22 December 2011

Kuala Lumpur and all the fun

So the second day of the KL trip Sophie and i went on to shop and then join the Nuffnangers at Pavilion for dinner and light show!

So we missed out on the visit to the National Monument, Lake Gardens, Independence Square and also lunch at KLCC.

They also went to tour the National Mosque & National Palace after lunch! Sounds like a lot to intake for those who joined the tour!!!

But Sophie and i only have one thing in mind.. Shop ALL the shops in Sungei Wang!!! Lolol. I know you'd be more keen in me blogging about shopping so i do this for you!!! Lolol. Okay lah, i do this for myself.. AND YOU! Lol.

But first we rewind to the first night! Right after the awards.
One picture of my hair tied up O.O It cannot get more descriptive than this. Lol.
Photobombing level: Eurasian. LOLOL.

I was telling Sophie "Come! Let's do a fashion shoot on the bed lolol. Okay you lie down, okay okay, werk it.. Werk it.. Nise" And the result is..
Nise!!! I think it's cox Sophie is Eurasian. Lol. Of course then it'd be my turn. Let's see how she do this.. Hair up, chin up a bit, both hands raised up also. OKAY!
Close enough. LOLOL.
THE NEXT DAY!!! ^.^ View from our room at Marriott Putrajaya!
Sophie and i in a limo (RM70 flat rate) on our way to Sungei Wang ^.^
First shop we got to and Sophie spent like 30 or 35 minutes in it =_= *yawns* But okay lah, she bought like this pair of really chio shoes.
Before lunch we saw this outside Sungei Wang! I NEED TO TOUCH ALL MASCOTS! Lol. So we both grab a picture each and then i went on to hug the mascot goodbye and then Sophie say "What if inside the mascot is a very gross man?" Lol. Sophie, die.
Posting this pic so you can see my eyebrows.

It's always black but i try to use brown/ dark brown eyebrow pencil to make it less black but it doesn't work, it'd still be blackish mostly. So i tried using concealer on it before filling it in with brown brow pencil, it then become greyish brown which is like old people kinda brows..

So finally, i bought two different kind of brown mascara to try to make it brown.. Still doesn't work. Lol. Only gave me even darker looking brows.

I want it to be brown cox my hair hasn't be black for the longest time. So i want brown THICK, brown brows. Thick cox it's koreanish lol. But then again, Koreans have dark and thick eyebrows.. Hmm.. I guess i'm confused.

I'm telling you this becox.. Later i tell you why!!! =DDD
Lunch while waiting for Cheesie and Wendy to come join us. Can you freaking believe this is only 5SGD?!?!?! I love Malaysia.
Sophie and Cheesie =DDD Sophie's drink freaking tall one!
Wendy and me~ ^.^
Us trying some fruit stick coating with sugar! It's yummy leh!!! And soooo freaking cheap =O I actually like the mini mandarin orange one better. And i secretly think nobody wanna buy mandarin orange cox it doesn't look cute to walk around with. Lol. Whereas strawberry stick looks cute.
Audrey joined us very soon and then we all went on shopping~ Very sad Wendy never buy anything!!! And it was SOOOooooo hard for Sophie to buy something! She ended up buying really normal priced stuff, like RM35 those kind.
Most of the stuff (really really nice and up to date ones) are RM25. And there are like ten thousands shops to shop from so you really have to take your time if you're heading there to shop. But i so giam, i went for RM15 and below. Lol. But i bought the most stuff so i guess i am still a good tourist. Lol.

And the girls were all stuck at Sasa for the longest time!!! Wendy, Cheesie and Audrey were looking at some Japanese brand makeup and they were all going gaga about the lipstick etc. And i thought i saw something like a eyebrow concealer!!!!!!!!

Since i've been trying to find something like that for ages.. I thought i'd buy it ALTHOUGH it's quite expensive. Like SGD14.50 lol. Okay lah i thought it's SGD18 when i was calculating there. $14.50 doesn't sound so bad!!! Given that it's so awesome.
Sophie and i walk across the street from Sungei Wang to Pavilion to meet the Nuffnangers for dinner!
LOOK AT MY EYEBROWS PLEASE! Behind us, all the Nuffnangers!
Look my eyebrows again. We took this picture at Pavilion. They make Xmas REALLY BIG. And beautiful too! Like really make it look magnificent kind. Every corner is worth a picture. Lol. But not for me becox i think it's very tourist-y. Lolol #man #machoness
But since Sophie do..
I also lah. Lolol.
I bought this leopard preens furball rubber band and this white lace-tie thingy from Daiso at Sungei Wang. And tie it to my boring white-grey bag immediately. Haha. How does it look!

Then Sophie and i took a RM10 cab ride to Berjaya Times Square. OMGGGG WE SHOULD HAVE GONE THERE EARLIER!!! They close at 10pm and we only have like one hour left to walk the four storeys (3rd floor - 6th floor) filled with majorly cheap fashionabe stuff!!!
And there's a theme park within the mall O.O So happy my brows match the colour of my hair here.


Cox Wendy told us Berjaya Times Square closes at 10pm and it was already 9pm then and i was afraid we'd miss the time to buy Krispy Kreme donuts if we go shoping first.

So we bought donuts first. Each a dozen O.O Super mafan cox we have to lug it around!!! Shop also have to squeeze through the crowd with it lol. BUT for Krispy Kreme, it's worth it!!!

I bought 12 cox i really thought like last night, everyone (Wendy, Mike, Jess and Sam) will come to our room to party (means: chill out, do nothing for people like us lolol) and Sophie bought 12 cox she wanted to bring it home for her bf's family.

So end up, we have to lug it around the whole time looking like noobshits lol.
Next morning, first thing Huiwen see me, she say i'm ugly again. LOL. HUIWEN, Y U NO SHOW ME LOVE!!!  And since we both wearing dark frame specs, she say lets take a picture see if we really look alike as what some people suggest in a post last time. Take this picture already she say cannot, cox her hair messy.
So we took this one. She also say cannot cox she never chin down, and her face will look bigger =.=
Like this she happy. Lolol. We took picture during iFly and Olay filming! I'm waiting to show you when i compare the lookalike with Huiwen! Now i show you ba!
No photoshop except pulling levels. Huiwen say must tilt head down and smile then look like me LOL. I think she's right!!!!!! How?! Look alike not?!

Another one we took before filming Olay project 360.
Okay lah, Huiwen gen wo hen xiang, hai man mei de. Lolol.
Wanted to show you the pictures of me anyhow-featuring all the clothes i bought in KL but this post is getting too long. So i think i'd show you in another post!

Xmas is coming and i wish all of you have gotten something for your loved ones!!! And don't forget to send a little love to the people you appreciate. Thank you also, for reading in here =))

You guys have been really great! Thank you, thank you, thank you =)


fourfeetnine said...

ya wor super alike you and hui wen!!! and i sad no proper pics of me here cannot have my 5 mins of fame on ur blog WTF

Anonymous said...

You look REALLY pretty in the picture of you & Sophie in the limo/cab. Maybe bcos your fringe all up.

AnnHui said...

lOl.. you look cute on the bed :)

Anonymous said...

yea huiwen does look a little like you!! ehh, where did you get your grey and white bag from!

나니 said...

You guys look absolutely stunning! I love how TINY Wendy is compared to y'all! : D

trashtastika.com said...

I LOVE Pavilion, Berjaya Times Square and Bukit Bintang Plaza. I always buy things there when I'm in KL. If ever you come to Sydney, Janice and I can show you the best malls & stores here :)

QiuQiu said...

Audrey, I go reply u on ur blog if not u never come back to see what I reply lol

Grey n white bag from Bugis! $10. Enter from Wo Ai tai mei

Anonymous said...

you're so so so skinny! please tell about your diet and exercise! :)

Unknown said...

please! make a video about what you've bought!
And now I know what does KL mean finally!!! lol

sHaNn*sAsUkE said...

u make me miss malaysia...>< miss walking from times square to sungei wang then to lot 10 then to pavilion....secondary school days~

piiyup said...

these past two posts have been really awesome. keep it up.

Estherxie said...

First pic and close up xmas tree pic super chio!!

sachie said...

You all look super super cute <3

poppy said...

qiu qiu you very pretty in this post!!! are the clothes you bought from KL going to be on budget barbie?

Anonymous said...

what is the brand for the eyebrow concealer you bought? (:

Jsiekoh said...

Qiuqiu you are super pretty!!! OMGOMGOMG

But please don't be lazy for the last day (With geek specs one).
Hahaha love you alot!

♥ JOANN said...

my jaws dropped when u say u took rm10 cab ride to times square. u could actually take the monorail and it only cost rm1.20. i can bring you around kl next time! #thickface. lolol

QiuQiu said...

the fashionate traveller REALLY?!?! I'd love to visit upon chance!!!!

Gunila, i've shot pictures! Don't think there'd be videos thou =(

JOANN, omg.... really!!!

Anonymous said...

QiuQiu, just a suggestion: You should always be the main character on your blog. And also don't be lazy about makeup if you want to be pretty lol.
Or if you are super lazy then use this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp02tRP2XaI

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu ive been wanting to lose weight but i keep using the wrong methods,can you tell me how you become so skinny ? :)

Anonymous said...

hi, i have to say that u really shop sg wang well more than i do even though i'm from KL! *that's a compliment*!! :-) :-) cheesie look so ang moh-ish in the photo with sophie! :)

glad that u had fun in malaysia! :-)

Anonymous said...

p/s: i would really love to bring you around in KL shopping in budget hunting for pretty stuff if you plan coming to KL again! :-) i know i thick face, but it will be my pleasure to know you!!!! :-P

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu what is the brand of ur eyebrow mascara called?

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu! Would appreciate if you could share some pics of the eyebrow concealer you bought! Thanks!

QiuQiu said...

Anonymous, i never try to lose weight leh o.o But you can try no eating food after 7pm. My sister tried and it works like magic.

SophiaShuFei, REALLY!!!!! Next time i tweet about going KL you tweetply me okay!!! Lol.

The eyebrow concealer brand is heavy rotation! =D

Anonymous said...

I love that you're not afraid to show your bare face. Just shows how confident you are as a woman. :)

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, mei wen ti!! *OK HAND SIGN*

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu! Where did you get your brown hairband in this post? Is it the hard ones or the soft/flexible ones?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, the hairband is from.. Daiso!!! $2. Cloth one, more like lace. With rubber band =D Very ver comfy! Can use to gather at the fringe also!

Anonymous said...

u look different without make-up! :) i want see ur boyfie's photo!!!plss....