19 August 2010

After this post, i am going to kill myself, then kill all of you.

Becox no one should see this, AT ALL.


You'd think this would be a forehead of somebody like..


But no, sadly, VERY SADLY, it belongs to somebody like this.


Things keeping me alive and stopping me from killing myself altogether:

One: Makeup, but i don't put makeup on the forehead becox it'd only make it worst

Two: Photoshop

Three: Those fringe Juno decided i should keep

Four: Very optimistic disposition

Without all that, i might as well be dead since i look like this.

No photoshop on forehead, no makeup, taken with flash

Taken without flash

I know, i should go and die right now.

Bye world..

Bye to the AWESOME fact that i have my own online show but can't continue to do it becox i am going to end my life.

Bye to my AWESOME pair of legs i am sorry i don't epilate or sandpaper you often.

Bye to my perky butts, you have been the only AWESOME asset i ever had, i wish you have no birth mark on you.

Bye Daddy who deep fries AWESOME prawn fritters

Bye Tiffany and Drago, mummy hope that daddy will find you a AWESOME mummy like me.

Bye AWESOME MacDonald.

Bye Xiaxue i can never get to read your AWESOME post no more.

Bye you readers, you can read my AWESOME post no more.

Bye Bye..

But seriously,  you think someone with such a awesome life like me would go and die? LOL. Somebody help me out here with The World's Most Er Xin forehead.



Unknown said...

darling. sometime very good. i can recommended you. use 1 week. and said bye to them.

Unknown said...

my forehead is like that too! and everythign is on my forehead only! ;(

Jenni Ukkonen said...

Hi QuiQui :) I've been reading your blog for a while but this is my first time commenting. I'm so sad about your skin, I know how bad it feels when the skin isn't perfect :( Have you eaten antibiotics for it? A doctor would surely recommend those for you and they really help too! Many years ago I also had bangs and as the skin got sweaty behind all the hair, I got pimples. After I grew my bangs away the skin got a lot better. I hope that happens to you too :) Keep on blogging, it's so much fun to read about your life! :)<3

beyondone'sthought said...

Hi gal, its my first time commenting on ur blog too, but not e first time seeing this facial probs.. :))..Try using Garnier pore wash (i forgotten e exact name details) for 2 weeks, if it doesnt get improve, try on with their Garnier(pureA). Their scrub foam really works in cleaning greasiness on skin which is link to reduce blemishes! btw,its better not to let ur bangs blocking up e forehead..must let it breathe first!

QiuQiu said...

deashop, i will be getting Proactive if there's no other way out.. Heard it's really effective.

Hui Jun, people say it's stress-incurred but i really doubt so! All i do is blog funny and lame shit, how to get stressed?!

Jenni, thank you for commenting. About one year ago i had this kinda of breakout ALL OVER my face. Cheeks area, nose, chin and all. But it just die down. Now it's back at the forehead.. I should see a doctor if Proactive doesn't help =( But now the bangs can't go becox it's the only way i could go out looking human.

QiuQiu said...

Beyondone's Thought, really you guys think it's the bang??? But if i keep it to the side now or cut it, i'd have to go out everyday with the pimples VERY visible! dilemma!

Garnier might not be quite suited for me, even the moisturising / hydrating series.. I tried both, end up having A LOT of milia seed..

l said...

haha! why you never "bye donnie yen" LOL

Anonymous said...

dont worry , i am exactly in the same siuation like you . however , its so much better right now . i spent over 50 bucks buying creams , facial and was of no use . finally , i came across with this mud mask and cream from thailand . im not sure if you can get it from singapore but you can ask around though . the mud mask actually helps as you can feel the stinging infect killing the germs and puss from your pimple . there after , apply the cream so that your pimple wouldnt be that swollen . repeat this for weeks (do it just twice a week for the mask , and as for the cream , apply it everyday) and you'll be able to see the effect. also , to have a better complexion , put rice grains ( not cooked) into a bottle with water and put it in the frige . after a while you can pour some on the cotton pad and put it on your face like a mask . remove it after 15 mins or so and you can see your face glowing (it helps alot in whitening ) (:

QiuQiu said...

Lynette, yahhor!!!! how can i forget my lover! Lol..

Qinyutan, wow.. Sounds very complicated!!

ahkife said...

LOL ! there is one way out. You just need to blow your hair , which will make your hair a bit more bouncy so that your fringe will not (literary) touch your forehead. The reason is simple, when you touch your hair (fringe part)= GERMS ! so when your fringe ( filled with GERMS ) touches Your forehead +germs = pimples !

aAtik said...

i used to have the same problem before, but after using bodyshop vitamin C facial wash and tea tree oil for the acne,my skin is clean and clear. and yeah.keep the hair off your face.

Anonymous said...

I have this kind of forehead last time!!! But I got introduced to this series of skincare by a friend. Try them, they really work. or email them to see if they will sponsor u for a review on yr blog?

anyway I use:
AHA cleanser
Tea Tree Toner
Pore refining and whitening serum
and the BEST: Tea Tree pure pore drying lotion. No scar.good luck!