31 July 2011

QWeekly - Polymates and Sophie's birthday =D

Met up with my polymates and Ming Zhou is working in Candylicious so he brought along some chocolates for us =OOOO *GRAB* I picked the biggest box one, with 25 pcs of milk chocolate. Lol.

We went to WILD HONEY and the food there IS LOVE!!!! I CAN EAT BREAKFAST ALL DAY!!! McDonald's should really consider doing breakfast all day. Want to do petition or not?

Yong Ming brought me the National Day parade goodie bag =DDD

I asked him "You didn't take anything from inside except the bottle of water hor?"
He's like "Yes but i took the museum tickets. You are not the kind who knows how to appreciate it anyway, right?"

Lol. Also don't know whether my friend suck or not. Why he assume i am not 'smart' enough to visit museum! I ALSO BEEN TO MUSEUM before okay!!! I went there to camwhore. The bench and swivel staircase very pretty. Lol.

Anyway, he really left everything else intact for me. The butter bread roll was expired thou. Lol. He really never touch anything else, as promised. GOOD!

Ming Zhou's. His sausage looks like a cut penis O.O

Joo San's. So boring!!!! Lol.

Kristie's. So bo hua. Just toast with mango inside -.-"

Yong Ming ordering the same thing as Ming Zhou ❤ Awwww... LOL.

No idea why Peixi order this -.- It's not even ang-moh breakfast. It's mexican. Lol.

Mine. Yeah, both mine. One set of breakfast is never enough one.

Then we moved on to Fruit Paradise! Peixi and i ^.^

Joo ^.^ Check out the fruits behind us!

Kristie ^.^

And..... Peixi asked for one more cox she say previous one got no fruits =.="



KTV after!!! Super fun!!! I was dancing and SHUFFLING but they say my shuffling is wrong. SAY REALLY REALLY ONE, i think i did it right!!! =( Why nobody can appreciate! Lol.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sophie and i at Phin's for her birthday! Eeeee, Sophie got china red plastic bag with her. Lol.

I cut out half the plate cox she picked out all the olive and placed it there. Ugly. Lol. And she drinks coke float, which i thought only kids do. HELLO, 21 yro liao!!! Hahah! Grow upppppppp ^.^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, Soph!!!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

I camwhore a little bit while waiting for my baby niece to come out the other day.

Fell in love with shading my nose lately. And also with double eyelid stickers. Becox my eyelids are getting loose and i need either botox or eyejob. Argh, to become slightly better looking is all nitpicking.

YES I HAVE A NEW BLOGSKIN!!!! I know right, i haven't even really announced it anywhere but it's already up. Haha. Tell me what you think! If the pictures on banner (three of them) not that chio enough i can reshoot them! =DDD When i'm free. Which is not now. Lol.

THANKS TO NUFFNANG, RIPPLEWERKZ, Lionel, Rachel and Vodien my host for www.qiuqiu.sg -- More about it again! =D

My genting trip is postponed =( I actually can't wait to go there!!!

Have something scheduled on Tuesday cox i thought i was leaving for Genting and i don't want to be forgotten. Lol. But anyway, see you soon!


Xynn-eigh said...

I think the photos should show more of your face coz you're a very "In your face" person.

Anonymous said...

hi if you don't mind me asking, may i know which poly were you from and what course?

Ellie said...

Lahhhhhvvv the new layout :3 Sophie is so skinny omg. I love your nose too~!!

Shenay Lee said...

Hey QiuQiu, do you have a tutorial on how you braid your bangs? :D

나니 said...

OH I love the new layout! *_* it's super fancy!
And your friends are so pretty - happy belated birthday to Sophie! ^__^

Also... so much food *___* nomnomnom

Anonymous said...

I don't really like how u comment on your friends' dishes and abt sophie's coke float. I don't see anything wrong abt it. Each has his/her preference lo.

smokë said...

Chio enough already! :)
Those food make me hungry. You really eat alot leh.

jc said...

hey, display some naked pics of yourself.

QiuQiu said...

Anon, SP, biz admin =)

Ellie, yes Sophie super skinny and pretty =DDD

Shenay, i'd try!!! Too lazy =S

나니 - Thank you!!! Glad you like it!

Anon, we joke like this all the time, so me blogging about it is not gonna be that much different. Too bad you don't get it =)

$moke - yes i eat quite a lot!!

jc - _l_

Jovis said...

SO NICE YOUR BLOG HEADER!!! <3 <3 <3 *cheers!;)

Anonymous said...

Why does the picture of you with that hand pose look so familiar but i don't know whyy! That one with the caption that says "Hi..." :P.

Vivian said...

Your blog is boring. There isn't any stand out factor that keep readers or viewers lock on. The feel i have is you are reporting your daily life.

Sakuranko said...

Your blog is really cool!! ^^ And your new face of your blog is realy cute too!! It´s funny read your posts!!


QiuQiu said...

Jovis, thank you =DDDD

Anon, i guess it looks like any other funny faces lol.

Vivian, oh well.. How do i keep entertaining six thousand people? Teach me! *rolleyes*

Sakuranko, thank you!! =DD

Anonymous said...

Can you recommend games for kinect? Do a post on it!

poppy said...

qiuqiu!!! you should put more photos of you!! totally in love with your blogskin and the words "qiuqiu" give the burlesque feeling~ haha.

Anonymous said...

How much is the blog skin Qiu? =)

QiuQiu said...

Anon, kinect i SUPER LOVE dance revolution!!!

Poppy, thank you!!!

Anon, nuffnang subsidized me a lot! So maybe you should check out Ripplewerkz for the actual cost? =))

Anonymous said...

wow. sophie is really gorgeous. and the food looks yummy!!! happy belate to her!

Janessa said...

My friend Rachel designed your blog! Haha! Begged her to lemme have a peek when she said she's desiging but she said no. *pouts*

Glad I waited! So naise!!