04 September 2011

QWeekly - iFly Singapore iHadsomuchfun!!!

FUCK THIS SHIT THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I'M TYPING THE ENTIRE POST OUT. So instead of a detailed happy post. I'm just gonna caption everything. BLOGGER, WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!

Cute bow jeans from Minimaos

Went for lunch (YUMMIEST CHAR SIEW SOH i ever tried!!!) and then yoghurt with Geck and Freda!

I wore the bow jeans with my tie-dye top and i thought it looks okay! Lol. Cheesie, Huiwen, Wendy, Kaykay all say the top very ugly on some other day that i wore it. I NO BELIEVE~~ Lolol.
 - - - - - - -
 Lunch with Brad! Spanish cuisine!

 While Brad takes some serious pictures of the food, i take picture of myself. Lol.

 Sophie joined us like 1 hour plus later!!! Pui! I'm gonna give Sophie a ForeverLate badge.

Brad looking happy don't know why. Lol.

One more of Brad and the three scallops (very sad caption for foreveralone people lol).

LOVE THE LOBSTER with cheese all over one!!! The restaurant is at Block7 Dempsey Road - Don Quijote. I LOVE the rice dish in a pan! But no have picture of it. You can go look out for it when Brad blogs about it some time next time. Lol.
- - - - - - -
I tried iFly couple of weeks back AND I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! LOVE, IT!!!!

Training for all first-timer! Very simple one! Just have to learn the hand signals from the instructor. Picture from Joe! Thank you!!!

One shot before we FLY! Holly, me, Jiaqi and as tagged on Facebook, Huiwen Yang. LOL.

I REALLY MAJOR LOVE IT LEH!!! See the video of us flying here! I'm the second to fly!

SUPER EXCITING AND FUN ONE!!! This one confirm MUST TRY once in a lifetime AT LEAST!!! But guarantee you'd want to keep going back!!!

Now you can fly for $59 instead of $89!!! Just show them this blogpost (on your phone, ipad, laptop etc) and enjoy this discount ONLY on all Wednesday in the month of September this year! ^.^ Thank you iFly for the invite!!! I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!

For more information and booking details please visit iFly website ^.^


Anonymous said...

it's closet of faith, not close to faith haha :D qiuqiu so cute!

smokë said...

wow you and cheesie got the same jeans. really nice! so the first two weren't trainees right? are they kids? ohmo they are really good. somemore can do tricks :0

you fly so funny one XD

Ellie said...

Haha, you cutie :) HEY! CHEESIE PANTS! :D


Anonymous said...

the rice is paella =)

NicoletteYSL said...

Omg nice camera effects! May I know which camera are you using?? ^^

Anonymous said...

Hey! You look better with your hair parted to the side! (the picture with Sophie) :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu
love the jeans you rec...but need a opinion: u think the jeans blue, pink or green (new colors) nicer? I just can't decide...pls helppppp (haha like as if it's an emergency)...

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu, I remember you did teeth whitening at Onlyaesthetics at the start of the year? Is your teeth still nice and white after 8months? Hope you can answer me because I'm thinking of doing it there as well, thanks!

kass said...

Hi, oh, I love those bow jeans. I live in Estonia and I never haven´t buy something from webshop so I ask, is this safe? You buy your jeans on Minimaos? How much they cost and how big is postage? sorry for bothering you, but i really want know it.
(I speak very bad English)

Lucy Kennedy said...

Love your jeans!