27 August 2010

Usagi Headband

You know My Hair Queen for their wigs and fringe pieces. Now they carry these too! ^.^

I don't dress very outwardly but i love to doll up a little bit and take pictures at home, and then later photoshop them to death. Lol.

Here you go!

The heart shape light blue denim wash =D

LOL!!! What, these are also buns.

Tell me why. Why do i always make something that's supposed to be just chio, into something totally turn-off, irrelevant and lame!!! Okay i'd just show you CHIO pictures okay okay okay?! =D

One more of the light denim with little hearts!!!

You might have seen this in the post below. LOL.
I was too excited to show this so i put it up just now in a separate post.

This is the final one lah. The dark denim wash with little hearts!

Bf figured this out. So if you think it's a crappy way to wear the Usagi headband, it's not my fault.
He was trying to make 牛角尖 using the band and i bend it more to turn it into a heartshape. LOL.

Like safety headlight. LOL! Okay okay nevermind!

The flora ones!


Get your Usagi headband! It's never too late to follow a trend! LOL!

Becox it's always later, cheaper.




L4pinkpetal said...

aww so cute :D.. I wish they sale this in us

QiuQiu said...

Don't they?! They should!!! Alternatively you can get from ebay =)) Just serach usagi they should have? Under hair category or something.

Anonymous said...

I know the owner of My Hair Queen,
actually, i know her sis :D