25 September 2011

QWeekly - September Babies ^.^

YuZhen's birthday!!!

To celebrate her birthday we went to for hi-tea buffet at Carousel. It's the same restaurant Jialing and Dora brought me to. This time it was so so so so so so so disappointing. From the backend service to the front-line. It's just so sian that they had to spoil our mini gathering.

They freaking keep addressing me as Mr Hong over email =.=

Even though i had a reservation, the (two) staff still couldn't be sure that we had a reservation when we reached the recept. We literately stood there awkward for a few minutes. I don't know if i should say "Oh maybe it's not under Miss Hong Qiu Ting. Maybe it's Mister" cox it'd be so wtf lol.

And they never did the birthday song + cupcake thing for us even though i already informed them over email and they confirmed that they will. But on the day itself, they went around singing for like 4 other tables around us, but us =( Disappointing.

I didn't want to say anything about this UNTIL i received an email to ask for feedback. So i filled in the form and described what happened that day that made us so disappointed. I don't expect a reply but it'd be nice if they do reply with a simple apology or some sort of acknowledgement.

Instead, they took the liberty to spam my email with advertisement.
Bla bla bla below this, things i can't be less interested in.

No apology nevermind, now they send me advertisement that i DID NOT subscribe to, and if i want to unsubscribe, i have to WRITE to some other email.

The fact that they didn't get back to me on the bad service, aside.

The fact that they sent me advertisement without me opting for it, aside.

One, they do not have a UNSUB button

Two, since they don't have a unsub button, they should at least let me have the convenience to unsub by replying to that very email address they used to email me. But NO. I have to write to another email address to unsub. Why are you inconveniencing me, Carousel? Why are you inconveniencing me, Royal Plaza?

Mich, who caught a flu SUDDENLY once she got to Carousel.

She got to Carousel before us.

We (Zhen and i) got there 10 minutes later. The amazing thing is.. I caught a sudden flu too once i get into my seat. I blame it on Mich but Mich don't know can blame who lol. It was so bad for me, i had an asthma attack.

Swear to god, most terrible experience for us both. We couldn't really eat at all.

Xiao Zhen Zhen (lolol) sorry we had to further spoil your birthday after Carousel spoil it first lol.

Both of us were sneezing, blowing our runny / blocked nose like mad. Until i got fed up, i stuck two rolls of tissue paper up my nostrils.
And as you saw on the picture above, like Mich, i had to keep tilting back my head to clear the airway.

YES, IT WAS THAT BAD. And we had a bag of soiled tissue paper on the floor. Of which i didn't take a picture of cox i thought it was quite gross. Lolol.

Both of us =(( We used a total of 3.5 packets of tissue paper.

So i paid to eat 1 quail egg, 2 mini baguette with egg mayo, 3 scoops of nasi lemak rice and maybe 4 or 5 ikan bilis. WIN.

And i had to to wait for soooo long to get a cup of hot water. I had to ask another staff for it. And when it finally came, it was warm water, not hot. Lol. Yes, it's like i'm trying to nit-pick. But after all the things that they did that turns me off, i think i can nit-pick on the difference between warm and hot water.

And for paying $40 plus per pax, i think i can nit-pick a little bit. Lol.

Good thing is..

Zhen the birthday girl went on strong lolol. She didn't get the flu so she continued eating although she find the food mehish. SIGH. We ought to have a make-up plan =D Shall we?? Go KTV want?!

We were asking her to do a healthy pose. And she did this. Lol.

So anyway. Instead of harping on my bad experience at Carousel this time, i should move on and tell you how happy i was afterwards when i got out of Carousel.

That's when both Mich and my flu started to get SO MUCH, SO MUCH better. And halfway through shopping around Far East, we both recovered.

We went to catch a movie later, Gem was also there =DDD LOVE IT cox got Steve Carell one!!! And love it SUPER lots cox the last time all four of us went to catch a movie together was Take the Lead and that'd wayyyy too long ago

Yuzhen, Happy Birthday and love you much and i still wish that you'd shift to Punggol next time and also wish to tell you that Tao Payoh ye mei you hen li hai. Shift here ba. Lolol.
- - - - - - -
Then it's my 4th sister's birthday!
Baby Yurou, baby girl of my 4th sister =DDD I bought this set of clothes for her and it's for baby 12 months - 18 months. Lol. Kids grow fast ma. Lol.

