27 September 2011

Budget Barbie "形"路 lolol ❤ ❤ ❤

Who remember this? "Lulu outfit" from Budget Barbie second episode (click to watch!) Lol.

I got the top and bottom at $5 each at City Plaza. I also know it's too too too 'unique' lol. And everyone say it's awful looking. But i truly believe it can be "werked" so i tried lol.

The things that weird-looking outfits can do to me is huge.. They make me see them in a high-fashion light. Lol. Like.. Sometimes whatever you see on the runway, is definitely not something you'd wanna wear out. Similarly for styling you see on fashion spreads in magazines. But i think i can see those images in my head, when i see weird-looking outfits. Lol.

Is this a talent or not?

I can see.. But i cannot make it happen. Lolol.

Urgh all i see and feel now is "Fringe, i need to have my fringe back" Lol. And.. "Hmm.. Maybe i photoshopped my ass too perky already" Lol.

If you don't get what the title of this post means, it actually means my STYLE-ALONG-THE-WAY in Budget Barbie. Lol.

Through episodes, my choice in clothes turned a bit more normal and much more generally accepted, like..

For Prom Night episode, i made up a few outfits with $100.

And quite a number of people want to win the items! So i guess i was on the right track lol.

 And then the Boob Job ep happened.. That's me minutes before going inside for the op =))))

That's me right before getting some breast.

Then maybe i think i more chio or what, lol, i think i look really pretty for a period of time =( Yeah, that means not as chio as then, now =((( You know when not, like during the time i go to Hong Kong Disneyland (click to read) that time. I thought i looked really chio then. Lolol.

And so Budget Barbie had a Hong Kong episode!!! =DDD I made up this outfit amongst many others, with a budget of $100!!!

Some of the outfits from Hong Kong =DD

And then somewhere after my face become less chio (as you can see obviously from the screenshot lol) i learnt how to tong my hair properly. Lol. No more lope-sided hair curls.

And side-track a little bit from the topic on how my choice of clothes/ style has changed, as i browse back to the various episodes of Budget Barbie to screenshot pictures for this post..

I feel so happy.

So happy =) And thankful. Sigh~ I hope when i'm like 80 years old Clicknetwork is still around. So we have.. 56 years to go. Haha.

Then i went to print a Budget Barbie tee! =DDD

It has been given away thou lol. Putting this picture up only cox i thought i look cute here.

Budget Barbie crew and i went outdoor for the first time to shop together for the Flea episode!

IT WAS SO ENJOYABLE and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg i LOVE it that in that episode i don't have to remember to ask for receipt, get rejected, ask for permission to take picture of the shop, get rejected, sneak a picture, get caught.

Or forget to take receipt or picture, gotta walk back to the shop to take. I'd get mad pissed with myself each time this happens lol. It'd be like cbcbcbcbcbcb in my head.

Yeah, all those happen almost in every episode i've shopped for!!! But now i smart already, i straight away sneak a picture without asking first. Cox i realise if i ask first, and they say no (which is usually the case) they'd then watch me like a hawk (or vulture?) to make sure i don't sneak a picture. SIAN MAX.

Happy time at the flea =DDD The subtitles were of Sophie scolding me please. Lolol. I asked for a discount for a super cute romper she's selling for $4. Lolol. $4 i still got cheeks to ask for discount, i'm impressed by myself! Lolol.

So it all seemed good until somewhere recently.. My choice of clothes turn out a little weird again lol.

 I can't get over this apple bag. Lol.

I got this from Sengkang but i found out later that it's selling for USD12.90 (SGD16.70) online.

I gather from the comments for that episode.. That nobody liked this bag. But it looks pretty alright to me leh!!! WHYYYyyyy~ Lolol.

Best part? I got it for SGD7.50 and it comes with a cap. Lolol. I'd like to believe someone somewhere can work it. Like.. Maybe picture it as a prop in David Lachapelle's picture. Lolol. Bright, quirky and loud, can or not? Lol.

So after much hurtful and discouraging comments.. I think i should go back for something humanly. Lol.

In Bedok ep. Trying to look sweet.


And then i got this $159 dress for $10. From the Bedok episode. Nobody praised me for this yet =( Lol.

In Hari Raya episode, i think i pick it all back.. I THINK, the clothes were decent.. Except..

I thought these tie-dye Tshirts with heart centers ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Even though my gfs all say it sucks. My bf also say it sucks. But deep down in my heart, deep deep deep deep down, i really think they look AWESOME. So happy and bright!!! PLUS, really got heart-shape center!!! Lol.

