01 October 2013

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Hello~~ Me all dolled up in rosebullet ^.^ For the styling event at rosebullet (Wheelock Place B2-06) You might not be able to see here but the dress from rosebullet that i'm wearing is really special cox there are cut-outs on the side =O Kinda like a tiny-sexy but more sweet with the floral prints! =D

Thanks to those who participated in the initial styling contest callout for rosebullet! Many girls were keen but i can only pick two =( Nonetheless, thank you!!! Hopefully there will be another time! ^.^

Cleo Hairmake was the hair sponsor for the rosebullet styling event! So they did hairstyling for all the styling models and bloggers =D Bloggers' job is to do the make up + styling!

Not qualified to style others when my hair look a mess haha. 神の手 to the rescue~ Haha!
Peishi having her hair done by Sasaki ^.^ Smile until so happy ah she. Hahaha!
Bring you for a walk around to see the rosebullet store okay! DO YOU NOT LOVE THESE FLORAL APPARELS!!! I love the first one so much but it's gonna be a little short for me so i didn't pick that to wear for the event styling!
Purple floral mohair top and skirt is the design i love most from their A/W2013 collection!!! It's sooooo outrightly girly and sweet and it feels so soft and fluffy =))) I got one set for myself =X
Mainly cox i see my sister wearing it O.O Hahaha. Lena Fujii wear what i also want!!! =DDD
In case you think rosebullet A/W 2013 is all floral and sweet, nah-ah~ Look at these!!! They are edgy and strong enough without losing the playful and girly side of the rosebullet style!

That's what rosebullet is all about! Girly sweet and charming with a touch of edginess! rosebullet balances cheeky fun with sassy glamour. It is the expression of a lady who is romantic, glamorous and full of attitude. With “rose” depicting Femininity and “bullet” illustrating edgy style, rosebullet features a refreshing mix of cutting edge fashion and chic modern style.

We all know Japan, Tokyo is where all the prettiest brands (in my opinion) comes from. Especially Shibuya. If you've been there, you'd know what i mean. Remember my first trip to Japan.. I said i feel like a 7/10 cox i put in extra effort to dress up and all? And then instantly feel like a 2/10 when i enter Shibuya 109. Hahahaha.

ALL the ladies, be it shoppers or shopowners or sales staff, they all look drop-dead gorgeous. It doesn't really matter how their faces look like, your attention are all stolen away by their outfits!

Can you just can't peel your eyes off them and how they can put together styles so effortlessly. And rosebullet was a brand that originated from Shibuya, the town of mother-of-all-chioness what the heck. It's no wonder rosebullet is a brand loved by many internationally!

Okay i blabber too much! And i am done with hair =D One OOTD shot yeah!
A picture with Yuki. She really style her models like runway models O.O Me and Peishi were looking at her and going "Wah fierce.. Pro-ness" Hahahah!
She is very into mode style. And rosebullet also carry various popular Japanese labels in store. The top she was wearing is from this particular brand V.V. (which stands for Virtue and Vice, it's like a mix of good and bad girls style =D) Their stuff are of comfy cuts and themed monotone for A/W2013! Most suitable for people who loveee black, neutral or white colours haha! Like, it can never go wrong anyway! So heck, have fun mixing and matching the items!

Some other brands rosebullet have in store!
Love how their stuff are so casual chic with subtle floral / lace, it's perfect for everyday coordinates!

For fashionistas who loves details and textures, Smork's A/W2013 is something you cannot miss~

I bought soooo much stuff from this label LOVEBOAT =OOO Event day got up to storewide 20% =XXX So.. I guess it's okay? I really love their stuff cox it's very casual chic and.. Swag. Hahaha! Next time when i wear them i'd show you on my instagram okay! Cannot resist Japanese label =X

One more brand feature in the rosebullet store is Kari Ang. For girls who are bosses of their own. Haha. No really, for girls who like to dress up a little likeaboss, determined and cool!