So happy one! Now she can laugh and make funny noises already haha ^.^

So i just wanna thank my 4th sister for being a great sister cox she gave birth to baby Yurou. And this allows me to keep buying cute baby girl clothes. BEST THING TO DO ON EARTH man. Everything is so cute and soft and pink and filled with happiness, when you're buying clothes for baby girls

The same day was also Shalyn's birthday better known as PhuaPhua (from my archives a few years back). Lol. She'd have been famous if she's a blogger. BongPhuaPhua sounds a lot more erxin than BongQiuQiu so i reckon she can make it lolol.
- - - - - - -

Then it's my bf's birthday! No my bf is not chopped up roasted chicken with yummy dip-powder. Lol.

We had lunch at Asian Kitchen at iluma cox we LOVED the roasted duck so much when we first tried it at the basement of Raffles City. But the outlet at iluma doesn't have roasted duck so we went with roasted chicken. AND IT TURNS OUT SOOOOOOO GOOD. Even the generally drier parts like the chicken breast, was SO soft and succulent and juicy. Wanto die.

The chicken skin, SO CRISPY. Doubledie.

We loved the french bean (or is this long bean) from R.C outlet, but that was coated with salted egg yolk (OMG YUMMY) but iluma outlet only has the same version but with salted fish. Good too but i prefer salted egg yolk. Bf prefer this thou.

This i no love =( Bf love cox it's crispy on the outside, fat and juicy inside. Like REALLY fatty kind of meat.

I want to thank my bf for tolerating all the pink stuff on the bed and for being so ever supportive and for being so nice and.. Oh man, running out of nice thing to type of him but i have to carry on cox i chanced upon him reading my blog a few days ago and it went like this..

"Why you read my blog leh? I tell you everything already one"

"Nothing much lah, just to see if you say anything nice about me recently"

Lol so here it is. My bf is awesome lolol
- - - - - - -

Then it's Naoki's birthday! I organised a mini gathering for our whole family (which means it isn't that mini afterall cox we have like 15 people all in all lol) to celebrate her birthday. And i hardly would do this cox at the most we sisters would go for KTV to celebrate our birthdays, and a meal in decent restaurant to celebrate our parents birthday.

But i call for this birthday party anyway cox Naoki doesn't really have friends in school. A bit like me back then lolol except i'm not as smart as her. Plus i couldn't speak English, worst. Lol. So i thought a birthday party would cheer her on in school.

My dad trying to be funny on the kids' scooter.

He forgot his dentures i think lol.

I got all these gifts for Naoki with a Barbie zipper pouch cox she LOVES drawing. And NiaoNiao (my youngest sister) got her the duckie-bank. The rest of the people, all 'karate'. Lololololol. Shit, so far only Wendy got my joke. Hahahah.

That night was so love cox my dad was happy. And everyone could gather =DDD It's REALLY hard to try to gather all 5 of us sisters. So i'm happy.

And then i ordered pizzas and drumlets and a lot of side dishes etc. Everyone was happy but not full!!! Lolol. Heng my second sis got fried beehoon later on.

Highlight of the night!!! DENG DENG DENG~~

PRETTY CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!! And they are Baked By Lace!!!

Lol at this picture cox i didn't ask Naoki to hold the card she ownself super happy to see the cupcakes she say "我要帮他们打广告嘛" means "i want to help them advertise" Lol. Naoki, not YOU help them advertise, is ah yi, ME, okay. Lolol.

We have peanut butter chocolate, devil's food, cookies and cream, strawberries n cream, nutella, and BEST, SEA SALT CARAMEL!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THAT THE MOST!!!

I know Baked by Lace designs really simple and and classic looking cupcakes right from the start when i visit their Facebook page but it's okay cox kids LOVE cupcakes to start with anyway. And adults love how cupcakes look pretty as much as how they taste yummy.

