18 March 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland Day3 and Nightsss


THIS, is one of the best thing about Hong Kong.

The most magical and beautiful part about my Hong Kong trip is definitely the Disneyland part but one of the most attractive factor that Hong Kong has, is the night scene (i don't know about the party sort of night scene thou).

Like literately, the sight of the street with all the neon lights lit up, the eateries, the traffic and the public transport means, the way the people there speak. EVERYTHING. Is like a familiar movie.

"Maybe i saw Andy Lau run past this street chased by gu wark zai before"
"Maybe Aaron Kwok danced here in his MTV before?"
"Maybe Sammi Cheng ate here in the same cha chan teng as i am in now!!! Maybe i am sitting where she sat at!!! WOOHOO!!! I'm gonna smell my seat!!!"

There's so much to love about Hong Kong i almost bought a..

Fa Yuen Gai (Garden Street). Where you can find the BEST bargain. It's not as known to tourist as the Ladies' market but the stuff sold here is 100% as good AND cheaper! =DDD

Picking out cute hairbands for girlfriends and sisters at Fa Yuen Gai ^.^

I REALLY LOVE THE LIGHTS ON HONG KONG STREET!!! We should have more of these here!!! Make people wanna SPEND. Lol. Like everywhere is enticing.

At Ladies' Market! Choosing majorly affordable stuff for girlfriends and sisters! =D

Thing about Hong Kong, is the WIDE SPREAD of fashion. Everywhere you see, people dress up nicely. Or maybe they didn't even try to look good, it's just they way they walk, the way they carry themselves, or something.

They are just so cool =(( I'm the uncool one walking around nudging my boyfriend,

"Omg look at that girl. Her skin so flawless please!"
"You see the girl with hair tied up. She got the Sammi Cheng feel hor?"
"Wa siao, see her legs. Why so slim one!!! Then face so cute! UNFAIR!"

So Hong Kong is a good place to be in to feel motivated. Lol. To be prettier, cooler, chioer. Haha.

A blurry shot of me at Temple Street.

We were there on a Saturday night and there's this part of the Temple street, it's not exactly the main Temple Street but it's a small part of it. There were like maybe.. 40 stalls of fortune readers/ tarot card readers/ carefree folks sitting down with cups of tea and listening to live outdoor karaoke by random people.

It's SO relaxing to just walk along the street. Although i didn't grow up in Hong Kong but there's this nostalgic feeling walking along this part of the Temple Street where the folks gather and do leisure stuff. Everyone is relaxed and it's like tomorrow (Sunday) they get to yumcha so they are happy. Hahaha.

Resting our feet and having supper at random dai pai dong (food stall along the street) at Temple Street

This picture would have been perfect without that bottle of black sauce -.-"

Tired!!! But very happy inside =))

Doing the Angelababy pose. Lol. Side profile shot.

It says a lot when you have a profile (side) shot. One, it means somebody actually takes the effort to snap a picture of you when you're not looking. Two, it means you're confident to have nice jawline. Three, it shouts YOU cox you're so self-centered people takes picture of you and not you take pictures of them. Lol.
Like this, remember? Lol. This one i still tilt head upwards to smell the magic in the air please!
So Mong Huan!

Back at the hotel lobby tweeting and replying emails with the wireless connection =D

On the third day. Yes i'm a loyal fan of bacon and scrambled eggs. I can eat it everyday and night!!!

Don't know if you noticed in the above picture, there's someone in the reflection on the mirror at the back. It's supposed to be my boyfriend and i was gonna blur it out but i went to the toilet to pee while photoshopping this picture and when i come back to the comp, he's already changed it to Andy Lau. Lololol!

With Vince and Hannah ^.^

You can barely see the shorts i'm wearing cox i planned badly and this pink shorts should never be seen anywhere else but in my bed =(( Whole time i damn self-conscious please!!!

Taking the train out from Disneyland, THIS, is goodbye =(((((((((
See you again Disneyland Hong Kong!!! *dramatically throws flying kisses*

First mission on hand to complete when we left the magical world, back to reality, is to find me a decent pair of shorts. Becox at least in Disneyland, people are more forgiving cox they are happier. Lol.

Now back to the real world, my pink shorts really making me damn shameful of myself. Like, hello??? I'm in Hong Kong and i'm dressed like i'm in bed becox of that pink shorts. Even the boots can't save me. Super throw face.

We we head to Tung Chung citygate outlet mall. IF you're into big brands, you'd LOVE that place. For a good example, a pair of shoes that might cost you SGD65 - SGD120 would cost you $40 - $50 at the factory outlet. It's not even rejected goods. It's maybe just past season items only.

And clothes going off at 90% discount, plenty! I had no choice, had to buy a decent pair of short before i have the mood to do anything else.

so i found this at Esprit. It's NOT cheap!!! Like SGD 25 =((((
But i had NO choice. I searched ALL the other brands and stores. All above SGD30.

So expensive (for me) i must take one more picture of the label. Lolol.

Hello, one more Angelababy-inspired picture. Lolol.

At Central, one of the cha chan teng. This was already nearing evening.

So i'm hungry and i have 4 toast to myself becox i disclaimed when ordering that i DON'T share food in Hong Kong becox the food is too great to be shared. Lolol.

But i have all rights to eat other people's food.
This noodle, YUMMY!!! I'm gonna try make it at home!!! =D

Hello, Angelababy.. Lolololol!!!!

