also photocopy my credit card front and back etc.

You didn't have to go through a lot of trouble to earn my money why i have to go through so much trouble for you to earn my money? Ridiculous.

So i spoke with the manager and he insist i have to at least email him my credit card details along with a short paragraph to tell him that i promise to have the table (he say cox if i don't turn up, someone has to be responsible and i think maybe have to pay them for holding the table) BEFORE he can help me book the table. So over the phone i'm just like "Sigh.. Yeah. Okay whatever i just think you guys need to work around it. It's just too much work. I don't see why i have to"

So i didn't send my details right. He say i have to send all the details before he can help me book the table. So i assume i didn't get the table. On the day itself when me and my family was having lunch elsewhere, a guy call me and ask me if i'm on my way as it's already passed 1pm. I told him no i refuse to send in my details therefore i don't think i actually booked the table. He say they still booked it for me so i said no that's not what i was told by the guy. Then he say "Yes, that guy would be me. You said you would want to book the table, you did not inform us that you'd like to cancel it"

OMG i'm thinking like WTF ROTI PRATA FLIP HERE AND THERE THE WORDS CCB. I would LOVEEEE to go there and dine with my family lah! But i refuse to give in to their stupid requirement to make a reservation what!!! Also is he say one "The only way to make the reservation for you is that you send in blablablala"

If they are worried about opportunity cost of holding a table for 8 then i'm sorry lah, you're running a business, you just have to take the risk or be so damn good that you will always have people queuing at your door that you don't have to give a fuck even when a group of 8 didn't turn up!

Don't behave like some whimpy insecure girlfriend "I NEED ASSURANCE I NEED ASSURANCE THAT YOU'D COME AND LOVE ME EAT ME LOVE ME EAT ME" Go and die lah. So anyway i explain to him on why i didn't think i got a reservation and he ask me..

"Okay. What about the cake?"

?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Ah then i can't dine there i want your cake gumlan?!?!? If you would use it to slam your own face then yes i'd gladly pay for it. You know what i mean. A fine restaurant with a fine view serving up fine food but runs such horrible policy and hires such inflexible staff.

You think i would plan so long in advance and talk to your staff repeatedly over so many email correspondence and make so many phonecalls to you guys to take in my reservation, all that for what?!?! To not turn up?!?!!? It's YOUR FAULT that i didn't go in the end cox you didn't wanna give in with regards to your stupid policy!

Omg i need to calm the shit down i know. But you have to agree with me.

That I am right. They are wrong.

Lol. Seriously. It was meant to be a happy occasion. they totally spoiled my mood during the planning stage *rage*

After Sea Aquarium we went shopping a bit at Candylicious haha! Their mini trolleys so cute hor?! Baby Yurou gone a bit kuku hahaha. Look at how crazyhuge that lollipop is!
And then we went to snap some pictures with the cute statues lah. But then got this big bunch of like maybe 10 - 12 aunties from overseas.. Crowd around one of the statue so we couldn't get a full picture. Like they snapped maybe 20 pictures around that one tiny statue. You know what's so funny? Hahahahaha. All 12 of them already cover and block the statue fully. So they look like a bunch of half-squatting / half-leaning / half tip toeing aunties taking pictures with NOTHING. Hahaha!
Some of the cute things i got back from Hong Kong for the Nuffies and my friends and family.
I have to show you guys this not to tell you about how i treasure peace and quiet time with Josh nor to tell you how we are so in love =X Hahaha. It's cox i wanna tell you that Josh and i will do this (only our pinkie finger touch) in the car cox i have sweaty palms but we still wanna "hold hands" lah.

So it's been what, almost 8 years we've been doing this everytime we're at the back seat. That a lot of time i hop into a car with my friends / family i also do this. I will just place my hand there wait for the other person to hold my hand O.O

Lolol. A lot of times already, i place out my hand waiting for my friend's pinkie lolol. It's not awkward for them cox i'd usually quietly pull back my hand when i realise it. But then it's awkward for me cox i've been waiting for them to touch my hand O.O Hahahaha.

Okay lah last picture~! I tried to dye my own rainbow roses that day. Fail until don't know where. Lolol. I put very little colouring cox i thought it'd give me the pastel effect. But it gave me.. No effect. Lol. Except the blue one which i accidentally added a lot more colouring. Meh.

I was almost confident i can make a living out of dying pastel rainbow roses. Lolol.

Now i have to get back to work. Bye bye.



Hanna Lei said...

I can't believe they did that. I would never copy my credit card information for someone. -Hanna Lei

Unknown said...

LOLOL at the pinky issue! hahaah

Anonymous said...

I think you are totally right about the reservation thingy, they are totally too inflexible! They are not showing the right attitude and the manager just want to show off his power i guess? I think that manager is just stubborn though yes every restaurant have it's rules and regulations but i honestly think it can be changed accordingly to each situation, right? Else in future no more patrons how? I hope the manager is reading this entry because i don't think he has a right to make noise when you thought you didnt manager to book the table. Oh and by the way, he actually booked it for you even though you didn't send in the credit card details right? That further proves my point that the manager just wanna show off his authority over the first phone conversation. Anyway those are just my thoughts, sorry for babbling too much! hehe - Tiffany

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu! I think you made a mistake in your blogpost, the white signboard only has the soup version, while the red signboard have both soup and dry version! (: And I'm glad that you enjoyed the white signboard one, cause I've been eating that stall of bar chor mee since I was young! Now I have common food with you ^^

Anonymous said...

you mean you and Josh dont usually hold hands since you have sweaty palms?

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Wah seh really leh u ate so much, even I can feel so full after reading abt what you ate lol.

And ur pinkie finger logic damn lame laugh die me lolol.

Anonymous said...

hi just wanna say from my experience in the FnB industry, at certain high end restaurants it is actually standard practice to have at least the credit card details of the person as a form of deterrence to people who do not show up after booking a reservation as the restaurant will then be able to charge a no show fee. I do agree though that the Manager could be more flexible in how he handled your reservations and maybe explain to you better about needing so many details.

T said...

LOL went to watch your budget barbie epiSODES & u are super funny! Makes me feel like going shopping now! ><