02 March 2011

I'm back! ^.^

Hello! So i'm back from Hong Kong! Will definitely 100 percently share all the stuff i did on the trip! Can't wait to show you guys actually cox that trip my hair quite chio. Lol. Okay lah, only day one chio. Day two normal, day three bad. Lol.

It's so liberating to be there cox basically everyone needs to wear boots / jacket cox it's 16ºc to 21ºc so whatever i wear nobody cares. Won't be judged for being AA (attract attention).

I'm just dropping in to blog so you guys know i'm still alive.

Super happy my gfs are coming to my house in a bit! =DDD To see Drago (not Tiffany, they say) and then we'd head to Daiso at Rivervale Mall. And then maybe we'd head for dinner ^.^


Lol. Okay then. Bye!

Oh oh oh!!! Budget Barbie (not me, the program lol) just got her own Facebook page! We'd all be sharing the most updated deals. Me especially!

Say i'm heading Rivervale Mall now right, if they have the $5/pair of heels or wedges, i'd update on the page! Works the same way everywhere!

So please go LIKE the page! ^.^ It's for the good of your pocket too.



♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

Liked the page :) Looking forward to seeing pictures of your trip! xo

A Precious Mind said...

Can't wait to see some pictures of your trip!! I'm dreaming about visiting HK. :)))

Anonymous said...

Would you mind introducing some cheap shopping places in HK? I'm going to HK soon this year too! Thank you so much! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ, would you be selling the floral tube top you got from NEX in Budget Barbie?

QiuQiu said...

Marina, omg you look so DOLLY in your picture!!!!!!


Kim said...

Hello Qiu Ting, could i suggest you to use a shopping bag (reusable) to put all the stuff you bought for Budget Barbie to do a little part for the green effort? Your show is really awesome, thanks for giving us the best places where we can find the cheap and nice stuffs!