24 December 2011

My steals from KL and Merry Christmas!!!

So this post will go up on Christmas eve i think! So i hope no one is reading this cox if you are.. Chances of you being foreveralone now is very high. Lol. Unless you're reading it with your gfs or family or bf O.O Which i highly doubt so lolol.

Anyway here are all the clothes i bought from KL. I snapped them hastily so it's all kinda like.. Mirror reflection lol. And yes, i'm still using the compact camera and neglecting the DSLR. Totally don't know how to love it yet.

Most of the clothes are RM10 or RM15 max. So if i remember wrongly, it's just 2SGD difference. No biggie. Lolol. It's either cheap or cheaper. Haha. The exchange rate i got was 2.5 so RM10 = $4 and RM15 = $6

Sungei Wang = SW
Berjaya Times Square = BTS

Alright! Here we go!!!
Milktea long skirt from SW RM10 easy to match with stuff hor?! Chocolate brown pants from SW RM10. This one is surprisingly comfortable!!! But it's a little too big for me at the waist.
Oversized colourful top/dress for RM10 at SW O.O Love the puff at the sides! I sneaked this into my pile of purchase cox i scared Wendy/ Sophie/ Cheesie (Audrey haven't come) will judge me Hahaha.
This off-shoulder super colourful top for RM15 or 10 i can't remember. At SW. Wendy strongly advice me against this. But i thought i could werk it.. Apparently..  I can't lolol. But i tried!!!
Chain and Buckles chiffon top for RM10 at SW.
Blue Cropped top with Knitted flower for RM15 i think! From SW. This is my first purchase!!!
Fake Mickey Mouse tee for RM10 or 15 cannot remember! At BTS!!! Everyone (including my bf at home) said it's very erxin and have no idea why i bought it. Lolol. But i think it's ok-ok so-so leh!
Leopard furry dress for RM10 at SW. Floral dress at BTS for RM10. Top with lace and flare shoulder pad from SW at RM15.
Pastel pink body-hugging dress for RM10 at BTS. The flower brooch is detachable!
Denim Cardigan, Floral top with Puffed sleeves, Blue Checked bubble shorts , all from SW. The and top confirm RM10. The shorts i can't remember 10 or 15!!! Black flora dress with studs and Blue flora with draw-strings at the chest for RM10 each at BTS.
Nude tone bed of roses top RM10 at BTS.
Angry bird cropped sleeveless for RM15 at BTS!!! I know angry birds are so over!!! But i thought this was cute! No matter how Sophie think i'm being erxin lolol.
Blue dress with lace flap at RM10, from BTS!
Happy floral dress for RM15 at SW!
That's all the stuff i bought! Also two glittery nail colour which is really pretty!!! Like extra sparkly and only cost two for RM15.

Alright that's all for KL =) So happy that it happened.

BY THE WAY!!! My gfs, you can choose ANYTHING you like, that's seen on this post. I'd pass it to you when i next see you! Cox most of them are not exactly what i'd buy for myself (only the Mickey Mouse is for myself lolol) but i promise to get you guys stuff so i grab and i grab, you must like something out of this pool.. Right..? Lol *self-conscious with my own fashion sense*

Anyway! Do you know that people say Xmas is one of the days where most people commit suicide? O.O I saw it on some news one. They say cox on the eve of Xmas, and on Xmas, everywhere is filled with happiness and joy, and everyone is surrounded by loved ones.. With beautiful happy music that somehow will sound lonely and sad if you're alone O.O

But i guess the stats might be different now. Cox now if you're feeling lonely.. I suggest you read ALL the blogs!!! Bitch please, bloggers are more lonely than you. Lololol. Forever talking to ourselves. Forever taking pictures with ourselves. Haha. Lighten up!!! Life is fucking good. If it's not, you force it to be. Kinda like a rape your life thing.

It doesn't wanna give you a good time? YOU FORCE IT TO. Think happy thoughts.. Block out the negative ones. Fight back like a gangster.

I also don't know how to tell you how to be happy lah, my way is being extremely forgetful.
So maybe the key to happiness is to be old and senile O.O
Alright! I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! Hug someone today ba! Amazing things could happen when everyone is feeling happier. Only happens in this season =)


Anonymous said...

I think the Mickey mouse top is erxin bcos of the word "Best friends forever". Makes it look cheap xD.

Unknown said...

ha-ha! I've read your post! We don't celebrate Christmass untill january the 7th so... :) And my husband is still sleeping, its early morning here, like 7:44 to impress you :) but I'm an early bird.
I like all the looks! And its really quit—É a pile of clothes!
My favorites are:
- off-shoulder super colourful top (maybe it's not very comfortable like gooih=ng way up or down, idk, but it's so pretty!)
- Floral dress at BTS for RM10
- Top with lace and flare shoulder pad
I also liked both looks in first 2 pictures!

