10 August 2010

This day i believe in Afterlife, i wonder what happens to the bitches when they Die..

It's the 7th month on the Lunar calendar. Ghost festival for a month. Most people believe that there are something out there.. So many stories about seeing, hearing, feeling, touching and some even got possessed by ghost. In fact i've had my own experiences with ghost too. Anyway.

All these god, demons, ghost, devil, angel stuff made me believe that there must be something more than this.. This universe. Maybe in another time line. Maybe in another life sphere. I don't know, no expert here.

So if everything is a cycle, and it continues itself in some way.. Like karma, reincarnation and recycling (haha) etc etc. What will happen to bitches when they die? I don't know that's why i am asking.

I don't know but i can make guesses. Anyway, i am going to give you my personal advice on what to do when and IF you see the different types of ghost. LOL. This is just going to be funny, at least for me! =DDD

Typical white figure ghost.
I think she just needs a rest. So pale!!!
So leave it alone if you bump into it.

Floating ghost. It's trying to say:
"Get me a wheelchair" That's all i think.

If you see these stiff, hopping and ancient vampire, ALL THEY WANT is..

Glucosamine. For healthy joints =D

But if they look so ugly, just punch the shit out of them and don't give the glucosamine pills to them.

If it's this type of ghost, introduce a good concealer to him/ her.
They'd appreciate it much becox it'd make them more widely acceptable, like Edward Cullen.

If you see either of these wedding ghost,
they just want a wife/ husband, or a new wife/husband.

The next kind of ghost, is more tricky.

The BiCowNi ghost.
You might see them outdoor.

In your shower.

Or lying like this on your bed.

My advice is to either,

1) Take a DSLR and start shooting them, this will give them comfort

2) Pay them for the company or burn them a LV bag

If the ghost looks like this, you ghostnap it =D
It'd be like owning a Cj7

平時不做虧心事, 半夜不怕鬼敲門.

Night night y'all! =D



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