12 August 2010

I love Singapore!

Okay i know it's a bit late to say this now becox National Day is over but everyday i love Singapore! For all the things we take for granted. Today i am going to show you who love Singapore MOST! LOL. You know i am going to say me. Yes it's me!

 I dress up like that to celebrate National Day with HTC!!!
 I the Samsui woman!!!

The term Samsui women broadly refers to a group of Chinese immigrants who came to Singapore between the 1920s and the 1940s in search of construction and industrial jobs. Their hard work contributed to Singapore's development, both as a colony and as a nation - Wiki says so! =D

I know i don't look glam or anything near good-looking but it was SO FUN! Like everyone was looking at me. Okay, not me, my outfit! =DDD I told peeps from The Right Spin that i want to have soil-looking makeup on my face to make it look more real but not allowed! They ask me to go roll in REAL soil =((( LOL!!!

Little Nonya - Crystal
Me - Samsui
Julius - Sir Stamford Raffles

Stamford Raffles very 入戲!!! Super into character! Haha!
Samsui act chio by tilting face 45 degree angle, FAIL! LOL!!!


Sheeeeenaaaa~ ^.^

 Fareeeeenaaaa~ =DD HAhahaha!
All the cool people from The Right Spin!!!

We had to go around asking people to make a wish for Singapore and have it noted down using HTC Footprints function! It's really fun and easy! We also went up on buses to give out free Nets Plash Pay cum EZlink card with credited value! Why HTC so good!!!
If i have more pictures of us in the action i'd show you guys here!

Then it's lunch time!

Half a second before this shot was taken, i looked like that.
With sphag and mushroom dangling out of my mouth. LOL!
What! I AM A SAMSUI!!! Being in TCC won't bring me out of my Character!

This is moving into the future but not forgetting the past with Singapore.
LOL. Whatever this means, it looks weirdly funny! Hahaha!

But point is, i do. I love Singapore! And is especially proud of it this year becox we are the host for Youth Olympic Games!

 You must have seen this already!
Merly and Lyo!

Apart from being able to own a piece of history, the card has dual functionality and can be used as both an ez-link card as well as a Visa card. With the ez-link card, you can travel around town at ease, be it on buses, trains or even taxis!

In addition, use it as you would with a Visa credit card to pay for your dining, retail and other purchases. The only difference here is that, unlike ordinary credit or even debit cards, you can use the DBS Visa Prepaid SYOG card without meeting any income or age requirement. You can use up to the stored value that is in the card, and top-up the card again at any AXS stations or online once the value depletes.

This card is great for young kids as it allows them the flexibility and freedom to pay with their very own Visa card, at the same time limiting expenditure to the value in the card. In addition, parents can also track past transactions made on the card online.

More information on the DBS Visa Prepaid SYOG Card can be viewed here:

Okay, if you don't like to read in chunks! Here's why you'd want one for yourself!

- Dual functionality, a Visa card and an ez-link card in on

- Usage for public transport as well as at Visa merchants

- You can own a piece of history with the SYOG card, as this is the first time that a card like that is being used for an Olympic event

- No age requirement, anyone can own this card, including the kids

- No income requirement 

- Security, especially when travelling abroad as you can only use up to the stored value in the card, unlike a credit card where the risk is higher

- Can definitely be used for online shopping! (WEeeeeee!)

- A great gift for your loved ones

- Can track expenditure on the DBS website, allowing you to still keep a tab on you’ve spent on

Here's what i did with my Merly card so far!

Merly pays for my cab ride..

Merly pays for my shopping =D

Merly pays for my doggies shopping ^.^

 Merly chooses the best seats with me at the movies.. And,

Merly pays! Hahaha!

And Merly travels with me around Singapore!
^.^ Merly is my best girl friend now!

So go get your Merly / Lyo card now!
Own a piece of Singapore History!


Coco Tai said...

Singapore sounds so fun! Would love to live there!


geck said...

woo i love ur dressing , so red so cool!

QiuQiu said...

Coco Tai! Where are you then?? Where do you live?

ANGGG, Lol.. You like right..... Join Cathay Pacific Airway next time, WHOLE thing red!

Coco Tai said...

I live in the U.S. ...Not quite as fun as Singapore haha


Anonymous said...

Hi can I check with you where you get the samsui woman clothes from? I might need one for my DND.