07 October 2010

My Bffs

I was at Chinatown with Michie on the left and Zhenie on the right here:

Michie deciding which tattoo she wants to stick on..
They kept refusing to let me snap them. Even asked me to heartsaic their faces =((
Not gonna happen! Sorry! In fact, i am going to dig out our past pictures!
Just to win the nostalgic points. Hehe.

We wanted to dine somewhere but that place was closed for cleaning so we ended up at Fatty Weng (Except pekking duck, white rice and plain water, everything else suckballs) and saw this hanging on the wall..

Michelle jokingly say this is 天九翅 as if it's some legendary stuff in 神雕俠侶 and 天龍八部.

So naturally we all think this CANNOT be 天九翅.

But the waitress came over and say it IS 天九翅!!! LOL! We were all so proud and impressed that our poly-graduate friend is so smart =DDD It's like she knows all the 曆使, 天學, 文理. I think she can marry 豬葛良. Hahaha!

Choosing and discussing..

I think they think too much. It's one whole booklet for $4 with 84 pcs of tattoos inside. Do already don't like, RUB AWAY and change only! Don't need to think so hard! Is this what all working people do? Think too much into everything? Haha.

The page they chose.

And finally..

 Although Michie sent me a MMS of her half-rotten butterfly today, i sincerely hope she still can feel the love =)) Hahah!

I knelt down to beg them so that i can take pictures with them, to show the world,

 One more..

 Last one of boring face-shot in the MRT station.


Hello you two, just wanna say i love you guys and i really still do hope to have our children can mix with each other next time.

And please don't get married until i get married off, can? Can? Can? Please!

Sigh.. Do you sometimes just look through Friendster (pfffsssshhhh...) or your old albums etc and feel super mixed up. The feeling is like.. "is this what i wanted out of my life? Gosh.. I looked so happy back then.. Fuck, i'm so old now.. Shit, i'm gonna cry.." Like that. Does that happen to you?

 L-R: Mich, Me, Zhenie

Err.. Okay looking at picture above now, maybe i don't wanna go back in time. I mean, how did i survive with a face so round?! BABY FATS SUCK!


 Eeew my eyebrows.. And ewww, Michelle's face.

 My meimei and i =)))

 Really fucked up things i do to my girlfriends 4 years ago when i just picked up photoshop.
I think.. Being friends with me.. Their lives generally suck.

 I can't do this anymore. Tissue please. I love you guys.

Thank you for letting me into your lives again =))


j said...

mind telling where you got the sticker book? :)

angie said...

your mich friend is cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to bother you again, but what version of photoshop do you use?

Anonymous said...

sweet! good friends are hard to find and once you've found them never be complacent and let them go.

Anonymous said...

may i know where your friends bought the tattoo sticker book?

Anonymous said...

Your friend has a super nice nose!

Anonymous said...

Some of your chinese words are wrong. is 历史 not 历使, is 诸葛亮 not 诸葛良。

QiuQiu said...

j it's from Chinatown, exit MRT pagoda street, it's the shop right beside Bee Cheng Hiang the BBQ pork store.

angie HAHA. Yeah.. She's very happy seeing this comment, i bet.

Anon, i use photoshop CS.

Last anon, i don't care.. =))

ツリキ said...

Hi hi! Nice meeting you today!
Oh! The tattoos!!! Sadly mine came off completely already... ='(

Anonymous said...

How did you get rid of your baby fats!!! I also have ): ): ):