08 May 2011

QWeekly - You should just scroll down

"It was the election week when the girls came over to play dress up and play the new game set i got at home!" ---- This was the only line i typed last two nights ago while drafting this post.. Meant for posting up on Sunday, for QWeekly..

That was when i was hopeful but more worried about the results for Aljunied. So i didn't want to type more cox i don't know how i would be feeling on Saturday night, the result of the election night.

I was hopeful becox it's very encouraging to see people rooting for George Yeo at the rally on Thursday night and trending RidingWithTheLightning credit to Xiaxue.

I was very worried becox a lot of people were still very angry. And it'd be horrible if they vote for just any other alternatives to PAP just becox they are angry with the PAP.

You might think i'm making this up. But seriously, if not, HOW THE FUCK did the opposition in my area even get more than 50 thousands votes??????????????????????????

Don't get me wrong, if the opposition parties in your areas are good i totally can understand why you have to give both sides a good chance.

But I've NEVER seen them (the opp party in my area) in my two years of staying here. I've NEVER seen them at our block celebration of any sort. I've NEVER seen their leaflets even wishing the people happy chinese new year, Merry Christmas etc.


And 10 days ago they came and they say "VOTE FOR US, FOR A CHANGE".

Yeah, who are you first? Alternative voice? Shut up, i'd go raise 16k online, with a few other pretty but airheaded bloggers (in your opinion only), we go run for this area just to create a hype, it'd still be more interesting than your team and you fighting for our area here. We also can be alternate voice what, WE ARE BLOGGERS.

The reason why the news hardly focus on my area is becox you all fail okay. You get over 50k votes becox people are angry with PAP. Not becox the people here believes in you. DO NOT ASK PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR YOU JUST BECOX PAP MIGHT HAVE CORK UP SOMEWHERE.

What are you, the chap who dash your way into someone's relationship when they are going through a rough patch? YOU FUCK OFF. If not for you i wouldn't need to hear all the voices through the amplifier every day and night for 9 days. If not for you my MPs don't need to spend money on rallies and whatnots to keep the people on their side. If it's not you, but some other more deserving party contesting for my area, i'd feel a lot more dignified and say "HEY! PAP and another decent team is fighting for my area! MY area is hot spot~" BUT NO. I don't even want to tell people the opp party contesting in my area. Cox it'd be a shame. They'd be like, who's that?

And seriously, this other party at the other part of Punggol suggesting a satay club to be build in Punggol. HAHAHA. Orbigood your $16k kena forfeit. LOL. You can make your own house into a satay club if you so sincerely believe that a satay club can make people happy. Enjoy the smoke and the oily air =D

AND WHY DO I NEED A CHANGE? Well maybe some of you do, in whichever perspective you might take this whole political level to. You cannot call me stupid just becox i'm caring about this election as how it would affect.... ME.

A large part of the people decide on their vote based on many different factors, some consider the bigger topics, BUT HALLO, don't need to think that i am stupid just becox i don't blog/ tweets about topics like influx of foreign talents, rising price of HDB flats, inflation + stagnant income, the poor and sickly not being well taken care of and many many more topics you can bring up to make the PAP look #fail.

There are many reason why i don't talk about these, ONE, it doesn't affect me. TWO, i see it differently, and there's no problem from where i see it. THREE, i don't complain cox i know it can be solved if i do something about it MYSELF.

Putting up a better debate to why you cast your vote for who, doesn't make your vote more worthy than mine. And me deciding to show love for PAP regardless of whatever happened in the past, doesn't make me a "stupid voter".

Becox i see all good and little exception to my current state of living, to the things that i care about like amenities in the area i reside in, safety (low crime rate), high accessibility thanks to MRT and LRT and importantly, internet connectivity etc. Lol. I have all these checked and performing well!

So why should i read up more so that i'd be unhappy with the government? Maybe i should in the next few elections if it ever affects me, but it just doesn't bother me now!

The thing i don't understand is, why should i read up more to understand what you're trying to tell me if you refuse to understand what (easier to understand than what you're trying to tell me) i'm trying to tell you and you even call me stupid for it! Lolol. Did you get that? You don't care about me plus you think i'm darn stupid then i definitely don't have to care about you! =)

What i'm trying to say all along was, is, will still be, DON'T discredit the PAP altogether. Also remember to look at the good things they'd done. That's all i'm saying. You want to support whatever party, go ahead if they are good, but don't fire at PAP and at anyone who supports the PAP for whatever reason they deem fit.

I don't know what to say about the result in Aljunied. Good luck have fun.

And i'm very very very very very sad George Yeo is voted out ='((((((((( No amount of open brackets can express my sadness ='(((((((((((((( I hope he has plan to continue touching peoples' lives.. =((

I also hope you manage to get to this part. Continuing from.. "It was the election week when the girls came over to play dress up and play the new game set i got at home!"

WE ARE ALL DANCING QUEENS! I'm the black girl cox i groove best to RnB, Hip Hop music. Lol. After game time, it's DRESS UP TIME!

