24 October 2013

Gearing up~

Hello! Just a quick update about what i've been up to lately!

After the blogpost of GIRLY Make's first counter at THE CATHAY (Space Invasion), i've since placed GIRLY at two more counters! And a few more in the talking! If you'd like to host GIRLY Make in your shop, please drop an email to girlymake@gmail.com =))

Also to those who went down to The Cathay but couldn't get the lashes you want cox it's out of stock, SORRY! =( I've topped up the stock (No.1, 2 and 3) but No.4 and No.5 are all out at this counter. You may find them at the other two counters as mentioned below! ^.^

The online shop is in the making but it'd take a while!

I'm also looking to work with a reliable company who can do packaging / printing / hot plating! If you know someone who is up to it please feel free to drop me an email also! Thank you!

Alright first up~ Where better to place GIRLY Make at than a hair salon where people walk out looking good and pretty! =D And where the whole shop is filled with Japanese O.O Hahaha! On the left you have new Cleo Hair hairstylist Sasaki, and then Shio and Samantha you already know lah!
GIRLY Make can now be found at Millenia Walk (CLEO Hairmake, PARCO Level 2
If you happen to go do your hair, you might wanna check it out okay! =D

Next location~

It's a cozy shophouse at 48 Haji Lane (#02-01) and it's really popular and highly raved by many bloggers O.O I went once before the placement just to check out the place, it was 9pm plus. Still super packed O.O And then this was taken 4pm plus, still packed. Hahaha.
If you're keen to book a slot you have to check out their Facebook page! They constantly update their available slots one! Also their new designs and inspiration =D
And if you're wondering who are the big brains behind The Nail Artelier.. You met them on my blog before one!!! On my Hen's Night blogpost!!! =DDD You've seen some of their work on QWeekly also!!! Ying (on the left) and Jenrine on the right are truly dedicated to creating unique, trendy and cute nailart!!! =DDD Thank you for hosting GIRLY! =D

Alright! So if you're around Millenia Walk / Haji Lane, remember to go check out GIRLY lash for yourself okay ^.^ I am really happy with the progress so far =D

More exciting plans to come! Really thankful =)

Also ah, i managed to have a lot of fun at barter trade. Lolol. I started this instagram account call Bread and Barter, just to trade stuff for fun cox i am super inspired buy the show Barter King!!!

You know hor in the show the dude can trade up one hundred plus item, all the way into a $8500 item!!! =OOO I am very inspired!!! Hahaha!

It's about what people want VS what people have but don't need!

If you have too many precious gem and diamond rings and sports car, feel free to trade with me. LOL. I have lotsa shit. Like..

I've traded a Panasonic Camcorder that i used once and then the other time i used it to zoom in on the moon on Mooncake Festival cox the moon extra bright and round that day haha!! I got that for $699 but to me it's worth about $100 cox.. It's three years old and i lost all the cable =X Lol.

So i asked to trade it for anything with a value over $100. And then finally i traded it for a S95!!! It's like my favourite camera so far??? I bought one at $699 (after discount $640) before!!! Although i have one myself, i just think it's a good camera and it'd be easy for me to trade it for something else! I'd trade it for anything i want that's worth $200 and up. I know there's no money for me to make but..

You know, just to keep the barter trade going hahaha. I also traded a hair curler (worth $70 - $80) for a Tiffany and Co necklace (worth $150 up!)!!! Of which i am going to trade for something else!

IT'S SO FUN RIGHT??!?!?!?! =DDD In time to come i will finally trade for a big house =DDD Hahahah!!! Like this guy that Rachell showed me, who traded a red paper clip for a house in the end!


*continue to flip my house over to find things to trade that are just sitting in my room bai swee-ing*


Hanna Lei said...

Good Luck continuing your lashes journey. Can't wait to see if it becomes a whole makeup brand. -Hanna Marie

Unknown said...

Why is Shio still single? He looks pretty decent. lol Sorry you post a blog post all I notice is Shio! HAHA.

Good luck though, Qiu! <3

Cat said...

Maybe Shio is single because his girlfriends get jealous of all the cute girls whose hair he does all the time? :p

On another note, yay for working on the online store. Then us internationals can try? :D

tori lovely said...

oh mooncakes.. my bestfriend got some from his company .. why r they soo expensive lol

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Wow really awesome shit!! Such brilliant idea to trade up and up!! 😁
Meanwhile, happy to hear more good news of GIRLY!!