04 October 2010

My hair story

Budget Barbie ep5 is out, this time to Tampines and nobody like my hair =( Haha. Okay lah i deserve it becox one, i have been too lazy to go find Juno. Two, i forgot my hair curler on the day of filming. But you know why i forgot to bring hair curler? Becox i spent 30 mins trying to stick the bloody falsies on and i wasn't putting heart into doing it becox i was pissed that if i keep on failing, i will have to take a cab instead of taking a train.

But in the end, nothing touched base, falsies - stick on anyhow + too much in a rush - forgot to bring hair curler + flagged a cab down anyway.

This ep a bit more special becox i bought more accessories, makeup and less clothes!

This eyeshadow / blusher palette is actually REALLY good! =DDD
It's damn fine! And pigment also quite good.

Forgot about the giveaway part and i went to try the lip gloss. LOL.
But i share lip gloss with people who ask if they could use mine lor.
Din't know there'd be so many people out there particular about this.

Please stop saying that cheap makeup will damage your complexion, will this, will that. I'm not asking you all to buy cheap foundation becox THAT, will really damage your skin. Anyway if you are so particular about these, then use good pre-makeup skincare products, use good foundation, remove your makeup with good cleanser and by good, i mean it's gonna be expensive too. I think makeup product range like eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipgloss etc, those that doesn't cover the major parts, those are fine.

See the bunch of makeup i got from JB. Been using them for months now and no, my eyes didn't go blind, my lips never rot. Plus those makeup look super pretty on the outside and is DAMN FREAKING CHEAP!!!

Parts of the episode where i literately LOL.

Superhero QQ

This episode's giveaway: Lego Earpiece.
I tried on my iphone before buying, workable! =D

And the doll doll on the leftest, randomly named Jenny is also up for adoption.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hair straightening at Artica!
Far East Plaza #04-82

Becox nobody likes my curly roots, i must disturb Juno again! =DDD

I love having my hair shampooed.
(especially when i haven't for 3 days... Shh...
If not next time i go back they ask me to wash my own hair cox nobody dare to touch. LOLOL!!!)

This is a random picture of Don putting on some protective cream for me.
It's not about the cream. This picture is here becox i wanna show off my jawline.

Now it's just sitting there, feeling bored while the UFO machine twirl and twirl..

But guess who's there with me?!

Putri Q! LOLOL!!!

I checked, NiaoNiao wasn't fucking with me when she say Putri means Princess. Crystal second that. So i named the doll doll that i'd like to think, looks like me, as Putri Q.

Q doesn't mean Qiuting nor QiuQiu. It simply means Q. Like curly in Hokkien. LOL. Becox she got curly hair! =DD

Only a true Korean can do chin-up, frontier, subtly gentle smile face shot.
LOLOL. Me me me!

Now it's giaping the monster hair straight.
And guess who's patiently sitting around waiting for me?

YES! Putri Q! Lol. So if you want Jenny (you can rename her after you adopt her) to be your bff and go wherever you go, go to www.Clicknetwork.tv to sign up for her adoption. HAhaha!

Finally done! Smoooooth, straight hair! =DDD

Juno! My number one lifesaver!
Who recently got married and got himself a VERY VERY lovely Mrs Ong, Serene!!! =D

Omg i super love my hair now! =DDD

To all the fkers who laughed at me and called me names like broom head (掃把頭), lion king, lion queen (STUPID SHIT, female lion got no mane okay, go do yourselves) and 暴炸頭, you all who contributed to the unhappiness of my childhood that contributed to me being so much a loser today, you all see this, i'm a winner now =DDD

What? You got your own site where people are eager to read about daily plus a online show of your own or not? Don't have zip it, accept it that i might be happier than you now. LOL. Eat your hearts out. I don't have to rush back home everyday by 10pm to settle down so that i can wake up by 8am the next day to get to the place where i check Facebook secretly. Or worst, to a place where facebook is a banned website. That place is call workers' place. Or in short, workplace.

The above two paragraphs are only for those who mocked at me and REALLY made my life miserable before okay? To the extend i have to go buy different cream and oil just to make my hair straighter AS A TEENAGER. I mean i already had little pocket money but still gotta save to go get craps like that becox these people kept making my life miserable!

