01 May 2011

QWeekly - Happy Birthday, Wendy!

I was at Tampines Mall the other day and bought this shawl/ scarf thingy from Cotton On for $1.40 *gasps* YES! $1.40! I posted it on Budget Barbie Facebook page daysss ago so if you want first hand update, like Budget Barbie on Facebook! And like ME on facebook! Haha. Yeah that's a lot to ask from you all but do it *demanding*

 Not bad for $1.40 right! I bought a pink one too ^.^

One more reason for you to like Budget Barbie on Facebook is, there's a giveaway every week! This is one of the dresses for giveaway this week. I call it the peacock dress. Haha ^.^
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Then it's Xiaxue's birthday dinner! =DDDD We went to the restaurant where Sophie say got colourful Xiao Long Bao. And becox i bought the coupon for $7.90 per basket of Xiao Long Bao when the original price is $16.90 hahaha I bought five coupons in total. I VERY CHEAPSKATE! I know!

Sophie was late so Wendy and i ordered some appetizers first. This was my choice. It's the Mixed Egg Loaf. Okay honestly it's not the yummiest food around but it's not awful!!!! It really is not awful! Like if i dip it with some soya sauce w chili padi, it's pretty alright!

And this jellyfish is Wendy's choice. LOLOLOL. Nan chi de yao si! It's basically tasteless even thou in the menu it states Jellyfish marinated with vinaigrette -_- VINEGAR SAY VINEGAR! Try to make it sound yummy and expensive, bluff people, pui.

We are very amazed by how this dude pour tea with this loooooooong pipe. Lol. We refuse to let other waiters/ waitresses pour for us cox only this dude has the long pipe. Hahaha. Childish!!! Sophie look like she is inducing pee.. SHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... LOL.

DENG DENG DENG DENG! Starting from the white one clockwise, Original, Foie Gras, Cheese, Crab Roe, Truffle, Sze Chuan, Ginseng, center one is Garlic =D

I think the original and the foie gras is the yummiest. And i didn't dare to admit much that day, that ginseng is actually quite yummy, becox the other two keep ostracizing me for even willing to take the ginseng one, they say ginseng is gross *ke lian face* Lolol. But it's actually yummy!!!

We ordered this deep fried pork ribs with garlic and i dropped a WHOLE LOT of garlic on the table (near Wendy's area FHL lol) so it's all messy and it's not yummy so no picture of that!

SING BIRTHDAY SONG!!!! =DDD I super love birthdays for it means there's yummy cake!
Yay! Wish made! ^.^ Eh see my camera not bad hor, can catch the smoke from the candle in action. Haha.

LOVE strawberry shortcake!!! Especially those with super lots of light-tasting cream and moist cake.

And i met my old friend.. There. This dude with a long squarish face. Hahahaha.

LOL. See here!!! I blogged about this before one! Lol. Last time my friend's face rounder.

AHahahahahah =DDDD Cute!!! Okay i very boh liao!


ka mon said...

hi pretty! what camera are you using? super love all your pictures!

taehreh said...

Looks like you guys had fun :) The shortcake looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu where to buy cheap and good eyelash glue?

Eve Namasaki said...

Omg i think you look a bit like stef sun when she was younger. Seriously!

QiuQiu said...

Hello ka mon! Using S95 canon!

YES! The cake is yummy!!!

Anon, i came to realise cheap eyelash glue is not good. Lol.

Eve, i get that last time! =D

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu you look like sun yan zi!

Anonymous said...

Hi can I know where u got ur coupon for e Xiao long bao

Anonymous said...

Whr you got your leopard hat? Omg I wanttttttt

Anonymous said...

want to know where you got your coupon for the xlb too!

Anonymous said...

you should go back to look like this again!