04 October 2013

I got bored

Hello! So one day i got home and then i got bored. I still had makeup on and didn't wanna remove it cox i haven't do much with it for that day haha. You know, it's rare i have makeup on for nothing, so when i do have makeup on, i make sure i don't "waste" it, so i'd snap some pictures with it.

But then my makeup was really light and plain that day.. It took me like what.. 5 minutes top?

Tadah~ My 5 minutes makeup that i only wore for.. 4 hours?

Using Laneige BB Cushion as base, and then a lousy concealer i bought earlier from The Face Shop in Korea, it has an Owl on it one, this concealer quite bad lah cox always cake up one and the colour somehow change like into super white like talcum powder white.

I quite like The Face Shop blusher thou!!! So i bought all of the colours O.O I'm using the coral one here ^.^ It's very suitable for light and natural makeup.  Also using KATE Slim gel liner, it's great for very light makeup like this. Also using CANMAKE brow palette for my brows!

Alright, these are all my top picks for a simple and quick 5 minutes light makeup ^.^ Forgot to apply mascara that day =.= But if i did i would use the Benefit Cosmetics "It's REAL!" masacara. Best mascara i tried ever!!! Totally no clumps and super easy to lengthen and add volume.

Anyway so I look around my beauty room..

And i'm like.. LAI! Pile on makeup~!!!

Been wanting to try this three-way G-Bomb paint tub from VDL. It's three way cox it can be used for your eyes, lips and on your cheeks as blusher!!! =DDD
HOW ABOUT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay the eye makeup not done yet but look at ma lips and cheeks!!!!! So natural and pink!!! It's not the conventional creamy lipstick texture. It's like.. Not even powder. It's like.. Okay like your know our colour pencil? Think about that, mashed into powder, add some holding agent hahaha. It's just super smooth to apply on your lips and eyes and cheeks!
But i'd prefer a little balm on my lips cox my lips dry up very easily =( So i'm using my ultimate favourite lip essence balm from Laneige!!! It works like magic. If i don't have it, my lips is crack and dry until cannot one.
Picture colour not treated. They look perfect together ^.^
And then i add some YSL Monochrome eyeshadow, it's a super easy to use palette lah, as in the colours are very.. Easy to manipulate? Haha. Can create strong look / day look / glam look with the four colours. If you're noobshit about applying eyeshadow like i am, you should get one of those. Also have on eyelid tape from Tai Zhiang and fake eyelash from GIRLY Make.
When i want stronger brows, i'd use a brow pencil. This Shiseido brow pencil is one of the best cox the strokes (even when pencil is not sharpened) always comes out thin and not too strong and dark!!! You can do multiple strokes with an ease of mind and won't end up looking like Crayon Shin Chan. Lol. I bought them in Japan for 200¥. Got one brown and one grey. 200yen is like $3.20?
BEST SHIT EVER. This is a two-way eyeliner and shadow/ liner-sponge from KATE. So for one price you sort of get two products. One side is a liquid eyeliner. It's quite meh. But this end is da bomb!!! You can use it as a eyeshadow if you only wanna bring one product out lol. But i always use it to line my lower line. It's like a rubbery sponge applicator and somehow it always picks up the right amount to not make you look like a whore who got beaten up.
After i line the lower outer ends of my eyes with it.. It's time to add the final glow~ I love this highlighter from VDL G-Bomb series. It's not too shimmery nor glittery. Look like your own glow like this haha. I apply it on my nose bridge, center of chin, undereye and center of my forehead ^.^

 OKAY ARE YOU READY~ Hahahah. Only i excited ah.

Zai act chio. Lolol. Okay lah i don't caption okay. My caption ruins everything. Lol.

Holographic hat from F21 in Hong Kong ^.^
My top is from Hong Kong $4 =DDD

And then i nua sai around some more before i finally remove makeup hahaha.


All gone, except Laneige lip balm essence.

Alright~ So i got bored and made this post. Haha. Hope you.. Like it?

I am super happy cox this weekend me and Wendy are going up to find Audrey and Baby Judeeeeee =DDDDD We have been stalking him since hahaha. Now we can really hug him for real soon =D

And the day before we head up i will go see Baby Yurou. I am quite thrilled to find out what new things she learnt hahaha. Every week she will do something that is shocking.

Okay lah. Bye bye~!!!


Hanna Lei said...

I love your makeup look. -Hanna Lei

Alice Lee-Yang said...

That purple/pink eye shadow is like magic; cheerful and "spring" feel!!

Yuxing said...

Wahhh!!!!!! Totally love this pink look!!! I neeeeeed the three-way G-Bomb paint tub!!! Gasppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp~~~~~

Ashashley said...

What strikes me most is your good complexion even after you removed your makeup! I remember you saying that you used to have lots of blemishes/pimples. (okay i hope that photo's not photoshopped. haha)

Unknown said...

why do u still need to use double eyelid stickers when u naturally have them? for further enhancement?

Anonymous said...

You were prettier before plastic surgery, now ur face is too fat and ur lips are weirdly shaped

Anonymous said...

for dry lips you might want to try out Sephora's burts bee lip balm. Its very awesome!