22 November 2013

Do the heck you want

Today i was on the phone with a newspaper reporter on topics about social media and at one point we were at the topic about how i distinguish myself.. To make sure that advertisers still come to me even with the rise in numbers of budding bloggers / instagrammers etc

I didn't know how to answer.

And i still don't know how to answer O.O

Sometimes through my friends ((usually Sophie cox she is a very informative (read kaypoh) person hahaha she'd feed us with juice that we are too lazy to go spot / can't be bothered to go find out)) introduction i'd go take a look at other bloggers' instagram / blog and omg O.O

I am going to be out of job soon if they keep being so hardworking hahaha.

It's like.. My blog and instagram is all just me me me me me hey me hey me again. Lolol.

And their blogs / IG be all like BAM BAM BAM snaps after snaps of artsy DSLR quality pictures and fashion shots =O What do they do, they walk around with boom lights and DSLR??? IS IT??? And then find nice brick walls or lie down spontaneously at a patch of green grass =((( *sour*

Lolol. I am joking lah. They never do wrong. I WRONG!!! I LAZY! WO GAI SI! Lol.

*take a look at my own instagram pictures*

*give up*

Lolol. My stupid instagram, Twitter, blog and Dayre is all about my life O.O The people i'm happy with, angry with, things that i am sad about and things that i care about, products and services i love. And.. Food that i find yums haha.

Nothing like fashion-baby or super trendy hahaha. Then i start to gag a bit at my ten thousand selfies. Lolol. Like.. Seriously, i need to like this or not? Every other picture is my face O.O Hahaha.

But then again.. That's all that i care for really O.O Pictures with Baby Yurou, with Dash, with my friends and family and erm.. With myself.. On good days when i put on makeup + dress up decent i'd get Josh to help me snap a OOTD. If not, you only see the shoulder part of my outfit..


Kinda feel i don't deserve the following now. OKAY TIME TO UP MY GAME.

*browse internet for bikini*

Lolol. Kidding, again~ Hahaha. Or maybe it's my sense of humor that people like. But that really wasn't very funny at all. Nothing in this post i find funny so far.

Hmm. Don't feel awkward. Just keep reading. No pressure, you don't have to laugh.

Lolol. I laughed. Hahaha. But hey if you don't find it funny, don't laugh! Okay =DDD

Why are you so grumpy?


Okay no it's really not working is it?

...... YAH! Anyway!

I kinda feel quite bad for people who tweet very funny stuff and then get neglected and the funny stuff just gets lost in Twitter space just becox they don't have a lot of following.

But on the other hand i also despise people who get high following by tweeting stupid BGR quotes like "I hate boys", "Guys, make a girl cry and she'd run", "Calling a girl "Princess" is not enough, you gotta treat her like one", "I can never get over you. I can never get over love" you know, that kind of stupid tweets that people can read off anywhere, just to get retweets.

And then when you ask them (if they are your friend) what happen to them upon seeing those emo tweets, they'd say OH SOMETIMES THEY JUST TWEET THINGS THAT COME TO THEIR MIND, IT DOESN'T ALWAYS MEAN IT'S SOMETHING THEY ARE GOING THROUGH.

Yeah oh really? Then change your Twitter handle to @AuntAgony @RetweetMePlsPlsPls @BGRQuoteMachineGunBiangBiangBiang @KaoBeiForFunOnly @DontMeanIt @JustSaying @iBohliao

Change it. Put your own name for fuck. You put Ted lor. Or Peter Griffin =_=" Sibeh annoying.

I just feel if it's a personal account, it should be about things that either happen to you or things that you care about or things that is just.. YOU lah. How difficult is that a concept to understand?

Okay so i decided already.. If anyone were to ask me.. How do i make people follow me and make advertisers be keen to work with me.. I will tell them..


Omg totally quotable and retweetable. Lolol. Kidding. But even if i were to tweet that, it makes sense cox i really do the heck i want. And i just do them without putting much thoughts into it O.O

Just be yourself.. This sounds super cliche i know but cliche sounds cliche too so screw cliche. You wanna go far, you do yourself. Let other people decide if they like it or not..

Thing is.. Whether or not they like it.. They will come back for it =)

So remind me again why do you follow me here and there and everywhere.

See you at the flea tomorrow (Sat). Yes, pictures allowed =D Let's cam the ho away~!!!


Calista said...

Hello qiu qiu ^^
I guess I follow and read your blog because you give me a positive feeling? Idk but I just feel that you are easily contented and always appreciative which somehow brought me happiness when I read! Hahah

Also you laugh at your own jokes or saying stupid yet funny things!

Once a reader, always a reader :)

jiaminjonas said...

Yes what that's why what people see in you what. Doing what you love, doing what you want, blogging nonsense, taking cock. Hahahahahaha that's why we liked your blogging. So don't change anything. :-) cause that won't be you anymore! See you on sat hopefully. Sometimes I think to myself if you find me annoying hahahahah okok

Jaslyn said...

Hi Qiuqiu, I follow you everywhere because you're funny, humorous and sincere. Your pictures are pretty. And I like your positive attitude. =)

Anonymous said...

I do love reading your blog and other social networking platforms. because the way you express yourself is unique and you're free to express yourself! which is different from other blogs :) keep it up, updating !:D

xt said...

