06 August 2010

The whole Budget Barbie thing!!!

You could see that two girls on the header of my blog, i actually did that photoshoot to provide pictures for my header and Budget Barbie!

And yeah~ The show is up today! Like just now!

 Click to watch.

My friends say i talk like a retard. Yes i already know after Jessica showed me the preview. LOL. I am going to try to speak like a human being next filming okay!!! But Geraldine say i should talk like how i speak in the magic show with Liu Qian. But that's in Mandarin leh. Moreover Yong Ming says that in that magic show video, it feels like i try to talk like a Taiwanese.

FUCK MY POOR SAD LIFE. Really. I am so confused. I should never be born in late June. It's a Cancerian with a teeny over lap of Gemini factor. Which makes me a very emotional-fickle-minded-easily-mindfucked girl. LOL!!! BLAME MY BIRTH!!!

Anyway! Since the show is Budget BARBIE, i thought it'd be good for me to have wavey hair for the pictures =D So of course gotta disturb Juno!!!

No straight hair!

My hairstylist Takuya Kimura =DDD

One side done!

Brush and puff!
Omg my camera glitz up! Non-battery operated hor, the glitz. I very scared got stupid people email me to ask, WHERE YOU BUY THE 閃閃 LIGHTS FOR YOUR CAMERA? Lol..

Hi, where's my face?! It's soooo small i can't see it! =D

Juno always makes people leave the salon VERY happy!!! And feeling very chio! ^.^

I AM SO LUCKY RIGHT!!! To have him take care of my hair even thou i hardly shampoo and he doesn't mind touching my hair. LOL!!!


Geraldine, Shiyu, Ming Zhou, Yong Ming, Kah Wei, Michelle, Yu Zhen, don't need to feel bad about it. Screw you all one big time. WHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Actually even my own sisters don't wanna touch my hair =((

LOL!!! Becox they just feel that i am dirty! Nothing to do with my hair thou!

Becox my hair is taken care of by Artica =D


Christine said...
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Christine said...

Sorry, meant to say, you look the best with bangs! Fits your face perfectly :)

Roslyn said...

hey i just watched yr vid!think u cld have used more make up and spoke more naturally. hope u dont mind me saying, but have thought of getting braces for yr lower teeth? anw, u were entertaining and the stuff featured really are a gd deal. great effort overall!! :)

QiuQiu said...

Xtine, I might change a hairstyle! I dont know yet, will know on Tuesday! EXCITED!

Ros, thank you for you constructive comment. So hard to come by, most people commenting under the video abit zonked out. LOL. Thanks! But braces, only when i have the moolah! =)) Thank you!

lovelove said...

your de grey shoes with the buttons that one very nice!! where did you get it from??

Anonymous said...

hi, just saw this post. where did you get your grey colour shoes?

joua yang said...

ahhaha, you're soo cute girlll! I love how the way you currently talk on your videos. It shows your true personalityy, and best of all, if you feel confident already, just continue to go with it! Glad to have discovered a fashionista on a budget like me too.

Joua, www.jouatotherescue