We're all split into GRCs that day. LOL. Gem is not appearing on pictures becox she just doesn't want to =( But she is the Hougang Auntie =DDD

Zhen the Toa Payoh Bishan auntie 1

Mich the Toa Payoh Bishan auntie 2.

In progress.. Yellow, blue and green shadows for Zhen.. I think we were trying the Jap-girls look for her. Hahaha. She say looks more like 登台 =(( She no appreciate my talent!!!

Red lips dolly/ geisha look for Mich..

Lol. My friends really trust me pretty much. I mean seriously, would you let someone like me to hold something sharp near your eyes and draw black lines millimeters away from your eyes??

Yuzhen done!

She's vain, she change to another wig and camwhore.

Mich! =DDD I LOVE THIS! She say it's gross thou. She no taste. Lol.

One more of Mich =D
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Went for TYAN Mothers' Day Fashion Tea Party with Wendy and Sophie =DDD

The 'menu' of the items of which Sophie keep referring to to update us of the prices of the items we see on the models. Lolol.

Food~ =D Love the chicken chunks!

=((( Look at the lines on my neck. Bye i go die.

Cute! ^.^ Becox she looks like a happy good girl here. Lol.

Xiaxue and i =D Sophie sit opposite of me so i no pictures with her =((

I thought my hair that day looks a bit like the models one lor. Like tied back into low ponytails. So i ask if i go mix in and walk with them can or not, and she's like "Please hor, you not ang moh please" *HURT* Then she turn to Sophie later and say if Sophie go join in the fashion show, people can't tell the difference.

Wei she mo yao shang hai wo~~~~~~ LOL.

Pictures from the fashion showcase..

And more..

The MOST beautiful dress i saw that day so i think it deserves one picture on its own. Lol.

Wendy with the prize she won!!! =DD

She really damn heng!!! She was just saying that she can never win any lucky draw or anything of such, then her name was picked out to win this voucher from TYAN.

Next time i will just say "I will never win 4D first prize and win $10k one lah" And who know! I might just tio! Saturday, Sunday and next Weds i got buy. I haven't check yet.

So don't be mean to me, maybe i'm already a multi-millionaire. Lol.


Anonymous said...

Fully agree with you.
Most Singaporeans doesn't know how lucky they are to have PAP as govt.
Angry with PAP then vote for oppo, They think they're doing the right thing and the worst part is they don't even know whether can these parties kept to their promises or not. Oppo normally talks big during the campaign to gain votes what. LOL. Most dumb ass just fell into their traps. Grats to those dumbass.

Anyway, just ignore these bunch of stubborn, stupid, brainless, defensive & aggressive monkeys. They don't use their brains to think before they speak/etc also.

Jan said...

"You get over 50k votes becox people are angry with PAP. Not becox the people here believes in you." What a truth!

Anonymous said...

Hello! has the clothes from the spree that time arrived and mailed out? :D

Anonymous said...

QQ can you show us how you did your hair in this post? PRETTY PLEASE. it looks damn decent.

QiuQiu said...

Clothes and items all mailed out! should received by early this week =D

I anyhow put two black bob pins on the side one leh =S Lol.

Anonymous said...

U r seriously a big joke man! Cant comprehend wad u write.. Ur eng too lousy liao lah go for gp tuition b4 blogging can?! Eng so lousy still wan b blogger? Bu zi liang li

Anonymous said...

if a candidate with the calibre of Chen Show Mao, wouldn't you want to give him a chance regardless which party he is supporting?

Yes, it doesn't makes sense that GY is out and foot-stomping TPL is in but it is still worth to give CSM a chance. if WP screw up Aljunied, in the next 5 years, PAP will get back Aljunied & Hougang. if not, it will be the reverse.

Anonymous said...

You do mean alternative voice right?

Sasuke-chan said...

You are absolutely right that.. We should not be looking up things to convince ourselves that PAP has failed. Because at the moment, these failures are not affecting us.

Xynn-eigh said...

<3 your blog!

Anonymous said...

Bloggers like these are the kind of people the PAP and its media lackeys have produced.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you can't even write properly, so this blog post isn't worth much.

I mean if it was someone who is actually educated, and writes good English then at least this blog post means something.

Nurul said...

The reason why u've never seen opposition all these while but only during the election campaign is because the area was a PAP area...if a place is urs, would you let ur opponent go around be a busybody..why would you coz its YOUR area....

Most sporean dont realise this and kept saying they've never seen opposition in their area before when the area belongs to PAP...*sigh*

Anonymous said...

It's not because opposition don't show up. It's because they don't have police permit to do any activity beyond elections. Get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the opp parties will be catch by the police if they go to your area without PERMISSION. pls do your homework first before commenting. =)

jess said...

you don't see them during celebrations or giving out pamphlets, leaflets etc because they are not allowed to?!?! duh. they only can "promote" themselves when they are fighting for your GRC, not when PAP is already in control of your GRC. please go and learn more about politics in singapore before posting a post about it.

Anonymous said...

What a narrow-minded view you have. And must i add, simply myopic and distasteful. You give the opp no leeway and see no potential in them when the very party you are rooting for have obviously been slipping in the past few years. I hope you don't complain and bitch about packed trains/buses, rising houses, foreigners who come and take your job (or even steal your bf/husbands) and all, because you know what, the PAP aint going to listen to you.

