14 December 2011

Jipaban is being sweet again ^.^

You have exactly 24 hours from the time this post is being posted (10pm today).
This promotion will end tomorrow at 9.59pm sharp!

And look who's modelling the clothes this time! Everything you see below, from outfits to accessories, bags and shoes, they'd will all be included in the gift guide so don't miss the 10% discount!

I repeat, TOP TO TOE, all that we're wearing can all be found on Jipaban =D
Black Maxi dress matched with chic and simple accessories. Did the photoshoot with Sophie =D
I'm sure you'd look good in either of these dresses, at a dinner/ party/ gathering for this season!

Jipaban also has a bundle sale going on! Only applicable to all shoes, clothes and accessories.

Purchase 2 items and receive 5% discount
Purchase 3 items and above to receive 10% discount

Some other items we picked out! Please make use of the 10% discount to buy if you're keen okay =)
Blue maxi dress with flap of lace. I'm sure this dress will be great for a casual date bf/ girlies!
If you enjoy something more festive, this Nordic maxi dresses will add a touch of sweetness to your happy festive mood =D You may like to throw a simple cardi over it if you'd like!

Below are some of our shots together looking like we're having fun!!! And in actual fact.. WE DID! I kept telling Sophie to "werk it, werk it" Lolol.
Isn't it cute! That little bow on her head! Can be found on Jipaban also, yes!!!
"Okay how do we do this happy-feel thing.. Awkward.. Nevermind, just smile"
If you'd just like something simple for you to mix and match with, play around, add some twist to it, this simple dress with side pockets will suit you!!! Basic, simple, clean cut and affordable!!!
And check this out!!! =DDD Sophie and me together again~
Some shots of Sophie and i fooling around with the lollies haha.
We can haz lolli.. You jelly? Lolol. Sophie looks like a barbie in this shot, i relly jelly =(
I suggested this "same leg pose" and Sophie was all like "so weird!" bitch please, it turns out to be the cutest shot i think. Lol.
That's all for our mini photoshoot with Jipaban =D
If you like all the stuff we're wearing in this post, head over to Jipaban to grab them NOW!
Oh wait, you know that's not all! Jipaban always brings the sweetness to another level!!!
FREE GIFT WRAPPING SERVICES!!!!!!!! CHEERS. No need to go squeeze and pay peak hour surcharge to get to town to shop for your girlies/ bf/ mother/ sisters for Xmas. No really, cheers!!!
Visit Jipaban for your Xmas spree now!!!! ^.^


Anonymous said...

pretty! the lollipop pics are super cute!!

btw, when are you going to hold another spree again? :D

Anonymous said...

You look better with your fringe pinned up!

Anonymous said...

sophie has such GORGEOUS legs.

Anonymous said...

hey QiuQiu,
I love reading your blog and the dresses look wonderful! I wish it would be warm enough to wear these cute outfits where I live.

love from Canada :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty! Love the blue dress with lace :D.

Anonymous said...




Sharon said...

You're really good at the happy poses! Talented I must say ^_^

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks so fried :(

Anonymous said...

Your should post in bikini.. Let me see your body