If you like what you see above from the various labels! You'd be glad to know that the opening of “rosebullet edit Tokyo” at Somerset where multiple Japanese Fashion brands can be found. Other than rosebullet, they have Love Boat, Love Girls Market, Kariang, Smork and V.V. =DDD

I soooo hope to see more of LOVEBOAT there!!! It's my new favourite Japanese label added into the many Japanese labels i already love ^.^

Alright~ Back to the event~ Starting soon~~~ Really love this cutout dress from rosebullet!!! Makes me look like i have damn small waist haha.
A picture with Peishi~
Sio working on a VIP member! Find out on the VIP page of rosebullet facebook how you can join rosebullet VIP membership for privileges and exclusive discounts!!! This month in September, they have a VIP promotion, do remember to check it out!
Some new sparklies from their A/W2013.
And more vibrant fun colours from rosebullet!
They also stock a variety of shoes so do browse around when you're in the shop ^.^
And erm.. Me? Haha.
My first model of the day =DDD Yii Ting is a follower on my instagram i assume! Cox she was picked from the instagram comments! Thank you for coming Yii Ting!!!
There there, see the cutout on my dress! =D Me doing Yii Ting's makeup while..
Sio does magic to her hair ^.^
As we're at it, the shop was already crazy crowded with people. And the crowd never stop!
I guess everyone was rushing in for the discount! The cashier counter damn packed all the time.
Putting up the outfits from rosebullet on Yii Ting.
"I see your head can or not" Hahaha. I damn scared hats cannot fit me one =( Cox wo de tou hen da.
One with Nikki ^.^ SHE IS SOOOOO CUTE!!! T.T She draw the blusher right under eye draw until so Jappy. I bua bua bua a lot still don't have the Jappy effect why is it like this ah. Hahaha.
One more with Nikki cox she looks like a doll ^.^
And Yii Ting is done changing~! Trying on a pair of nude heels from rosebullet!!! I wanted to make her legs look longer and nude heels are great cox they look like an extension of your leg haha.
Don't you just love how she look now~!!!!!!!! かわいい!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
Wait~ It's not complete without some sparkles!!!
And we're done!!! Allow me to proudly present to you~~ MY FIRST MODEL ^.^ Yii Ting!!! I am very very proud cox i think she look awesome great after the styling of hair, makeup and rosebullet outfit!!!!! The set of clothes she's wearing is selling in a set price!

It's actually a knit top made with mohair fur, super soft and nice to touch!!! And inside is a satin top and bottom pants!!! So it's a 3-piece set for one price! I think it's awesome rosebullet also practice the set-price here in Singapore!

It's very common in Japan, and i love it cox there's an option to go with the styling done by the brand! And i'd say, it looks good!!! Especially useful for people who might not know how to mix and match their outfit. Of course you can also just buy them separately if you have in mind how else you wanna match it ^.^

One more with my first superstar of the day =))) Looking totally Jappy, Yii Ting!
Okay maybe i got a little too carried away cox she look too cute haha.
One of the Cleo Hairmake team! Hitomi san is not in the picture cox she's busy doing up the runway-standard hairstyle for Yuki's model hahahah.
And my second model Kristal is here =DDD She also joined the instagram commenting contest! I am glad to have her cox she has bob hair! Can work a different style on her ^.^
Picked out some outfits from rosebullet, LOVEBOAT and V.V. for her to try!
And time for her hair~
And makeup~!!! I feel like a master cox got a lot of people watching outside hahaha.
DENG DENG DENG~!!!!!! SUPER LOVE THIS LOOK!!! And i think Kristal pull it off really well!!!!!! Omg did you see that shimmery silver shorts?!?!!?!? I bought that =XXX Haha~ Anyway you can find everything she's wearing top to toe from rosebullet store at Wheelock B2-06!
One with my proud-doing, Kristal!!! Haha! She look sooooo pretty and stylish with the whole getup! I think i did a great job with the smokey eyes and red lips hahaha. Self-praise a bit ah.

Her jacket is from rosebullet and it's partly made with genuine leather (lamb skin)! I think it's a great piece to stay warm fashionably! Haha. Thank you Kristal for coming!!!