Moreover, this is democracy at work, the majority have chosen to give WP a chance, and you should respect their choice irregardless of their reasons. if you can't get the fuck out of aljunied.

Anonymous said...

YAY! i got the shirt! THANKYOU SO MMUCH :D And dont care abt those negative ppl. have so many comments then go join the PAP, WP, then speak up and do what you think its right. tsk.

Anonymous said...

your post don't make sense because , everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Please think carefully before you post such things because this will only show that you are brainless.

QiuQiu said...

The last anonymous, really? You too think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion?

Well then tell that to all the other anonymous here. Look at the mirror and tell yourself that also.

I have this feeling you guys are the one STILL whining about TPL. Move on.

Xinyu said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

Regardless of others' comments about your writing, I do get what you are trying to put across.

And I agree with you.

We don't know if opposition will speak up for what's right or just spend time opposing PAP regardless of whatever.

It's a risk to vote for them. Maybe that's how pro-opp feel too when we vote for PAP.

It's not just whether they are active in your estate. It's about for the past few years, how much time & effort they spend on forumlating plans for the GRC they are fighting for, & how much better & stronger are these plans compared to PAP's?

Hope the negativity doesn't get to you. The irony is that no matter how bad other anons think of your post, they are very likely to be still reading your blog, continue commenting & contribute to your blog's readership.

Controversial/opinionated bloggers get readership faster than normal/stable bloggers. Pretty much like the opposition is getting so many more votes now. Look on the bright side k! =)

Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion=she can blog whatever she likes on HER blog and not get flamed by you all. Guys, since you know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, then stop judging Qiuqiu. She ought to be able to say whatever she likes, criticise her objectively with reasons if you want, resorting to personal attacks just shows your low level of maturity. This isn't a political blog in the first place, if you want to read better stuff go somewhere la!

Qiuqiu, was thinking that you look familiar. Did you take part in any competitions? But anyway love your light-hearted style of writing, rock on! :))

Anonymous said...

You are a fucking joke. You need some English lessons badly and you need to fix that retarded, uninformed, misguided head of yours.

Anonymous said...

You sound retarded and look retarded. Go fix that brain and face of yours.

fuckingchinawhore said...

You sound and look retarded. Please get an education and a good plastic surgeon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

pathetic bitch. utterly disgusted by what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

Pls stop making yourself sound more ignorant than you already are, QQ.

Anonymous said...

a blogger like her will be forgotten soon. she is not interesting, not authentic. she doesnt even have a diploma thats why she feels that the many sponsorships she gets equates to her having a good life.and a good government. good god , she even replicates whatever xiaxue posts.

Anonymous said...

Why you dont wear the clothes that you buy? Budgetbarbie. Those dress ~

Anonymous said...

"don't need to think that i am stupid just becox i don't blog/ tweets about topics like influx of foreign talents, rising price of HDB flats, inflation + stagnant income, the poor and sickly not being well taken care of and many many more topics you can bring up to make the PAP look #fail."

xiaxue blogs better than you and appears much more smarter than you even though she doesn't blog about these stuff too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, QQ is allowed to express her views. But she should know that its only natural for people who disagree to rebut her. To those flaming the 'haters', there's a thing called freedom of speech, yes?

If QQ really believes in her stance and what she wrote, she should be commenting back and defending her case. But so far I don't really see her presenting any valid argument to counter the 'haters', which goes to show that QQ does not know nuts about politics, and is simply jumping on the bandwagon of other bloggers debating about the GE.

QQ If you don't know anything about politics, just don't write about it because it's only damaging your reputation further. Because from what I've read, your knowledge on politics is very limited and pretty much one-sided. if you want to share them, go ahead, but prepare for rebuttals.

Anonymous said...

Look. How many comments are flaming haters and how many are flaming QQ? Rebuttals are ok, but people are resorting to personal attacks, calling her retard, media lackey, brainless?! At least your (above) comments are reasoned, and nobody would flame you for that. But not the case for the others.

And you seem to contradict yourself. You said freedom of speech, then why should she refrain from blogging about politics? She's just speaking her mind, and she ought to have the right to do that even though she may sound stupid narrow-minded whatever. And I don't think she's not prepared for rebuttals. She's prepared, that's why she can't be bothered to rebut and in the first place, you guys wanted her to refrain from arguing right? So ironic.

QQ, good to be yourself! Look forward to new posts! :)

Its me :) said...

It doesn't affect you is one of your reasons? It just shows what kind of person you are? Seriously, you're such a bimbo and all you think about is YOUR OWN-SELF. You have the EXACT mindset as PAP isn't it? As long as you think you yourself is not facing any problems, nothing else matters. One selfish brainless bimbo here. You should insert another reason "Because Xiaxue supports PAP too, so I follow suit!"

Anonymous said...

aw qiu qiu! i didnt even notice your lines on your neck until you said it! its barely anything!

Anonymous said...

hi, how do u do the white color part of under eye makeup on ur friend in the 2nd pict?