17 August 2010

Why you ALL, should make ME rich.

I figured something REALLY simple to understand. But nobody should be keen to do as i advise.

Simple theory, ME for ALL, ALL for ME!

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TheWiseMe: Saturday the Channel News Asia interview, the questions are something like if i can be SoAndSo (WHO IS A SUPER BLOODY RICH GUY) for a day, what would i do and if i could change the world, i would.. Wah.. Think only i very happy. How?

Boyfriend: ...

TheWiseMe: If i could be SoAndSo, i would buy 200 properties, in places like here, Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong bla bla bla.. The Bangkok one is for me to stay when i go shopping. Taiwan one is for my dad to stay when he goes there for lunch. Hahaha!

Boyfriend: ...

TheWiseMe: Then i will sign a document on that day to make sure that Ang Chiew Ting (me) is his god-daughter. LOL. Like, make it legal for all the 200 properties to be mine. Then right, i will use his money to set up dog shelters, many dog shelters. And help the POOR AND SICK. Must be simultaneously POOR AND SICK. Either or, does not qualified for my help. Then i'd buy a few private jetplane. And hire a few pilots. Pay them their life-long salary in one shot so they can always fly me around. Hahaha.. Then i never have to work!!!

Boyfriend: ...

TheWiseMe: You don't have to work too! Happy???

Boyfriend: Why? I love working.

TheWiseMe: ... Why? Who would even like to work? You love to work?

Boyfriend:: Yah.. I enjoy working.
TheWiseMe: You only like the money from working right? You don't ACTUALLY like to work right?

Boyfriend: No.. I ACTUALLY enjoy working.
TheWiseMe: No..... You want money to do things you like, so final point is, you like money. So if i have so much money, we can do whatever we like, and working just won't fit in anywhere!

Boyfriend: .... But, i like to work.
TheWiseMe: Okay, i'd only allow you to work like maximum once every two months.

Boyfriend: ...

TheWiseMe: Sigh. See, everyone should make me rich. When i am rich, i do things for people. And make people happy. So many rich fellas out there but still SO MANY poor, starving, sick, homeless people out there. Plus, so many poor doggies out there. If i am super rich, i think i can save the world. Hor?

Boyfriend: ...

TheWiseMe: So actually, everyone should just collectively work in ONE effort, to make me rich. So that i can make them happy and make the world a better place. If we disperse the effort, nobody is gonna be happy. Make sense? Becox everyone would wanna fight for more for themselves. See, that's why everyone is unhappy at work.

Boyfriend: But i like to work.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Haha! So i think you all should consider. You can still go to work, but you MUST remember that the money comes to me, so i can spread the joy. It'd come to you, eventually, TRUST ME. LOL!

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