And last model of the day was a walk-in for me~! You have Evangeline~ Who gamely said okay to any style i was gonna put up for her ^.^
Shio do her hair first~ I ask for a romantic hairdo and Sio proposed a side braid. Good!!!
Hi, just me while waiting for Evangeline's hair to be done haha.
I saw this featured piece and i was like OMG IT'S SOOOO SOFT WHAT'S THIS FUR!!!
It's ostrich fur O.O =O Ostrich got fur one meh huh?! Is it the few strands on top of their tiny head.

OMG HAHAHA i just googled. It is. On their tiny head and long neck hahaha. So cute. Wonder how many ostrich was involved in one of this jacket since thier heads are so tiny. It's shaved ah, so don't worry. Just like the other signatures knits from rosebullet made from angora / fox fur.

Don't know Drago and Tiffany can go get shaved and have their fur made into furry jacket just for me not. Lolol. Their fur grow out and shed damn fast one! I don't think they mind giving me some. "To be part of the pack, you have to look like the pack" No, Caesar Milan never teach this but i think if i have husky furcoat, Tiffany and Drago might start respecting me and stop sleeping on my bed. And then when i finally chase them off, and lie down on my bed, they jump back up and step all over me and then sleep on top of me like they are freaking chihuahuas.

Stupid dogs weigh more than 20, 30kg!!! *RAGE FACE* hahaha. I love them so much. So everynight now i let them sleep and step all over me. Sigh *rubs 正骨水 and zambuk*

What was i talking about. Ostriches. And their tiny heads yes. Yeah and the jacket is sooooo soft and fluffy and pouffy and smooth to touch! I put it to my face and rub a little hahahah *psycho smile*

And it's in this soft lilac colour, chio max! If you're thinking to get it maybe you can check out the rosebullet store! They have very limited pieces! I am guessing cox you need A LOT A LOT of ostriches who's willing to have a haircut to make one jacket like this hahaha.

Anyway if you wanna keep warm during autumn / winter and still look super fashionable with real fur / wool, rosebullet is the best place to find your wardrobe fix! Like the outfits i put on the girls earlier and this set i put on Evangeline as you'd see =D
Do make up for Evangeline first ah..

And there i have!!! Lena Fujii and me!!! Hahaha! She look super sweet doesn't she!!! In this floral rosebullet mohair top and skirt! Pair with all the accessories and bags and shoes from rosebullet!
One more of Evangeline solo~
Plus she has babyface, so it's easy for her to work this knit wear set! Keep warm and dressing up for A/W have never been so effortlessly pretty and sweet!!!

So which model i styled do you like most?!
Left - Right
Yii Ting in the casual and fun knit top and inner set, with neutral nude accessories..
Kristal in chic mode, with lambskin jacket, swag cap and silvery bottom with a good touch of black..
Or romantic and soft floral and knit on Evangeline?!

Vote for the best styled participants at rosebulletSG facebook page!

The best styled participant (determined with most likes) will win the entire apparel on them ^.^

You can also see on the page other participants styled by Peishi and Yuki!!! Definitely looking great too!!! Love a super doll-like dress Peishi put on her models and Yuki's runway mode style on hers!
Blogger stylists of the day, Yuki, Peishi and me ^.^ WE DID A GOOD JOB I SAY!!! =DDD And FTS everyone looks like a giant beside Peishi 你站远一点啦改次 *stare* Hahaha.
Me with some of the pretty store assistants and style advisers from rosebullet ^.^ They are all super stylish and pretty hor!!! And extra helpful and friendly too. So if you feel like dolling up, you know where to feel like Lena Fujii hahaha. Look at those dolls standing with me. Really, the eyes need so big?! *talking about the one dressed in black beside me especially) haha.
One with just Nikki ^.^
And one with the hardworkers from Cleo Hairmake team! Still don't have Hitomi san i think she go vomit cox work too hard on Yuki's models hahahah.

