04 December 2011

QWeekly - Eat and stuff

Was invited for dinner at Ten (Tempura) Restaurant at The Central Clark Quay. Am so glad they serve a lot more variety in the shop other than tempura! Sorry to be making you hungry soon with the pictures!!!
Sushi, bento sets and fresh sashimi
I went with Mich
And Gem! Zhen was late!
Ten Restaurant's special. Cox of the rice, the tempura-ed stuff.. AND, the sauce! Show you later!
Camwhore first!!! Gem and i..
Mich ask if i can photoshop Zhen inside for her or not. I say cannot but i can photoshop foreveralone to be her. LOL.
Gem's Cha Soba. She apparently love how Q it is!
MINE. Tempura Ebi. With the specialty sauce the chefs at Ten's Restaurant made. Yeah they make this sauce on their own! Not bought. Cool! Usually i'd expect to see a bowl of tempura sauce to dip in.
This one we drizzle! And it taste more flavourful than the usual tempura sauce definitely!
Thick, fat, juicy Unagi that Gem ordered. She loved it lor. She keep asking me to try but i refuse. Cox i just don't eat eel like this O.O She say i don't know what i'm missing out.
Mich's choice. Soft Shell Crab! They mad one, order super lotsa Tempura stuff. They super love batter! I also find it yums! But i stick to prawns cox.. I'm quite a loser. Lol. I like to eat a lot of something i really love to eat.
Mich's Tempura deluxe Tendon. Comes with fruit, appetizer and miso soup.
OUR CHAWANMUSHI I LOVE. Look at the liao!
Shishamo that's grilled to the way i like. I like it slightly crispy on the outside!
Mich IS mad. She like the tempura sauce so much she pour it in her rice, her tempura (which is fine) and her chawanmushi O.O
The cozy little shop. Great for friends to hang out or a conducive business meetup? Since the location super convenient. It's where Subway is, at The Central Clark Quay.
When i saw Mich holding the bowl up to drink like this i ask her "Wah 你很豪迈 hor?" Lolol. Like Jiang Hu Lao Da from the past. Lolol.
"我敬你", "好. 来, 干了它" Lol. We is nu zhong hao jie.

Ten Tempura Restaurant is located at The Central - Clark Quay.
Near Subway #01-68 Tel: 6221 2185
- - - - - - -

For those of you who are not following me on Twitter (@bongqiuqiu), I GOT A DSLR!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd do a post on it soon. NOT SPONSORED =((( Bf pay most of it. He wanted to buy it as a our 6th year anniversary gift cum Xmas gift (lol) but i thought it was too expensive as a gift still so I wanted to pay $1k but i think in the end i paid lesser than that. Not bad. Lol.

We spent about.. Wait i count.. About $2.3k =((( I'm not the one who actually wants a DSLR for me but we got the camera for me =.= How do i say this. My bf truly thinks i need a DSLR. But i don't know why i need one. My S95 is okay leh. It's not good enough for video but bearable lor.

And CANON, WHY U NO LOVE ME!!! I from first (IXUS60) to second (S95), to third camera now, all also is support you one!!!!! WEI SHE MO BU AI WO!!! Okay lah i anyhow whine one, i never go ask them lolol.

So let's see what i ACTUALLY did this week..

Yup, this is where you expect the post to end. And you're spot on.

Nothing much. Lolol. I did buy three pink (but different) tops for Baby Yurou thou =DDD


Nikki said...

Hi QiuQiu, is the mirror in your Light and Natural Makeup video from ikea? (:

HeddaHK said...

You just made me sooo hungry :3 Too bad Norway is a lousy country to eat Asian food in...:(

Mei said...

I am hungry looking at the pics you posted :| craving for Jap food now.

Anonymous said...

that place looks nice! ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi qiu:) where can i get ur leopard prints hairband? it is <3

Anonymous said...

Unagi is really awesome, you really hv no idea what you're missing, hehe.

dblchin (double chin) said...

peapod is really cuteeeeeeeeee!!!! I so gonna check out after work today!

Anonymous said...

I think Mich is super pretty