But man! You need to do smth to you mirror! Maybe clean it! LOL! Photos are so blur, aren't they?

Anyway thanks for your post! Great begining for my day!
Wish you a Merry Christmass! :)

we LOVE things said...

I see you got most floral huh? hehe but i think you really have a good taste in fashion although its cheap. You inspire me alot ;) I always like to keep a low budget on clothes yet look somehow fashionable too.

meiping said...

Most FML post for me T_T Cause I live in Malaysia and so close to SW and BTS but I never see this cheap deals before T___T Especially the Milktea long skirt wtf

dblchin (double chin) said...

woah bargin hunter! U really managed to find so much goodies in KL! Love the pastel dress with floral brooch most!

Anonymous said...

Taste in clothes/fashion is very subjective, otherwise there wouldn't be ugly clothes around, everyone would look chio, I think. Although I don't quite like what you bought, it doesn't matter cos everyone is different! :D Love love love the way you blog though, the tone, positive and nice.. Go Qiuqiu! :)

chloe said...

Nice clothes, suprised you could get it so cheap. I like the blue cropped top!:)

FiSh said...

omg i want one too! the pictures look nice, but whenever i go BtS or SW, i just can't get myself anything below RM15. coz most of the better quality ones are priced at RM20 and above :(


Anonymous said...

i hate you why do you look so hot???!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha reading this after a day out with bf means i wun be foreveralone right? ;P btw, i think only u can work the top xiaxue strong advised u against buying haha:) nice clothes all so cheap somemore make me wanna go to KL to shop!!! Merry christmas:)

Jaxine said...

u truly are budget barbie! the pink dress w detachable flower looks so classy but only RM10! amazing~

Anonymous said...

Where to get the oxford heels and how much! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a haul you got back from KL! How did you even find clothes that look nice and cost this cheap? the last time
I've been to Malaysia stuff are cheap but not THIS cheap.
Pretty! (:

QiuQiu said...

Anonymous, you're right, it's he Best Friends Forever lolol.

Gunila, how can you be foreveralone!!! Lol. You're like the nicest lady around reading my blog.

we LOVE things, thank you!!! ^.^

shortsandshirts, must dig and only look out for price tags leh. I don't look at things, i look at price tags first one.

Clara, thank you!!!!! Did you not go shop?? When we were in KL.

Anonymous, thank you!!! ^.^

Chloe, thank you~

Fish, yeah, the qualityis like so so only. Most is fine, but some is really can only wear like three times max..

Thanks guys!!! ^.^

barbie goes shopping said...

Hey Qiuqiu!

omg how come you can find all these cheap yet pretty pieces??? When I went to SW & BTS i only saw those RM25-30 ones & they're not raally chio ): hmm anw i thought the mickey mouse top was quite alright leh haha butI love love love the happy floral dress & milktea long skirt! so surprised they are only rm15 & rm10! oh btw your oxford heels are so pretty!

SuFang (Careen) said...

I saw four of you @6th floor of Sg. Wang! But feel shy and disturbing if ask for photography :D

Kelly. said...

The milktea long skirt so nice!I also watnt!TT *drools*

Unknown said...

I also have one Pastel pink body-hugging dress. But the color is different. I bought at Scape Flea Market :)

immawendy said...

omg I love all your looks here! and I can't believe all the shirts is so cheap huh? anyway, love your blog and do update more! :D

klara said...

omg you are soo cute!! getting jealous!!! :)) <3

Anonymous said...

You look good in anything you wear!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you make more posts like this, you sure can win Best Fashion blog! Cos you got a nicer figure that's why the clothes look better on you. That's how you stand out =D

Anonymous said...

I think you can win the best fashion blog already cos u got the face and figure lol.

J said...

Omg where to get such pretty oxford heels in the first photo!! :)

Anonymous said...

Brown eyebrowns look good on you ^_^

Anonymous said...

Nice shopping!!

nadnut said...

great haul! i think you looked really great in the pastel pink body-hugging dress!

Anonymous said...

OMG QIU QIU, Y U SO PRO? Even i'm a malaysian from KL i cant find pretty dresses and tops in SG & BTS. But you just go there for 1 day and you found so many pretty cheap stuff!

Anonymous said...

Qiu QIu,

I seems to see more cheesie than Qiu Qiu in your blog! :( I think you started to be like Cheesie-inspired already. Your pose, your fashion style even your hair style. Are you trying to walk the foot steps of Cheesie? You can do things which 'inspired by cheesie' but I think should keep a little of your style in there too!! Just an opinion. I'm always your loyal fan. :)

Anonymous said...

the milk tea long skirt is the prettiest amongst your this loots (:

Anonymous said...


Wow you were so skinny! Over underweight! now you really look much better after pregnancy! keep it up!

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