13 October 2010

Shesprees - Now me too!

Shesprees has just launched their 50th collection! :)

Everything in Shesprees is specially chosen and imported from the heart of Korea, Seoul!
KOREA!!! MY hometown! LOLOL *bitch slap myself, WAKE UP!*

Before i show you what madly chio stuff Shesprees carry, i'm gonna show off what ladyboss sent to me!

 This came as a surprise! THANK YOU ladyboss! I totally love this!!!

 Happy family =D Okay still got my pink keychain with furballs and pearls not featured here. Hehe.

Awww.. Minnie ring and Bunnie ring!!
 Comes in various colours!

Close up of the cute tiny little hearts ^.^
Colour is true to picture with my pretty face in it.

Shessprees is focused to make all items affordable for everyone! But affordable things MUST be good too! Be it quality, style or chic-factor. This is the philosophy Shesprees is working on!

Mailing Listees and Facebook friends always get discounts! =D


Anonymous said...

Hi, the minnie and the bunny rings, we couldn't find it in the shesprees website, do you know where to locate it? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ! Did u get the rings from SHESPRESS too? Cause i don't see any in the web :(((

QiuQiu said...

Sorry guys, could you check with the owner? Cox i tried to find under accesories, don't have.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, may I know what camera are you using? Your pictures are pretty ^^