 Olive oil for hair
In primary school i tried to put this on my hair becox some adults (my sisters plus my dad plus our neighbour) told me that olive oil will make the hair smoother and thus straighter. I was 11. Afternoon class. Went to school after drenching my hair with this. EEeeeew. I don't care if it works, it's gross. Only tried it for two consecutive days.

Secondary one.

Cut my hair to this. Becox people told me if you cut your hair super short, it'd grow out to be smoother and maybe, straighter. MAYBE to me was a big thing. I was willing to take any chance so long as it'd give me a better life which no one would tease me for my curly, pong pong hair.

NO, nothing good came out of this haircut. People even say i got cancer and suspected that i got fleas/ ticks on my head. Well done!

DIY hair straightening cream.

A malay girlfriend of mine who had the same problem was trying this. Introduced it to me. It's a once a month thing. I tried it twice. Every time i go to school the next day after using it, MY WHOLE HEAD SMELLS LIKE FART. I swear to God, it was wicked. And i'd pretend i don't know and continue acting chio with my half-fucked hair. It doesn't last for a month, maybe only a week max. So i gave up, becox smelling like fart plus ugly hair in secondary school = Might as well die.

Lucky i never choose to die =DD

 See Putri Q and I!

Artica hair studio
Far East Plaza
Tel: 6836 2891


Anonymous said...

qiuting, mind asking why you never blog about your boyfriend before?

Ren37 said...

you looks gorgeous with your straight smooth hair =)

Anonymous said...

Hello, why don't you do a blog post of your childhood photos to the present? Let everyone see how you change from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan :D


Anonymous said...

it was annoying when you kept praising yourself but after watching your show i changed my mind. you're funny, i like you. :)

how do you stay so confident! im average looking n my bf likes pretty n busty girls. always damn scared hes gonna run off with some chioer bustier bimbo. :((

QiuQiu said...

Anon, he's a very private person =SS Haha. We're really different in this sense.

Rene Thank you!! ^.^

Anon, i did! You just gotta go older post. It's titled "About Wishes".

Anon, i praise myself ONLY to make myself feel better. That's all. Not to boast or anything.

LC said...

hey after reading your this post, I have the same hair as you too. Thick, wavy and damage hair. And I have tried all methods you mentioned to save our own hair.

But guess what, after I grow up, I learn to accept and style with my cury pong hair, which eventually turn out to be quite nice afterall.

but first you have to forgo all your reborned hair which is a challenge la. But since I can do it, you can do it too. If you want.

h8 my hair said...

i have the same hair woe as u!! my hair is dry,frizzy and wavy as hell. no amount of hair serum and moisturiser can tame it. i have also thought about shaving my hair! but luckily i did a bit of research (google lol) to whether my hair will grow out healthier. so i didn't shave my hair in the end. u're very brave and determined to shave urs!! :D

ANNA. said...

Hello Qiuting,
I wanna straighten my hair, hence,
Just wanna ask you something about hair! Some of my friends reborn(straightens) her hair, but it turns out to be like super damn straight, those 死死 kind, it looks rough on the surface somehow. Unlike yours, your hair it turns out soooo smooth and nice. Is it soft-reborning? (omg, my english cannot make it ah X.X)

QiuQiu said...

LC, can show me a picture of your hair now? I feel like cutting it short and do without rebonding / straightening ONCE and for all =(

ANNA, it's called soft rebonding. I did soft rebonding at other places, but really none as good and natural straight at Artica.

Anonymous said...

hi qiuting ...
I enjoy watching your vid as u are such a bubbly girl and fun loving...perhaps u can try to brush up ur english a lil it will be very great.


candice said...

hi QiuQiu,
i like ur blog very much.
may I ask where did your sis get the longchamp bag from .the pink one u are carrying for ur salon visit


QiuQiu said...

candice, my sis got it at Shen Zhen. Comes with a matching pouch. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I want to go for soft rebonding for my hair. how much did u paid for ur rebonding??

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am currecntlu schooling in primary school and I have the exact problem as you. Thing is, I dont know if it's appropriate for girls my age to rebond my hair.
Uh does soft rebonding really work? How long can it last for and how much was it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I know how u feel. But what i never knew was that even a Chinese girl has trouble with her hair.. Bad hair! I never knew that. I have fucked up hair too. All my school years my hair was terrible. Recently got treatment and relaxed the hair. I feel like a celebrity already! So thankful for these hair technologies..!