10 October 2010

Unexpectedly.. GREAT.

This was the first post on this blog.

Everything has changed except the title, 1 and 7 are still the favourite numbers.

This blog has lasted too long, even though i thought it wouldn't ^.^

One year into blogging i was a 500 for a loooong time. And things were good! I was still running around with bf, hanging in the house with doggies.. Going for baking classes at the community center (i know, i know..) and becox of Omy blog awards 2009.. There are blogshops wanting to advertise on my blog. I charge REALLY peanuts lor i tell you. Cox i took it as extra $$$ to get extra treats for doggies plus i don't know why they wanna advertise here! I'm not fashionable! I mean C'MON! I go to the Community Center and learn to bake pineapple tarts for CNY! How hip can that be? Haha!

At that point, i REALLY enjoy the kind of crowd. First of all, it's big enough for me. Second of all, they are friendly, harmless and generally very nice! I blogged like i am tweeting now, all the random things i do in life, the cakes, muffins and macaroons i baked.. Pictures of my doggies.. Numerous designs of manicure i DIY for myself and others plus blinging my phone into a tumor-infested piece of shit plus photoshoots etc etc etc! I enjoyed it so much! Just sitting at the comp, writing about all the crap i love doing.

Then came omy blog awards 2010 rally in April and..

Another headline in May this year about me being a begger, begging for boobies. Come to think of it, seriously, me? A Begger? Siao bo? A casual remark to get back at people DEMANDING me to blog a certain way, got ballooned.

After the hype, i became a 800 and it grows very slowly. I don't even think of myself as a blogger! I swear! When asked what i do, i'd say i help out my bf's business a little bit.
I used to get upset and will get back at people who scolded me becox i can't understand why they wanna say mean things without knowing me for me! I am just a woman at home, who has a lot of time to blog, who also happen to get invites and is nice enough to attend, and lucky enough to get some sponsorship! PLUS, YES I LOVE ATTENTION. So 500 was good! Now 800, great!

And a bit later, i got an email from the people at Munkysuperstar. I think it was an open call to almost every other blogger. I was a bit sian to go simply becox i DON'T LIKE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. Lolol! I tell you why i went in the end okay? Becox i have a hair appointment with Juno after, plus another appointment after my hair appointment. So all in all, three appointments in a day means i save the effort to put on makeup another day. So i went for the Munkysuperstar interview! =D And apparently, i made the right choice!

I was then a 1000 (cox of omy blog awards) who soon turned 1600 (becox of a coverpage article in URBAN). The casual boob job remark, turned into a situation where i realise, HEY! Everyone's talking! Why don't i just do it if offered! Since do or don't do, people already perceived me as how they wanna see me.

The whole thought process was, "LET'S SEE WHERE THIS TAKES ME!"
Plus anyway, i have been wanting a pair of boobies for the longest time!

And then i don't check my viewership anymore becox i don't care already! Having more than 1000 people reading me daily, that's enough! HAHAHA. I don't even have 10 good friends i can really count on, so 1600 people who bother to log on to my site everyday, IS ENOUGH for me to know!

Then Budget Barbie happened.

And now i have enough viewership to earn a decent income for myself.
Blogging, shopping, talking and earning. How perfect is that?!
Okay lah, i am just easily contented and grateful for whatever i have. HAHA.

Life is crazy like that. You never know who you're gonna meet next, who you gonna be next, what's gonna knock you out or sweep you off your feet. Before this, i was really just a homelady in Punggol.

I'm not greater than everyone, but i'm superb enough for myself to adore myself this much.

Guess i'm starting to like this as it is but it just keeps getting better. And i'm really grateful for all the people that coincidentally, purposely, unknowingly stepped into my life.

And feeling less like, "I'm just a small time person who owns a blog, why the fuck you wanna pick on me for! I'm so gonna get back at you!"

Becox now.. You pick on me, i sorta earn from you.
We're quits =)

Everything will turn out perfect-in-place if you're sincere to people, diligent, honest with yourself (you know best what you love, who you love, what you hate, who you are appalled by and who you never wanna be associated with) and..

And keep on downloading great photoshop brushes. Haha.



Anonymous said...

Can you blog a post on how to make macaroons?? I love it lot but outside very expensive :(

Geetahwoo said...

jiayou girl ! i love the fact that you're keeping things real and im glad to be able to read such blogs. it's entertaining and fun! :D

Anonymous said...

omgggg you started blogging on my BIRTHDAY XD 17 june! :)

Anonymous said...

love this entry. i think you've become a nicer person after what you went thr. :)

Valerie Faith said...

I am more motivated to have a blog like yours! You are very frank about your opinions! I like that(: Keep up the good work!

Hannah said...

So proud of you! <3

- Hannah

dblchin (double chin) said...

Congrats sweetie! Have have writing more interesting post!

Anonymous said...

I would love to be friends with you leh!
You look very tall...how tall are you?

QiuQiu said...

Thank you guys

I'm 173cm =)

Xtine said...

told u liao, u ARE successful in your QQ way :P Eh, u took off hotlinks? Ke Lian my blog leh...i need your popularity.LOL

Anonymous said...