19 August 2010

Don't bite it!

Past few days i have been watching the Youth Olympic Games from time to time. And i saw something that i REALLY don't quite understand.

 Why do they all bite their medals?!

So i asked the peeps dinning with me, and they told me they don't know but for the normal Olympics, the winners also pose like that. Now i ask you, why must they bite? Is it to show something like, "GRRRR! I OWN THIS!" or like "Biting is Believing". Help me out here! I tried to google it but nothing convincing came up.

Only found this somewhat like an answer but not convincing enough for me!

And then also found out that a German Olympic athlete chip his tooth while biting the medal, posing for a picture. LOLOL!!! Must be super paiseh!

So end of the day, i reckon that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the athletes are either too busy training most of the time that they have no idea how to pose/ camwhore or simply be interesting in front of the camera. WHICH, is okay for them becox they don't need to know all these to earn them the money. OR, they are just too elated and too overwhelmed at the point of time to pose interestingly.

SO. I came up with a few slightly MORE interesting poses than biting medal.

You know this. Typical bite with a GOOD sign. Lol.


I'd do this. LOL!

This is good! Make your face/jawline looks slimmer and sharper! Lol.

What, you own the time if you win. Lol.. Must show off right!!!

Or something simple like this but look more vain and hiao. Haha!

If the winner beside you is boring, and doesn't pose much, take their medal and pose! LOL!

YAY! ^.^

Okay bye bye bye! Gonna eat my cup noodle lunch now!



Unknown said...

It's too make sure it's real gold, like in the old west they always bite their gold coin to make sure its real! =) I think it kinda just became a thing! =)

QiuQiu said...

Haha! Yeah, maybe it's time to change the pose! Lol. Like pretend to break it in a cute way to prove that it's unbreakable so it's real? Lol.. That'd be more fun right?

Unknown said...

It would be way more fun if they would learn to pose better, and maybe not always have to bite it, that just seems so gross! I hope whoever handed it to them washed there hands first!!

Xtine said...

reminds me of biting shoes...

Joanne Gaw! said...

i also wonder why. pure gold is not hard....