And big big special thanks to the Nuffies and Churpies for helping me out at the event also!!! And for Jayne who helped me snap most of the pictures!!! Every event is fun ^.^

Thank you rosebullet for having me, i had lotsa fun dolling up the models with all the different brands in store!!! Let's do it again next time~!!! =DDD Thanks to the models as well~~ =DDD You guys look awesome (after my styling) hahahah.

I leave you here with a act chio shot. Lol. I didn't know when this picture was taken! Haha.

rosebullet is running a promotion now!!! Enjoy 15% OFF with purchase of 2 items!!! I WANNA GO SHOP!!! =XXX

Links for your convenience:

rosebulletSG Facebook page for promotions, new arrivals and event updates. Vote for the best-styled participants there too!!!

Instagram @rosebulletsg for staff snap and new collection launches etc

rosebulletSG Blog for the rosebullet girls who share snippets of everything rosebullet! They even update on Japan trips, OOTD etc! Visit if you wanna know more about the rosebullet girls!

Visit rosebullet stores at

Wisma Atria (Isetan)
Level 1
Tel: 62355756

Wheelock Place
Tel: 65 68874985


Hanna Lei said...

I love all the looks you styled! Very cute. -Hanna Marie

Tysh said...

your hair suits you so well *.*

Unknown said...

so pretty! :D

Carole said...

Hello Qiu Qiu, you look so nice in the cut out floral dress! im gonna go get one! however, in your blog you mention quote your blog to get 10% storewide on regular priced items right? but now its already 1st Oct. ^.^

Carole said...

Hello Qiu Qiu, you look so nice in the cut out floral dress! im gonna go get one! however, in your blog you mention quote your blog to get 10% storewide on regular priced items right? but now its already 1st Oct. ^.^

Carole said...

Hello Qiu Qiu, you look great on the cut out floral dress! Im so gonna get one too!
By the way you mention quoting your blog to get 10% off right. However, the promo is only available till 30Th SEptember? Now its already 1st OCt. ;(

jiamin said...

From now till 30th September... it's already October. lol You're welcome.

ms.bulat said...

-_-!!!! i thought the girls are already quite pretty but u made them look even prettier! What is this! hahaha! you also have Shio's hands ah. & Nikki's dress is so nice T_T *Shed tears*

Cat said...

Yii Ting is my fave :D So cute omg! *Dies of cuteness)

QiuQiu You got so lucky :p all your models were so cute and young and naturally pretty! Easy to make them look good haha.

Maybe all readers of yours are this cute? ;P

I wish haha.

I really enjoyed this styling post, more please! It was even more fun that some of your models were readers :D

Unknown said...

You look great with this hairstyle!

Alice Lee-Yang said...

All pics are very pretty! Great effort on feeding readers with eye candies heheh, really thumbs up! 👍👍👍
Oh ya the last photo is also super chio, it looks like magazine shot! ^.^

Flickrshare said...

Nice hair!

Anonymous said...

Where is nikki's dress from, qiuqiu!

QiuQiu said...

thank you Hannah!!!

Tysh ^.^ Thanks~~~

Thank you Jean!!!

CRhaus =XX Sorry i think the promo is over BUT i don't see why you can't try!!! =X Haha!

ms Bulat hahah! They were cute to start with yes!!!

Cat ^.^ Yes Yii ting is really great to makeover for!!!

thank you Justina!!!

Alice hahaha! Thanks ah, i feel very flattered.

Anon, from rosebullet!!!

Anonymous said...

the translator lady looks like the taiwan's ya zi!!

Anonymous said...

Comprehensive coverage of the event! The pastel tones and feminine charming style compliments your persona. The last shot was lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hi !! what eye brown pencil are you using :) Do share !!

Ayu Adiras said...

your hair style is supaaa cute d(>w<)b
kindly visit my page maybe,


Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu, im a new reader. I never thought you were sooo tall!!! Got to know u thru watching budget Barbie! You are a natural in front of the camera, posing so well like u know how to position all your body parts lol! Stay sweet and beautiful - inside and outside.: -)