17 October 2010

Go, everyone, go!

For the longest time (since i started this space) i've been putting up PICTURE-links of the people who are nice and have asked to be linked, or people whom i just feel like linking up.

Read clearly, PICTURE-LINKs. Okay, with their faces, with their names, and it links to their blogs. And the picture is bigger than my sidebar icon ads. OKAY?! I charge for those ads, i don't even charge you guys for those picture links! And you know it, that some advertisers got to you, through here.

But this is hardly appreciated. Not that i'm saying all those people that were on my sidebar are unappreciative, all i'm saying this, this effort that i do is not doing me ANY good!

Becox end up all i get is to feel awkward when some people EXPECT me to put them there since i put their friends (or acquaintances) there. And when they ask things like, "Why you put so-and-so, never put me?" And follow by a giggle or a laughter, I KNOW it's just to make it seem like it's a joke and a casual remark, but we all know, YOU MEAN IT, YOU REALLY WANT IT.

Sorry, not gonna happen, now everyone's gone. Removed.
Stop making things difficult for me.

Plus some of you who asked to be linked, doesn't even link me up, very nice of you. Should i start charging you like how i roll money out of giving other sites traffic? *rolleyes*

Unless we are friends, you cannot take advantage of me like that, you know?! If we are friends, EVEN WORST.

Maybe when you have more readers, you'd know.

Not like i have tens of thousands of readers a day for my linking to matter to people, but also not like i am that insignificant (and stupid) to let everyone enjoy free-rides here and not feeling the least bit of appreciation.

You guys go drive your own sites.

Go, go.

I'm so sick of this my-friend-is-your-friend-so-rope-me-in! Sorry, not gonna happen. I like your friend, don't like you, AND IT IS POSSIBLE LIKE THAT.


Shely said...

aww.. too bad. sometimes i like browsing your friends' websites too but didnt get to link them. Now i can only read yours i guess. :P

Jayley woo said...

haha awww!
it's okay babe, HAHA.
i've had fun while having my face on your pretty site. ;D
meet soon leh, i just got the nail polish, HAHA. XD

jksl said...

Hey (: calm down. Take this as a lesson learnt. Real friends wouldn't take advantage of you. Btw, love reading your blog posts. JY & TC ^^

Anonymous said...

u can't please everyone! so just please yourself :)