13 September 2011

Posing 1 - 5 and.. 6 Lol.

Just to get this clear in the first place, this is not a real posing guide. Lol. It's just i was camwhoring after a photoshoot and i thought, "Hey! I LOOK SO PRETTY TODAY!!!" and then i whip out my camera to continue snapping picture after picture.

And picture after picture. And realise that posing with no hand signs is kinda boring so i posed with hand signs and thought, "HEY!!! I can be less of a camwhore-blogger and more of a intelligent-sharing-informative blogger!!! Lolol. So i did this..

There are a lot more poses i can think of as i photoshop the pictures. So maybe another (useless) guide another time. Lol. But for now!!!

Deng deng deng!!! A simpleuntilcannot guide on how to pose and not look boring. Lol. Although i ownself see also find it a bit boring after awhile BUT BUT BUT it should be better than teenage girls just frowning / sticking out their tongues / looking shocked in every other picture.

And the core of the guide is ONE to FIVE. Literally! You just have to point the number with your hand and you can pose with it! =D

WOULD BE GREAT IF YOU CAN POSE ALONG AS YOU READ!!! Lolol. Interactive media, i try. Hahahha.

Let's see ONE!
Yeah this would be a good start. One finger pointing to the eye looking like you're putting in contact lens! How candid is this?! =D BLUFF YOU ONE LAH! Lol. I hope you didn't believe it.

The snort. Also reads: I'm a cute piglet O.O

Pokey pokey~

Touch the lips. Cutely, sexily, whichever. Lol.

"See my dimple" finger touch. Lolol.

Let's see TWO!!!
The most common and versatile sign! PEACE sign!!!
Cross the two!

Or spread it out and straight!

The crooked two also is cute! =D Overturn the crooked two to make it look like fang or bunny teeth!

TWO to frame the eyes!

Flip it around! Do two of this TWO and place it on top of your head!!! Like bunny ears! ^.^

Round up the baby cheeks! =D

I see you!

 I can only think of this =( Even thou you can do it with a FIVE. Anyway.. The only way four can really be used, is probably..

Ru Lai Shen Zhang. Really. No other way already. Lol.

I'm sure you can think of a lot more to do with FIVE but i manage to shortlist only one nice picture of me posing with FIVE. So too bad #irresponsibleblogger

I think ONE to FIVE is enough to get you by (it rhymes so far) but in the world of zi pai (hahah trying to keep the rhyme)..... No idea how to continue already.

I just mean to say.. Here's SIX!!! =DDD

It says "THIS, IS, GOOD"

"THIS IS AWESOMEEEEEE!!!" Lol. This is the reason why wo jia bu chu qu. I do weird things.. At home. Alone, with my camera O.O

And how to camwhore with fingers if your fingernails very ugly! Cannot!

My french style gelish done at Milly's!!! LOVE IT!!! I really really love Gelish! How to say! It's so low-maintenance!!! You do it today, three weeks later it's still good and intact.

Read more about Gelish HERE!!! I blogged about why i love it so much so i shouldn't be lohsoh and repeat again here lol.

Call 8383 5395 for appointment! They have outlets in Far East Plaza and Bugis!!!

This is? GOOD-BYE. Lol.


Suetyi said...

i likey the six!!!!!!!!! ur face is so funny! yet still looking pretty! :O so funny funny funny funny!!!

Anonymous said...

are you using a dslr? picture so clear!

나니 said...

HAHAH you're so cute! xD

Anonymous said...

i love your make up! what do you use to highlight your eyes?

smokë said...

OMG the six and seven was hilarious. I love you qiuqiu! Should do a make up tutorial next time. i really love your make up!

Jewel said...

The 6 is DA BEST! The first 6 where you look like you're praising something.

Fel said...

Omg qiuqiu you're so adorableeee

Anonymous said...

Omg the six picture is so funny! Haha. Btw you can do salute with four :P. I don' pose like that, just suggesting, haha.

Vicky J Lee said...

haizz you're too cute!<3

Anonymous said...

Love this post! now i know how to pose from 1 to 6.. hahaha.. you are too cute & funny, and beautiful too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ, do you know where I can get cheap lace?

Anonymous said...

Btw it's not related to this post but i wanna say i like how you and Xiaxue are hanging out a lot :D. Shy to post in twitter and tag u guys :(.

Emily said...

OMG my first time stumbling across your blog! Qie Qiu you're tooooo cute!


Kristel said...

So funny XD love it