27 November 2013

Shopping for winter wear (fail) Lol.


I went out with Josh today in hope to buy some winter wear cox i am heading up Taiwan this Sunday right. And i heard (thanks to my Dayre readers haha) that it's gonna be really cold there =(((

But Josh say weather forecast says lowest is 15 and highest is 21 on Sunday. That really isn't that bad? But i know when the wind blows it can get freezing cold. Haha. I didn't manage to buy a lot of stuff so i guess i'd re-wear some items from my Korean trip, like heat-tech items and leggings.

Korea was lowest 1 when i went!!! So i don't think Taiwan's cold can get me down haha. In case you don't know.. I am super scared of cold one. I am not scared of hot though i really hate scorching sun cox i feel it's oxidizing me hahaha. So anyway~~~ These are the items i got!!!

I intend to shop more upon chance!!! O.O But then Taiwan has Wu Fen Pu and i went crazy the last time i was there so i don't know why i so kiasu still wanna bring so many outfits there.

A bit regret i buy the "NY" tee at $8 =((( I later walk some more i see $5 ones =OOO So i say my shopping for winter wear fail becox.. I basically only got stuff that is suitable.. For a very cold lecture hall. Hahahah.
But hey these caps are okay!!! They are all from Daiso ($2 each awesomeeee!!!) except the bright pink one, i got that from a flea while filming, the very sweet girl sold it to me for $5 instead of $6 ^.^

So yeap~ That's all i think i'm ready for Taiwan! At most i buy more clothes there lor hor??? OMG I AM SOOOO EXCITED ^.^ I love Taiwan!!!!!! Cannot wait.

I have very limited time there on this trip cox i have to rush back for some movie (i'm gonna cameo a small role only!) imaging and script run-through at night right after i touch down =(((

GirlyMake launch is also happening the next day. Omg so happy that although a lot of things have to happen but they all piece together really nicely. Though it makes me a bit busy but omg i super enjoy!

Also.. Keep 8th Dec free =))) I'd be doing up something really nice for you guys =DDD


From here on there's nothing interesting for you but i just had a day where i had makeup on plus camera in my bag.. So.. CAMHO TIME~ Haha.
First time trying poulet!!! Heard so much rave about it but always super long Q!! Good thing this was on a weekday late noon =DDD So Josh and i had lunch there. Look at ma shopping!
Pretend candid shot.

One with the Josh =)))
Very super yummy and creamy mushroom soup!!! Next time i wanan try their french onion soup =D
Refreshing chicken croissant with fig and marmalade sauce. It's something new for me but i cannot finish one! So i suggest two person share this. It's only $8.80 O.O And the chicken filling comes in super generous portion!!! I only wish they serve shoe string fries instead of the fat kinds sigh.
Fat escargot. The sauce was damn awesome i think it has lotsa garlic, butter and sundried tomato!!! Too bad though the escargots were soooo fat i can't chew through them =( Saizeira ones though more puny, but is easy to chew through. Haha.
Josh's lamb shank. I didn't want a picture of this becox i say it's so dark and boring. He say he wanna show it. Lolol. Okay here's your lamb shank's glorious moment. He say it taste alright, not great. Cox got yang sao wei. He say if it's supposed to be a stew, the smelly mutton taste would have been rid.
Me and Josh should just go be food-critics hahaha.
My super yummy fig and marmalade chicken sandwich!!! NOMS!
And then in the cab also must camho.
Grumpy snap shot of Josh ahaha.

My hair colour under sunlight ^.^

Okay lah~ That's all. I'd try to bring my camera out more often so i can update this blog with quality pictures (of myself hahahah) and other things i do okay.

But for quick and short snippets, you can follow me on Dayre. I am @qiuqiu there ^.^

For pictures worth something.. And chio enough, they'd be on my Instagram! =D

So.. See you everywhere~!!!


Hanna Lei said...

I love that bright pink hat! -Hanna Lei

Joy said...

I had the lamb shank and loved it as totally no yang sao wei quite a while back, before Poulet gets so long queues

Jesselyn said...

Hi Qiu,

I left my message on the previous post but I guess you missed it out :) but kindly advise if there are still any remaining clothing from your flea? As I was away while you had the flea, there is a couple of clothings that I love. was wondering if they are still available :)

kindly let me know, thank you .

- Jesselyn Tan (jesselyntan@live.com.sg)

Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know what camera are you using? Thanks!

Stephanie (: said...

Hi qiuqiu!
May I know where you bought your clothes? Thanks :D
Steph~ (:

Stephanie (: said...

Hi QiuQiu!
May I know where you get your clothes? Thank you very much! (:
Stephanie :D

Unknown said...

Hi QQ, where did you get the cardi from? Bugis?

Unknown said...

Hi QQ, where did you get the cardi from? Bugis?