29 May 2011

QWeekly - Escaping death for now and some bubbly affair lol

So it's embarrassing. My last blog post totally shows how much a chicken i am. Lol. Cold feet about visiting the dentist all. Thing is, i assumed the worst. I assumed i have to operate to extract that wisdom tooth.

Anyway, turns out i can wait a little while more to extract it. I know, bad choice to postpone this but i think i should build the trust with this dentist first, like maybe like him fill a few of my tooth, or wash my teeth or something. You know.. Like build a relationship with him base on trust first. THEN, i let him extract my tooth. Lol. So far, he seem to be REALLY REALLY patient, gentle and caring. He's a grey-hair old ah pek, in case you think i got some weird fantasy about dentist. ANYTHING but a dentist please. Lol.

So moving on from the over-reacting phase. I saw on Twitter, Yutakis tweeted a picture with heart-shape bokeh and then Kaykay and Wendy and Jacqueline started asking him about it. And they all have some way to work around it. I think it's some i-dark room app or something. I no have =( So i photoshop lah.

But mine don't look like bokeh leh. Mine look like bubbles.

So i call this 美到冒泡. LOL.

It means "pretty until got bubble". LOLOL. I think i can understand how this term came about. Pretty to the boiling point, means VERY HOT, and then boiling point will form bubbles, right? Lol. There you have! 美到冒泡. And i added this bokeh effect to al my pictures. LOL.

Anyway that picture was taken in the morning right after i wake up. No touch up on my complexion! BUT, this is what i gone through the night before!!! First i use the HELLO KITTY WASH (restocked in the shop so you guys who didn't manage to get it earlier, can now email to buy! =D).. Then..

Daiso blackhead removal mask. DAMN painful to remove please. I don't even know if it actually works. I only know it removes hell lots of my hair. Lol. Then..

This mask with micro-diamond fiber and ocean collagen, god knows what it means. But it works in a way the micro diamond fiber will fill up your skin and lock the moisture in to make it more supple and glowy and bright.

I'm very amazed please. Lol. Cox there's a hook from underneath the chin, all the way pulling up to behind my ear. Like some lifting effect on-going. LOVE IT~ =D

So i've used the dark blue one thrice and this light blue one once.
It's all a dollar plus each only!!!

Dah, the dark blue on that contains Bo Niao Suan (Hyaluronic Acid) that will give instant lifting + filling effect to the skin. I LOVE IT MAXXXXX!!!! For one dollar plus, this is amazing!!!

I'm gonna stock up more on this dark blue one please!!! I bought it from the shop at Punggol Plaza basement. If you're keen can email the lady to purchase online and she'd have it mailed to you. Not sure if there's a minimum purchase thou. I'm not paid to advert for them, I want them to do well cox they are at the basement and the traffic is quite bad there. And i cannot let them close down becox i still need my beauty mask. Lol.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

The other day i was snapping pictures at a garden and bf was helping me. And then we saw a red pillar and it goes like this..

Bf: There's a red pillar here. You don't wanna pose with it?

Me: Huh? Why would i want to pose with it?

Bf: I don't know, you always like to mimic the typical tourist pose.

Me: HO OKAY OKAY I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! Yes yes yes i want! Hahahah!

One hand pull pillar other hand stretch out "Look at this place! I was here~"

After this picture was snapped, it goes like this..

Bf: Okay done? You need any more shots?

Me: Yeah. One more.

Bf: With the pillar also?

Me: Yeah like this.. Guess what is it.

Bf: .......

Me: Sexy not?

Bf: .......

LOL. Okay i'm leaving you with my sexy picture. One of the many typical CLUBSNAP POSE.

The "Woo i'm too hot. I must air one armpit if not both" pose. Lol. Bye!


Anonymous said...

the clubsnap photo ur face v small! look a bit like jolin. although im guessing u'll be happier if i say u look like angelababy! hahaha

Anonymous said...

the last pic look like jolin doesnt even look like u -_-

poppy said...

YA OMG!! the last pic really got the jolin's feel! the face, haha~

Anonymous said...

Hey qiu qiu ! may i ask whr u get th booths that u wore during budget barbie episode Hong kong one ?

Love ur blog <3

QiuQiu said...

First anon, Hahah! THANK YOU! I really don't mind looking like Jolin even if not AB.

Last anon, got it from City Plaza, last pair. $10.

screwedqueen said...

u look very pretty (:

Suetyii said...

i like the first pic! look so prettyyy :D :D

Anonymous said...

You look so cute in the last picture i would so approach you if i see you & i'm a girl, and not a lesbian. LOL.

jaclyn said...

huh, er. your bubble bokeh look like the ghost that show up in photos leh. lol. you know when people take picture then got a lot of circles around? yeah, people say that they are ghosts. hahahah.

QiuQiu said...

Jac LOLOL wtf!!!! Hahahah. I know lah, i got watch ghost hunter, it's call the ORB. lol.

Daizy said...

You really look chio w/o makeup :}

Scope said...

I almost always felt like laughing when one of my galfren applied mask on me face... nice, but felt like a clown. LOL~

Actually can't help laughing seeing your masks... LOL~

chelsea said...

i wanna remove my disgusting blackheads too! does the daiso mask help? is it worth it? do a review? hehe thanks!!

Coco Tai said...

hahaha yes, armpit air pose very sexy [:

and last pic does kinda look like Jolin haha