01 October 2010

Money is not the root to all evil

I don't know who is the silly boy/ girl (come to mummy, mummy will exorcise you) who said that money is the root to all evil but i think that that fella is just born cynical.

Money is almost everything. Only people who NEED it but can't get it, turn evil. So all the hypocrites, smart-alecs who agree to "Money is the root to all evil" please email me at qiutinger@gmail.com we can talk about how to transform your evil into good deeds.

But first you gotta get me a car plus a chauffeur, so i can travel around to spread the love.

Then i need a maid. I can't concentrate if i have to worry about cleaning up that toilet and vacuuming and mopping the floor!

Next i will need a landed house. This is just so that i can feel the love myself first.

Anyway, i'm really not in a fantastic mood. Wonder if you guys get this feeling like nothing is ever enough. There's never enough dough to go around, for EVERYONE you love, around you. Like you keep on feeling that becox you love them so much, they deserve more than what they have. And you keep trying to make things better for them. But most of the time, it's just futile, insane attempts.

You know i was at this dinner where there were 120 over tables of guest (120 X 10 pax), i tweeted about it lah. So you guys can follow me on Twitter. Mainly for cute pictures of my doggy-babies =))

My uncles organize this. EVERY year.

And they have maybe a hundred of people or more running these events. I guess all of them gets paid in certain ways or means *shrugs* Don't know how they work. It's an event where everybody gets together to send offerings to God and ancestors to thank them for the blessing and to ask for more blessing. Everyone there is supposed to be a common friend / family friend / relatives. But i don't know 90% of them. So this event is basically nothing other than a fun sit-around for my family members and i.

Okay, the roasted pork served is another story. It's SHIOK. Haha.

 They even engaged a getai performance show.

And my sister made a comment.. Lamenting..
"Rather spend so much doing these than taking care of our own people.."

Then i told her..

"Yah lor. If i have a lot of money, i will buy each of my four sisters a house. And then whatever business you all want to do, i will give you the money free of charge. And then i will bring papa and mum overseas and i'd buy a............" She stopped listening at the business part. Lol.

But really, i'm thinking, one doesn't take care of his own people (family/ next of kins) but expects God to take care of everyone by throwing dinners and doing rituals like that.

What is that? Okay i'm not saying we should start offering our cousins, aunties, uncles etc if they want to take our money since we have spare. Becox honestly, i am not extremely close to all my relatives but if they are in any sort of needy situation and i can help, i will.

And to be able to help, i am definitely not gonna splurge my dough on events like that.

Perfect example of missing God's point.

God: Here, this is the budget i have for you to help people this year.

Believer: Weeee~ I'm gonna throw a massive dinner to thank you!

God: No worries, it's fine. Just take it to help the ones in need.

Believer: Do you like getai or wayang?

God: Oh no, no, i'm fine, really. Use the money for your uncle's second son's daughter medical fees.

Believer: I'm gonna give you a kickass party. You like teochew Or-Nee or ice cream as dessert?

God: You're not listening..

Believer: *prays* God, please let me strike 4D so i can organise a bigger GRATITUDE party for you.

Don't thank God when you're missing his intentions on the several blessings he gave you.

But i can thank God =DDD

I thank God for giving me healthy hands cox that allows me to type wonderful things and earn money from it to bring my dad for yummy food.

I thank God for giving me a pretty-decent looking face so i can crap my way through and still have people reading the fruit of my healthy hands.

I thank God for letting me host Budget Barbie. This is the most unexpected event that happened to me this year! And i thank god again for i was born a cheapskate like that. Haha.

So anyway, money can be used to help A LOT of situations and people. So if you have plentiful spare, you can do something meaningful for the people around you that you REALLY care for (must be those who REALLY care back) and make their lives better.

I won't think of donating to charity. C'mon lor, end up don't know where the money goes to one. Why should i contribute to someone's five-digit pay or first-class air tickets.

I will be your nicest friend if i'm rich.
So you can make me rich, then we'd naturally be friends like that. Good idea?


Cheer up!



Xtine said...

where has ur tag board gone?! How to show some love??

QiuQiu said...

Dear Xtine, your comment has been read and love accepted by asministrator of Bongqiuqiu.blogspot.com Hehe.

iceangel said...

EH!!! I was at that chinese dinner event with my Bf and his friends this year!!! Why do I keep seeing familiar stuff at your blog one hahaha that time is same fan now is the only chinese dinner I went to this year was your uncle's!!!!

Anonymous said...

where is the dinner take place?