Whatever it is.. I guess anything is better than wearing a oversized top dress with one side of the sleeves keep on sliding off your shoulder.. And with a BIG sequined "B" on it. The situation has since gotten better. Lol.

Regardless.. "QiuQiu" said hi to the world that day i think =) One year is faster than i thought.
THANK YOU, the makers of BB!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


LITTY said...

They are unique and they don't suck! Plus you have a nice figure, be bold with fashion! :D

Gwen said...

You make me feel like re-watching all the episodes of Budget Barbie! :D I always enjoy watching BB and it makes my day whenever a new episode comes out!

Katrina Tan Wan Qi said...

NONONO, i'm always follwing your fashion style even though everyone don't agree with me! hahahah. Ignore those hurtful and nasty comments! LOL. good luck to you bongqiuqiu~ looking forward to future episodes of budget barbies :D

PS: not sucking up to you, lol honest comments here!

SHIZUKA said...

You are so cute QiuQiu♥

twiinklex said...

Don't get discouraged by all the hurtful comments! At least you are learning something along your whole journey and so are audiences like me ^^ I really love Budget Barbie! That and XX's GTL are the only things I watch on clicknetwork :P I know that filming it and buying the stuff are all very hard work so keep it up, you are doing a fantastic job! Hope to see more BB episodes from you :)

hulala said...

i love the tie dye tops!!!! dun care what other pple say. its awesome. hahahah. i rly love it. u can give it to me if everyone arnd u psycho-ed you to hate it. hahaha. was so sad the ep only came out aft the raya bazaar ended cos i rlyyyy wanted to go get one for myself aft watching the ep. hahahah.

smokë said...

The first outfit is nice. Not awful also. C:

Anonymous said...

You are super awesome! <3

joyce said...

haha,I started watching BB after my sister (a clicknetwork fan) mentioned you early this year...nice or not, its a personal statement!! i totally adore this 'reflective' post,btw. looking forward to your evolution as BB, jiayou to the max!! :D

joyce said...

haha,I started watching BB after my sister (a clicknetwork fan) mentioned you early this year...nice or not, its a personal statement!! i totally adore this 'reflective' post,btw. looking forward to your evolution as BB, jiayou to the max!! :D

Elora Mariel said...

I actually like your sense of fashion no matter how eccentric it can be. In a way, it also gives me inspiration on my own style of clothes. When I see some of the outfits you have on, on your BB episodes or your pictures on your blog, I feel inspired to wear something unique out as well.

Plus, I don't really like looking like everyone else all the time (unless i'm really lazy). I like looking out of place (in a good way, of course)

So I think you should stay the way you are. Plus, if you show what you like, it also lets us get to know you more! :)

Shemona said...

I think the tie dyed shirts are super nice!!! With heart some more! Plus plus. If i wear confirm not as nice as you in it, cos your figure nicer! :DDD

Anonymous said...

The dark tie-dye shirt is damn nice but the bright one wasn't, lol. Anyway your style is awesome la i love it. But i hv to agree with haters of apple bag though :/.

Anonymous said...

The more you bother about the comments others made on the videos, the less 'you' you will be (which was what made the videos successful in the first place). More than 80% of the comments there aren't even constructive.. you shouldn't care at all :/

Cupcake Princess said...

Qiuqiu, I do think you're pretty amazing in grabbing great deals! Don't give up. And you've got a unique sense of style besides being so candid and quirky. Love watching your episodes coz it's always entertaining, nice hair and makeup, creative poses and you enjoy being you, which is very impressive!

I must say I was skeptical during your first episode but after watching I got hooked! And nowadays, I refresh the clicknetwork page every day in hope that you've updated your show. LOL!

Boo to those haters who are jealous of you, obviously. If they really dislike some of the clothes, then just keep quiet. One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure.

Keep up the good work QiuQiu!

QiuQiu said...

<3 Thank you!! I'm still excited to do budget barbie so thank you for the encouraging comments!

Unknown said...

you are so sweet! I like your irony :) You've got great taste in clothes and stuff and you're an adorable host for show! I enjoy it very much!

wxy said...

Hey Qiuqiu, actually i think the apple bag is damn cute! It looks like those designer print bags, i think it will look good with a mustard yellow or green dress :D
i randomly got to know about Budget Barbie recently and have been hooked on it, watching ep after ep. Just wanna say that continue being yourself with that special and unique taste ( like the lulu clothes which looks a little 2ne1 inspired) and I look forward to your future ep. Hope that you can do one on plus size clothing cos its harder for plus size people to find cheap stuff and maybe future ep can include cheap dining finds or karoake or other entertainment stuff besides shopping (:

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu, where did you get the tie dye tees?