20 September 2011

Olay Project 360 - Pigmentation

It's a outdoor shoot!!! Holy molly =(( I hate the sunlight and can you see how bright the sun is that day!!! Those are Wendy's shoes by the way. Haha. Got tumblr feel not?

Us resting at the Nuffnang office. Mainly to hide from the sun. Plus get some aircon!!! =D

Ta dang~ The girls.

Pigmentation in our skin is mainly caused by exposure to sunlight without doing proper preventive measures. You will find this episode highly useful to get yourself on the route to flawless, fair skin! =D Pigmentation, i want a breakup!!!
You will find out a VERY scary piece of information in this episode and you must know how to combat that! So must watch! =D
All of us girls will have to compete to see who can put up the best skincare regime + makeup with the outdoor, sunshiney, picnic feel! =D Rachel Kum will be there to share about her makeup products as well!

Blonde. Lolol. Mint's cutest poodle ever!!! He says bye bye!

 Oh wait. Platinum blonde. Hahaha. Bye bye~
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trade futures said...

Yes, Singapore weather is getting hotter and humid these few days. The girls definitely need to bring their sunblock around to maintain their crystal clear fair skin.

Viva Leng Ong said...
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Anonymous said...

where did xiaxue get her dress from?

Anonymous said...

qiu qiu is the beauty lift high nose effective?

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu ! Can I noe where to buy cheap working black skirt ? Stay pretty and thank you ! :)

Lydia said...

Hey QiuQiu! I am a big fan of you, and had been wanting to ask you ever since i've watch BB ep 26. I love the blue shoes you had bought and wonder which part of bugis street is it at, or just which level that shop was. I went the other day and i could only find one shop that have sell that shoes, but it wasnt alice and it was 34dollars instead of 18.. Please reply:) tyvm.

Lydia said...

Btw, this is my email, lydiaqi@hotmail.sg

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu can do a blogpost on how to edit the colours of ur photos! I love how ur skin looks!!

Anonymous said...

I love how you look! The bow hairband and striking coloured top, cute :)

Rena said...

Hey! You look pretty with Xiaue. Just want to say. :)

QiuQiu said...

Viva, thanks! Good thing they use decent pictures hut bad thing is I have no idea why they water those pictures as theirs lol.

No idea if nose high is effective if used prolonged hut I used it religiously for a month or two, not effective

Black work skirt.. Try City Fashion beside Bugis village mcdonalds. Price ranges from $10-$15. Wide variety.

Lydia, it's from level two hard to describe where it exactly is but it was left with yellow mustard and blue.