11 September 2011

QWeekly - Still in the sims-social world

 Eh eh~

Say is say i still sims-ing but that doesn't mean i don't put in effort in blogging okay! They say pictures make up a great deal when it comes to people deciding if the blog is interesting to read or not O.O Okay so here i am trying very hard to keep in touch with the real social world instead of the sims social world.

My knitted top is from EXU boutique at Bugis Street Level 3 =D The one that holds clothes buffet! You can get it there if you're keen.

Hmm.. Running out of things to say.. So..

Eh eh~ LOLOL. One more picture~!

Sigh~ There are a lot of things going on recently, it's not my drama but sadly, it affects me still cox i get really pissed off when people are doing really wrong things to other people and nothing bad is happening to them.. Yet.

Alright~ I thought i should get this off my chest too!

Recently i'm very appalled by people who like to claim credit for things that seems to be doing well, that has nothing to do with them.

Maintaining a blog by feeding it every two to three days with decently interesting (or at least passably lol) post and have it grow.. This is still.. MY credit. Hands off.

Of course i cannot do it without generous people (like Wendy) who are willing to give other bloggers hits to have our blog content reach out to more people. She's freaking nice to include my blog post along with Cheesie's and Ben's in her Harajuku Street Style post!!! She don't have to do that but she did! And THIS, IS BEING NICE. Okay. This is also herself being generous. And maybe also cox she finds me cute leh? LOLOL. Kidding lah. She finds me auntie-ish. Puiiii. Lolol.

Okay i'd love to stay to ramble more but..

You can see for yourself, i have to go. Lolol.


smokë said...

Everyone is sims addicted omg.

✿Rox✿ said...

the sims social x1 here! haha~
Your house is pretty!
I know I discover this a lil bit late but your new template is really cute~ xD

Anonymous said...

i don mean to show off but...I RECENTLY GOT A HOT TUB!!!!! WOOOOOO

Lady G said...

It IS really addicting.

Starrain said...

You look pretty! Like sooo Japanese. Love your color lens! Can I know what color is that?

kxin keryn p said...

The pictures are gorgeous! xx :))

MykawaiiBox said...

You are super funny a cute ^^ Go Girl!!

MykawaiiBox said...

You are super cute and funny... ^^You GO GIRL!!