17 December 2011

QWeekly - Coloring my hair

Went to fix the black roots of my hair~
DONE like a breeze~ I wanted something ashy but the stylist advise me against it FOR NOW, until my hair becomes healthier. Which i told her i'm working on it, lol, with Essential hair products =D Anyway, after colouring, it's hair treatment time!
At first i was like.. =))
When the blue light came on i was like =OOOOMGWTF?!?! So i quickly snap a picture!!! This blue ray is for the treatment to penetrate the hair more intensely and to remove all the harmful chemicals that might be present in the hair colouring products.
And then i see this. FREE. OKAY, PLEASE BLOW ME. Lolol. This Mythic Oil blow dry is free with every chemical service. Valid til end of December 2011 =D Remember to ask for yours!!!
Thank you Hair Cuttour =D
Silky smooth~
Few days later. WO MEI MA? *shy smile* Lolol.
I kinda like the colour now. But let me see what colour this is exactly.. Oh, BROWN. Hahahaha. Everybody saying i freaking boring. Imma SURPRISE YOU ALL NEXT TIME!!! I WILL!!!
But for now i guess a safe colour is good to go to end this year neatly. Lol.
Last chio pic!
Tel: 6284 4866 for appointment
Blk203 Hougang Street21 #01-55
Exit Kovan MRT Heartland Mall. Keep walking straight towards HDB side, find block 203 and you'd find them easily!!! =DDD

I'd be in KL for the Nuffnang blog awards, shopping, dining, attending awesome shows and then doing more shopping and dining by the time you're reading this =DDD All thanks to Nuffnang =DDD

Will come back with lotsa chio pictures with bloggers all over the world!!! Okay not really.. I'd probably only talk to a few cox i'm really not the most peearh person around okayguy.jpeg

But i'd SHOP THE WHOLE Sungei Wang + KL Chinatown and come back and show you my loots okay =DDD I'm excited!!!!!!

And in case you're wondering why is QWeekly up on Saturday..

You're in for a major major shopping time, on Sunday.

Come back again tomorrow (sunday)!

Byeeeee ^.^


soosuen said...

<3 <3 <3. :D

soosuen said...

<3 <3 <3. :D

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks really rough... No offence tho :>

meiping said...

I think I know why she advise you not to go for an ashy colour. :s Cause I think ashy colour makes the hair look more dead. To me I think la. :p But now your hair looks nice!

Anonymous said...

i love the color!

Ishah said...

The colour is really pretty :) Mine is similar, I need to get it redone soon as well -_- black roots euughhh

Claudz. said...

Hi qiu qiu! nice hair colour you've got there ^^ Btws since you're a budget barbie, do you know where i can get secondhand digital cameras of any brand below $50?

Claudz. said...

You can email me some website or places. thanks in advance! Stay pretty ♥

Anonymous said...

Your hair like my cock hair..

alicia said...

you dye your hair , this length, how much ? (: excluding treatment ~

Unknown said...

wow! Silky smooth~ looks really so Silky and so Smooth! Impressed!
Colour is very nice. But I've already tolled that your hair is gorgeous! :)
I agree with shortsandshirts about ashy looking lifeless.

Anonymous said...

You look really pretty in this post! Like korean..? Esp when your face is really fair.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! But i think your hair's pretty damaged, maybe you should stop doing anything (rebonding, curls etc) for a while? Just to let it rest from all that.

나니 said...

Gorgeous : D and I love your cut!

FiSh said...

chio! i prefer the look right after the hair cut, with the bangs in front. HEN MEI!


Anonymous said...

I like the colour. However, you should rest your hair for a period of time by not rebonding or curling it with heat.

Anonymous said...

roughly how much for the colouring ?

Anonymous said...

u reali look like gal in d show"ai qing shui xin le"

Anonymous said...

hey qiu qiu, nice hair color. but your has been looking dry and frizzy. a healthy hair is always the prettiest, you should try to take care of it (: