13 August 2010

My Daily Wish

I can't give you 365 pictures in year, like Yutaki.

Nor do i always have something funny to share.

But wishes are free to be made =D It's like dust of happiness.. You might catch it, you might not. It might already have been blown to your back, following you, and you still won't realise. It might come true, i believe!

Tonight i feel hopeful. And i wanna make a wish everyday from now on.

I tweeted something like this today.

Hehe =))

So first wish, is for all the people who are building me! And are genuinely nice to me. I am Loved by a very powerful being up there, and he will take good care of you too =)) No shit, i am not a Christian. But i believe that there has to be one God in our beliefs. Like the superhero who'd always, always defeat the villain in the end. Maybe your God is your confidence, maybe your God has long beard, maybe your God is your pair of big boobs. You know, you never know.

Why do i sound so intelligent sometimes?
You know, i don't know. LOL!!!


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