15 September 2011

Olay Project 360 - First ep!

Setting off early morning for filming of Olay Project 360!!!

Doing post-interview.

I'm really glad Olay Project 360 happened to me! Had the chance to meet David and Girish (in-house scientists from Olay. SCIENTISTS OMG) and managed to learn a lot about skincare from them!!!

I was really taken aback by some of the facts related to skincare. And got soooo worried!!! YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF THOSE TIPS TOO!!! To take care of your skin properly before it's too late! =OOO

Watch the video confirm you'd pick up some useful tips! =D Best part is you can watch all of us play charades. Lolol. Most of us look silly. Okay, ALL of us look silly. Hahah ^.^


So great that the few other bloggers and contestants were all really fun to hang out with! Best part..?

XIAXUE is the host!!! =DDD Enjoy the video!!! ^.^ And look out for more eps to come!

in Olay Project 360 HERE!!! ^.^


Yout said...

I love these pictures. You girls are so cute!

smokë said...

This must be quite long ago since xiaxue was having her blonde hair! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, could you do a hair tutorial on the fringe braid you did in the olay video? :) Its so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where you got your cath kidston casing from?

Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw you at pomo's tcc this evening! You're really pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

is hk clothes cheap?

QiuQiu said...

Cath kidston casing was from basement of city sq mall. Was conned cox I got it at $20 n I thought it was freaking expensive so I ask if it's real the lady say real so I bought and realize later it's fake. Point is, if it's fake u can go pasar malam but 3 for $10.

Anon, was I with Geck? =D