22 September 2011

Somewhere in the brain.. Is farting.

I'm just sitting on the comp doing nothing (maybe sims-ing time to time lol) but just listening to songs.

I try REALLY, REALLY really hard to remember a few parts of my life where i have almost ZERO memory of. Which is really weird cox those are usually the things that i do almost on a everyday routine for a really long time.

Like.. The part where i really cannot remember was when i was 16 yro. How did i get to Palm Beach seafood restaurant (where i was a hostess) for 9 months.. How did i get to the restaurant from my house then?

I was staying near Lavendar MRT station.. To get into Kallang leisure park (where Palm Beach is) i'd need to take a bus in.. Of which, i forgot what the bus number is already. And i tried to recall, but nothing came out. But i swear i cannot remember if i took a bus from near my house to get to the bustop to take the bus that'd bring me to Kallang leisure park OR i took the train from Lavendar to Kallang (one station away) then cross the road to take the bus in to Kallang leisure park.

For nine months. I do the same thing everyday except on one off day every week. But i can't remember what i did to get to the restaurant. Why?

After pausing here for a long time, like right here before the "After pausing here" lol, i figured out why already. It's confirm becox those were good times!!! Days where there's no worries AT ALL!!!

I was 16, had my two BFFs (Mich and Zhen) working with me, took a pay of $800 home every month, every night must talk on the phone with Mich then sleep. Then every other night go KTV with Mich and Zhen. No need to pay for anything in life except for my own handphone bill maybe! Eat five meals a day, out of which, three meals company cover (Breakfast, dinner and supper). In between i'd eat lunchner and supper.

So that's why i didn't bother to take note of anything else! Cox i look forward to go to work too much already! Lol.

On the other hand.. There are things that i don't consciously want to remember but it'd just pop up when a certain song is playing.

Like Ji Mo De Ji Jie by David Tao.. Tong Lei by Stef Sun. And "Somewhere over the rainbow/ What a wonderful world" by Aselin Debison. In summary, song one is a lousy draggy one sided love, song two was a HORRIBLE relationship and the guy was a monster i swear lol, then song number three got me through tough times and somewhere over the rainbow, i'm still looking for that pot of gold lol cox I'm still not married lol. WHyyyyy.

Anyway. I don't feel sad AT ALL now listening to any songs that pull me through tough times. Thoughts that go through my mind are "Wtf how is that Love at all?!", "I am so proud of you, myself" and "Oh man, i'm so strong", "Thank god i was so positive", "I USED TO LOVE HIM?! Fuck" Lolol.

It's like.. When you step out of something really bad, it then become like it really wasn't that bad afterall. Like it's just not as bad as you thought of it to be.

By now you should realise that there's no point to this entry except to help myself remember things i don't remember and to better remember things that i still manage to remember. Haha ^.^

I lost count of how many times my friends tell me about the things i did, that i forgot about. Please keep reminding me. Lol. I'm sure i did more things than i actually remember.

I need to go shower liao. I'm really smelly. Haha!

Thank god for good friends and good people and good attitude =D

No say real one!!! I everyday still think "What would i be if i didn't start this blog and get somewhere with it" and everyday i feel thankful for the nice people around me! Plus Michelle just took up a package for QPX same place where i do my QPX lol. So we can go together =DDDDD



Mary said...

Hey qiuqiu,

I've been a silent reader of your blog for a few months and even though you don't think this post was particularly insightful, i'm glad i got to read this. i just broke up with my ex of over a year a few days ago and your post reminded me that perhaps years down the line i'd look back at this moment and be able to laugh. :)

thanks! and have a good day yourself :)

Anonymous said...

Why wont you reply to your comments anymore????

Jc said...

You have grown up. Decide your own path. If you intend to be a celebrity wannabe it's either glory or death. That's my 2 cents of advice as I've seen true life scenario. Goodluck

Jc said...

You have grown up. Decide your own path. If you intend to be a celebrity wannabe it's either glory or death. That's my 2 cents of advice as I've seen true life scenario. Goodluck

QiuQiu said...

JC, who asked for your two cents worth? Take it back, 4cents in total cox you double posted your important message *rolleyes*

Mary, just keep your heads high.. Only when you become a better person for yourself.. You are really doing yourself a favor and the plus point would be that your ex finds you even more attractive after the breakup lol. Jiayou lah!

Jaslyn said...

Lol same same same! I cant seem to remember parts of my life either.. good lord. I'm getting old -__-