Hi Qiuqiu! Coincidentally I was talking to my friend the other day about how I actually prefer reading your blog as compared to relatively new bloggers. It's nice to see their artsy dslr pictures on their instagram with nice backgrounds... and their blog post mainly about fashion, make up, etc.. But yours if different and refreshing, you actually blog about your life, share with us your views and opinions on issues, your likes and dislikes (that encompasses what fashion, makeup etc as well) and that, in my opinion is lifestyle blogging which attracted many readers in the first place. I agree with you wholeheartedly, be yourself! Not everyone can do that especially when sharing their life with the public. So that I feel is your unique style!! have a greaaaat weekend:)

Hanna Lei said...

I agree totally with having to be yourself! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Qiu qiu i love how honest you are! and not ZUO ZUO! HAHA if you understand me :-) you're sincere and true to your words thats why people love you :-)

keep on rockinggggg babe

Anonymous said...

I follow you everywhere (sounds damn stalkerish lol) because you're damn funny! Also you're very pretty/sweet/sincere....the list can go on with compliments and also very interesting. You have a positive outlook in life and you have an amazing blog/life! Please keep blogging and keep being yourself :D
Yours truly
-Anonymous Coward

Anonymous said...

hi qiu qiu,

I love to read your blog because you are so real compare to those New blogger. I got a bit sick , because their blog is always about their boyfriend and how rich is their BF. So jia you qiu qiu.

Anonymous said...

Qiu qiu you are so funny!
I love the @retweetmeplsplspls ah haha!

Jo said...

Love to read your blog because iyour blog does give me encouragement whenever i am feeling down! Love it because its all about your personal life..and of cos, ur ootd and ur picture are really nice! :) Blog more! ><

Cat said...

I follow you 'because' you post every day things and are genuine in that you are how you are and you're not ashamed about it.

I also follow you 'because' you DON'T take one hundred perfect DSLR photos a day in front of nice brick walls or on green grass.

Your spontaneous versus staged which I like.

I like that you don't put on a constant show and that like us you aren't perfect all the time and nor do you try to be.

I like that you spout out whatever is on your mind, it's refreshing and makes a nice change from blogs where everything is too staged.

Everyone likes nice pictures that's true, but people also like random candid photos like the photos you take of Baby Yurou :)

So don't feel like you have to change a thing :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Qiu Qiu, I think you distinguish yourself by being very very relatable and really really Singaporean. Your blog is not exclusive to Chinese-speakers, nor is it too 'atas' or difficult to understand.

You speak to the readers on their level, which is what makes you unique. You're not afraid to be kiasu, or speak in singlish which is definitely what sets you apart from the rest.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say that all these blogs with these high professional outfit fotos just don't satisfy me. I like to read more personal entries, to know what upsets the blogger and what makes the blogger happy. Your way of blogging and telling about your life is very unique and interesting.

Unknown said...

Hi QiuQiu!

First i wanna say... I got a spaz attack when I saw that you replied to me on my comment on your previous post! *squeals like a fan girl*

But also... I've been following you because you are SO funny, SO optimistic and there's something really, REALLY likable about you. Maybe it's coz you're Budget Barbie and not afraid to exclaim you got something for a BARGAIN( u know, as opposed to people who are like *BAMCHANELBAMLVBAMPRADA*)

Lastly.. I follow you because you're my role model - did u know I used to comment as Anonymous and I also dunno where I got the guts to start publicly posting comments everywhere (super scary for a noobie) AND you're my inspiration for me to start my own blog .. to blog about MEMEME and more ME (and also to share happiness around for like the 20 ppl who do follow me :)) THANK YOU!!!!

p/s: I honestly hope you don't find me annoying if i keep commenting on your posts....

xoxo, Mango ❤

Unknown said...

Because you are real, funny and sincere! Most importantly, I can relate to your posts :)

Unknown said...

Because you are real, funny and sincere! Most importantly, I can relate to your posts :)

Unknown said...

Coz you are real, funny and sincere! More importantly, I can relate to your posts. :)

Fion said...

You have your own style! Though I do agree that it'll be good to try out new things and improve on your own style. Media industry is hard, lol. Jiayou!

Anonymous said...

Do what you want is the reason why people reads your blog because they find it interesting.

Anonymous said...

You're crude, raw and... gritty. And you don't try to be that or anything.

Wouldn't have it any other way! :)

Anonymous said...

well, i think being yourself is the right track. people follow your blog cause they're interested in snippets of your life. so it's okay to be just 'me me me me me hey me hey me'. you don't have to stress yourself out about how to keep your readers entertained cause you're inherently entertaining. haha.

advertisers will naturally go for blogs with high traffic cause they would want as many people to see their advertisements as possible, makes sense right?

Ashashley said...

I am an avid reader of your blog, tweets, instagram posts, budget barbie episodes and Dayre posts, and I have to say that you ARE NOT A LAZY BLOGGER. No doubt some other bloggers are constantly posting really pretty DSLR photos of themselves, but I guess sometimes people do want to read about your life as opposed to reading advertorials everyday? At least this is the case for me. You're humorous, and am courageous enough to stand up for what you like no matter how people try to bring you down. (Having blue hair). I love how you're so truthful with your readers, about getting cheap deals, not washing your hair often. Its nice to see someone who loves herself the way she is and not conform to what the public thinks.
I will always be a supporter of you, so stop doubting yourself! Haha (:

Mel said...

omg totally agree with you about people who post those shitty quotes on twitter! so fake and annoying!! I follow you cause you are not fake and very entertaining!

Michelleagy said...

exactly! love you for being you.

Anonymous said...

totally love you for how you blog! its like really getting to know the you, you. If having to think through thousands of things before even putting one word.. then thats super mafan