27 August 2010

How do you know who's nice, like really.

One of the thing i really enjoy is meeting new people. But it's so tiring sometimes, becox being so friendly and quite harmless (unless being stepped on first), people REALLY do wanna be friends with you (me in this sense). Say whatever you want, but there are nice people who wanna be friends with me. Like NICE, NORMAL people. You know, not the kind that met you once at carshow for work, and then leech on to be your sidekick without even really knowing you, and just wanna hang around cox you are somewhat, popular. And confirm will end up bitching about you and backstabbing you once they know you. So what's the point, they might as well don't know you from the start and continue reading looking at your blog.

It's like c'mon lor, that girl doesn't even really own a blog.
Lol. It's like a pornsite, budget pornsite.


I'm just gonna move on. NO LAH. I lie again. I am not going to move on. NEVER. I am forever gonna joke about her while she gets all pissed becox Don't pretend like you don't give a shit, i know you are pissed. I got informantsssss. LOL! See, i STILL CARE =)) WHAHAHAHAHHAAH.

Okay back to seriousness. It's like.. After doing Budget Barbie and reading ALL the comments (yeah i do that, becox i am so free, so? Go work your ass off) I don't know lah, call me naive or whatever, but now it feels weird walking on the street. It's like i NEVER, never thought that there could be so many people out there that could be so mean.

Like what if, okay, what if the bugger that calls me a CHEAPSKATE LOW CLASS DISGUSTING AH LIAN WHO SPEAKS LIKE A AUNTY AND SHOULD GO FOR ENGLISH CLASS WITH RIS LOW, what if that bugger just walk pass me in the subway of Orchard MRT to Scotts when the blind man there is singing something really romantic?

How can that happen, like WE SHARED A SWEET LITTLE MOMENT and then next he/she goes home, log on to clicknetwork.tv and then watch me and hate me instantly.

There are some really nice and encouraging comments too. But those i don't know how to answer except Thank you Thank you Thank you. But i can't keep doing it right. Lol.

Thinking of it in another way.. If in real life, people around you could do little things to hurt you, or bring you down, or affect you negatively, how are those people making nasty remarks on the internet guilty? Those keyboard warriors don't try to know you, they just wanna say something mean. Simple.

But the people around you, they try to know you.. They make effort to go closer. So you think they are nice, so you're nice to them. And then later they'd say and do something mean even when all that you've ever been to them was, NICE. Which one more guilty?

I am really very friendly and nice. I like to see happy people and i like to be with them. And i hate crying ugly babies. LOL. Okay that one not very nice.

And mean people just really.. Turns me off. What's your point? Is there a reason why you're alive? And adding on to the length of nice-food queues?

If all the mean people just die, like one day they all just die together, the world will be a wonderful place! Long queues cut by 1/2, air turn fresher by one fold, MRT 50% less crowded, number of meaningless nehnehblogs - ZERO.

The whole point of my life is just to die (at least til i am 65);
and be remembered by the ones i so love when i was alive.

Eeeer. Why i think i so cool to make up something that rhymes. Haha!

I am just going to sleep. Whole point of my life, mentioned.

Whole point of this post, NIL.

No lah, just to remind myself that it's right to be nice.
And not stupid to be nice, for a start, at least.



michelle said...

Hi, I started following your blog only recently, and I think you are a down-to-earth girl. I am commenting because I can actually understand what you are going through. I totally agree with you about the mean girls part, because I have been a victim before, and I also wish they could just die. Well, it's a sin to be blessed with good looks, so just ignore those people who leave negative comments, because if they were to go on budget barbie, they will never be able to pull it off like how you did. Some people has no looks and no life, so they need to criticize people who has it to make them look bad. Ugly human nature. I really like budget barbie because I am also the budget kind. Haha. Anyway, continue living your own life because there will always be people who thinks you are awesome and supports you.

sophiewillocq said...

Teehee I rushed here as soon as I saw your tweet.

Anyway I totally know what you mean. Even between friends life would be a lot simpler if people stopped saying half truths and half lies and only caring about themselves. And then when you find out what they're really like, you realise how alone everyone really is because a lot of people can't be relied upon.

To be honest when I saw your first vid I did think you don't speak very well (hope you're not offended, but anw I swear I not lame enough to go post a nasty comment anonymously). But that's not important cause I think you are really a very nice girl and I learnt this just from the few tweets we've exchanged (: I think you're very honest and down to earth. Like so what if people call you cheapskate? I mean you openly say so and can laugh at yourself for it, so why should people be able to bring you down for it? And you're so expert on saving money and the best deals and etc that's it actually funny and entertaining.

I think it's very refreshing that you know what you want and you make do with what you have. All the best QiuQiu (: Sorry for the wordy comment haha.

Shely said...

It must've been hard for you esp when you walk down the street thinking oh is she the one who said im a cheapskate? coz she's looking at me funny. But you know at the end of the day, they are nobodies. You're never gonna who exactly who are the ones who said all these bad stuff about you so why bother caring or thinking about it right?

Anyways, I'm just sayin'. Good luck!

QiuQiu said...

Ohmymama, it's really funny becox i dont believe if they meet me for real, they would say such things in my face. LOL. Thanks for the encouraging words thou! =))

Sophie, half truths half lies!!! So tiring to figure out. But actually, most of the time, i don't really care. It's only when i sit down and start to think about it (which is quite rare cox i hardly think too hard) then i get the feeling like.. Like just WHY. Lol. Why make things so hard. Can't everyone just be nice, and have fun? But then again right, if somebody steps on us, we won't give that fella a easy time, so it's like a vicious cycle. Until somebody's nice/stupid enough to give in.

Shely, not so dramatic lah, i just have a thought about it, not constantly worried when i am walking. Lol. Sounds very psychotic if i keep walking and being VERY HIGLY sensitive. Lol.

Kazue (Shun An) said...

Erm, i guess life is just like that,never fair because theres never a 100% of something. Probably just focus on the good comments and ignore those bad ones? :o

I felt that it was quite commendable to do budget barbie as not only you are sharing tips, you even give out free clothings haha.

Anyway I will keep watching your videos because i find them interesting :D

Dont let ppl's words/thinking influence you. Because you live for yourself and not for them (:

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

*clap clap* :) Very true. Sometimes, when people bitching about you, either they are just simply lifeles or you are the common topic that they share with each other, every day 24-7, which I consider it as a good thing. Head up and you are somebody that don't take shit from others. :) cheers!

QiuQiu said...

Kazue, thank you! I will JIAYOU!!! =D I mean, who knows when will i ever have a chance to speak to so many people through a video right? This is probably the only chance. Haha.

R.F.T, like Ris Low said...... Bad news is better than no news. This quote works well with gossips too. Lol.