Decided to get Lace to bake for us cox i've heard so much good reviews about them. Taste wise. And also how friendly and responsible she is. She actually turned down my previous order politely cox she was too busy with other orders and at the same time, she's more focused on quality than quantity which i understand lah!

Like every cuppie is her baby. But i never give up, i book her in late June, for this order in late September. Lolol. Kiasu not?

Generous blob of sea salt caramel on our cuppies~~~ =DDD

The kid's favourite followed by Strawberries n Cream topped with the marshmellow one, the Nutella cuppies!!! Four is definitely not enough for them three kids, so end up no adult get to eat this =(((((((((

Naoki asked for a shot with the cuppies lol.

Naoki with her mummy (my second sis) and my second sis is carrying baby yurou (baby of my 4th sis). Felt like i have to explain lolol.

Yeah no makeup that day. And my third sis's teeth is right behind and between us =.=" lol

So we really enjoyed ourselves that day and the cuppies made everyone happy.

Especially Naoki, she's like so proud of it.

And i feel proud of it too cox i arranged for it. Lolol. And everyone loved it and keep telling me very yummy.

Competition in my house is very strong okay. Lolol. Imagine five sisters and you constantly have to outshine everyone lolol. Kidding lah! But still, earning merit is important lol.

For yummy cuppies you definitely want to check out Baked By Lace. Confirm your guests and family and friends will love it one ^.^

Please direct ALL your enquiries about the cuppies to bakedbylace@gmail.com i only know that each cupcake is $3. I hope she do really well so can start a shop of her own!

That's all that happened this week. I too realise that i talk a lot. Lol. I hope you didn't read everything for your own good but i might get hurt if you didn't read everything =( Haha. Bye~

And this is why Yuzhen didn't catch the flu with us. She everyday bring cut fruits to work one. Very erxin cox so healthy. Yomeishu is i anyhow add in for her one. Lolol. And oranges stands for VitaminC. Haha. So you can see.. She's in the PINK of health. Kthxbai.


Lace said...

So happy your family, esp. the birthday girl loved it =)

Anonymous said...

There's something about Naoki that looks like you but i don't know what, lol.

smokë said...

OMG how many sisters you have? Feel free to post about your family tree XD Anyway those cupcakes are cuteeee! C: Have you recovered from your flu? I hate running nose!

QiuQiu said...

Lace, thank you!!! =D

Anon, is it cox of her droopey eyes? Lol.

Smoke, total 6 of us actually. 5 left. Yes recovered!!! =D Thank you!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to ur niece! :)

Anonymous said...

why 5 left? where's the 6th!?

Anonymous said...

Naoki is the cutest child I have ever seen. Just look at that amazingly cute smile and those doe eyes!!! I want to buy her all the cupcakes in the whole world.

Anonymous said...


Crystal said...

how old is naoki? (: My brother studies in the same school at her! Lols. Maybe I can get him to make friends with her. x)

Lady G said...

OMG, sea salt caramel cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

I get the karate joke within seconds after reading lololol. Arriving empty handed hahaha.

Xynn-eigh said...

Naoki really really REALLY looks like her mom who is super pretty. I think your fam has the girl gene just like some families have the twin gene.

Unknown said...

naoki...will be a pretty girl when she grow up~

Anonymous said...

i think all the girls in your family looks similarly good. good genes eh? so envious :)


Anonymous said...

happy post!!!!! love the birthdaysssss sooo sweet of u!!!!!!
love it!!!!!!!
and your last pic made me laugh! hahaha
yomeishu u anyhow add one wakakaka

angelCRYS. said...

Karate = wata~ (我打)
Is that right?

QiuQiu said...

My eldest sis passed..

I'm ashamed to say.. I PS-ed Naoki a bit O.O

Karate is not wata! Lololo. Guess again!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy to have added your blog in my favourites cos you always update your blog regularly. Keep it up! :))

sl said...

Naoki looks really cute.

"karate" = 空手道 = 空手到? lol

Anonymous said...

are you half-japanese by any chance? cos it looks like it, really. :) especially the doe-eyed look.


Anonymous said...

Lol I used karate joke also. For not bringing anything!

Anonymous said...

Naoki is really cute!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to say I'm a big fan of your blog Qiu. You're funny & genuine inside & out. Rock on!