Don't want play already. Tired. Lol.

BEST bargain buy for leggings please!!!! SGD3.35 and it's so thick!!! Not the warm thick, but the can-rewash-and-rewash thick!!! I only bought two =((( Regret. Should have bought like at least 10!!!

Too soon, wayyy too soon, it's time to go home =((

On the plane.. I play with Jelly pen!!! =DDD

I have it on for one week plus already, WITHOUT top coat, and it doesn't drop unless i intentionally, forcefully scrape it off!!!

Less than 5mins, done. Dries up within seconds.

SGD60 worth of chocolates bf got for me at the Hong Kong airport = l Cox we were desperate to finish our leftover currency. Lol. NOT NICE ONE. Tasted wayyyy too sweet.

Bf ask me to look at this outside the plane window. And i exclaimed SUPER LOUDLY,
"OMG! Look at the stars!!! They are so prettyyyy!!!!!"

So erm.. I found out that these are not stars becox the stars would be in the universe and only spaceships can see, right not? And i asked Xiaxue and she thinks it's not stars too. And bf thinks it's maybe boats out at sea. So even uptil now i'm only 50% firm it's not stars. Lolol. So another 50% of me still thinks it's stars. It's more beautiful like that. Hahaha!

So it's back to Singapore and bringing out the Singaporean spirit. I asked for pens from the hotel. I KNOW!!! I VERY THROW FACE!!! Lololol. But it's so cute!!! Got Mickey's gloves one somemore! I got a total of four. One i'm now using.

And these are our luggages. The china bag included. Did i tell you we had to lug all these to Tung Chung to shop before we head Central to check it in. Lolol! I look REALLY ugly with this red bag and the pink shorts =( Imagine that.

And part of the many stuff i got for Tiifany and Drago from Times Square at Causeway Bay ^.^

Can't believe this is the end of my Hong Kong trip =( The postings end here but the joy will stay with me for a loooooong time! Cox i have Mickey's gloves, Minnie's ears and lots of shopping from Hong Kong to keep the high-spirit alive! =D

Thank you Hong Kong Disneyland for making the trip totally beautiful and memorable =))

Can't wait to head back there again!!!



Anonymous said...


Andy lau reflection on the mirror?

The Shopping Club said...

you look so much chio-er these days!!! and the new camera makes everything look good.

Unknown said...

you can't see stars in Singapore? i think they are stars leyy.. =]

QiuQiu said...

Mel, YEAH! I think it's the camera, plus my bf is good with helping snap pics. Lol.

Dilys, no leh the "stars" i saw on the plane was beneath the plane. So i doubt it's stars actually. Lol.

Unknown said...

oh ya horr.. hmm, take it as city lights! still better than boats to me.. xD

Anonymous said...

why you dont show your boyfriend?

QiuQiu said...

Anonymous, just like you don't show your identity, he doesn't like to show his. Very simple right!!! Lol.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture and Lifestyle Blog said...


QiuQiu said...

Charmaine, what are you doing in Hong Kong! =D

Anonymous said...

where you get the jelly pen?

QiuQiu said...

Gelly pen from a bookstore in HKG, at Causeway bay =D

nails said...

hi may i know what colour is your nail polish? and where did you buy it from? been looking for this shade! (:

Christyne ♥ said...

Nice trip... Seriously enjoy with ur trip..

Geena said...

Hi Qiu, how much is your HK rounded trip ticket? What plane did you take? And how much did you spend for the trip? Sorry so much questions. I wanna go HK next few months too. ;)

dblchin (double chin) said...

omg!!! u had so much fun!!! I want to go Disney the nx time round!

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ, how did you photoshop your photo! Im using a dslr but even my photos aren't so clear and so studio-like! can share some tips? :(

QiuQiu said...

Nails, it's from The Face Shop, the only pastel pink from the $2.90 series.

Geena, you may like to take cathay aiways. Cox i noticed sometimes they tie up with disneyland HK for good bundle deals. Remember to stay in DISNEY HOTEL!!! That's what makes all the diff for me! Cathay flights to HK ranges from 375 - 520 depending on how far away you book.

Anon, huh how to teach over comment! Lol.

Anonymous said...

they are aliens!!!! i was outside with my friends. we saw few green triangular lights moving in the clouds. and before that, the clouds, somehow "explode"

Benjamin said...

Hi uh, this is very random, but I'd like to ask:
1) Where can guys shop?
2) Are the stuff in Disneyland expensive? Say the soft toys and such!
3) Cab and MTR; which is faster?
Please answer these few questions, coz I'm traveling there soon and know NUTS bout HK! );

miss c said...

tip: instead of lugging you bags around, check them in first at central or kowloon mtr stations. you can do so up to 24 hours before your flight time. but the service is limited to a few airlines i.e. cx, sq, tg, and a couple of others. check this link: http://www.mtr.com.hk/chi/getting_around/images/itci.pdf

Anonymous said...

Hi pretty, do you have the exact address of where you bought the jelly pen for nail art?Xxoo Mot.

Miss All-Sunday said...

hihi you have an awesome blog! I will be going sometime in May and will def visit Disneyland after reading your blog!!

By the way, are the food in disneyland expensive? can you share how much did it cost for both of you for meals at disneyland? thanks!!!!

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

I love Disneyland! I was there for their 5th Anniversary but didn't get to meet Tinkerbell T.T Have you checked out their Halloween celebration?